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Hellmouth Knight

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Knighthood". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander's life changes on Halloween when he becomes powerful beyond comprehension.Prequel to Charmed Justice Knight

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR1332,25901113,2458 Oct 1021 Jan 11No


Disclaimer:Don't own BtVS or Xmen or Charmed

As the only son and heir of the richest man in the world, it was to be expected that Alexander James Orleans-Medici-Stuart's life would be full of happiness and bliss. After all, what would be able to touch him. Instead at the age of nine, Alexander's life came crashing down around him with the death of his parents. Leaving Alexander alone with only his twin sister, Alexandria and barely month old sister Dawn. He was now the richest little boy in the world. But it didn't make things better as money doesn't buy happiness. The deaths of Robert Edward Orleans-Medici-Stuart and Elena Alexandria Kennedy-Montgomery shocked the world.

To keep his sanity intact, Alexander kept himself distracted by doing lots of activates. Lots and lots of hobbies. This caused him to become the youngest person to ever enter and win gold at both Winter and Summer Olympics. Being the youngest artist and musician to ever have his work shown and heard. Alexia did most of it with him to as they simply could not function
without the other. They were twined halves of each others souls. Nothing would ever separate them.

Until at thirteen, Alexia was diagnosed with cancer and swiftly deteriorated in a matter of months. Dying while Alexander held her hand, begging her not to leave him. That her death would destroy him and it did, Barely an hour after Alexia breathed her last, Alexander committed suicide as he was unable to take his loss or the thought of being without her.

So he took it upon himself to take his own life. Only to be saved at the last moment and consequently committed for months. Once he got out he was on so much medication he couldn't name it all. He was also different. Alexander did die that day. What was left was a wreck of a man that rose from th ashes of his families death.

Xander rose from those ashes.

Two years later, Buffy arrived and his life changed forever. Again. For Xander learned the truth about what dwell-ed in the deep places of the night. Of the true history of the world and it was in no way a good story. Add to the fact was the fact that knowledge cost Xander, Jesse. The closest thing he had to a brother thus Xander devoted himself to making sure no one else was taken by the Dark.

Something that would define him for as long as he lived, the need to protect. Living up to his name of protector of mankind.

The next few months were filled with new adventures of saving people and killing evil. Everything was settling into a new sort of normal for Xander as he adjusted into this new life. This new purpose without his family. Then Halloween arrived, Alexia's favorite holiday so he decided to make it special.
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