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Fateful Change

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Summary: Izzie starts a new life and finds love in a unlikely place

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR1331,941012,6718 Oct 1012 Feb 11No


One moment she was in her happy place and the next Izzie was meeting Addison Sheppard, Derek's wife. Izzie was devastated by this turn of event. She had finally begun to feel something for Derek and he was married. He had lied to her from the very beginning, showing her that Wyatt and Chris really were the only ones for her. The only ones she could trust. She hated cheaters and betrayers. So she simply turned around and walked away,not allowing Derek to explain himself. He didn't deserve a second more of her time.

Weeks past swiftly after that as Izzie went about ignoring Derek completely save when they were at work, which was made more fun by the fact that Addison now worked there. Meredith tried to help as much as she could by getting on Derek's team so Bailey couldn't put Izzie on it or Derek couldn't as an excuse to talk to her. Bailey was confused by the entire situation as Izzie was no longer begging to work with Derek while Meredith was. For a while Bailey had even suspected that there was something going on with Derek and Izzie yet now Izzie barely stayed in the same room as him.

Derek tries to talk to Izzie but in the end just gives up and returns to Addison as he needs to try to save his marriage and he fears he's already lost Izzie. Izzie uses a Time Turner and stays with her family for several days but doesn't tell them what is going on as she knows her dad will kill Derek. Xander still knows something is going on with his baby girl as she is far to quite and an aura of sadness radiated around her. So Xander confronts her about it.

"Princess, you know that no matter what you can come to me and I won't judge you in any matter. And that if someone or something has hurt you I will make them suffer." He pulls her to him as he always had since she was born. Holding her safe in his arms from all the worlds hurt. If only he could simply keep her there forever, away from anything that could possibly ever harm her again. Izzie sighed and cuddled into her Dad's arms and wished that she did have a problem that she could run to her Daddy and he could fix everything. But she didn't and he couldn't.

"This is something I need to work on my own. Its nothing supernatural or dangerous. Just...emotions." She knew that was a mean thing to do as he had no idea how to deal with her emotions. Normally running away from anything girlishly emotional until he stumbled on her mom and shoved her at Izzie to make it all better. So she was using that to make her Dad stop asking her question and as expected it worked. Xander kissed her, got up, practically ran out of the room, located Lillian, dragged her to the room and pushed her in and then vanished.

Lillian laughed and moved to Izzie's side. " Having emotions problems again, my darling." They curled together and Izzie spilled about everything that had been happening lately. Lillian tried not to let her Veela side emerge at the thought of the jerk hurting her precious little darling. Use her daughter, would he.She didn't think so. Lillian was so busy imaging all the gloriously gruesome ways she was going to kill him that she didn't realize Izzie had stopped talking until Izzie hit her. She turned to her daughter with a sheepish look.

"You were plotting ways to kill him weren't you." Lillian nodded and Izzie sighed."I forget sometimes how much alike you and Dada are. I don't want him dead or maimed or vanished or...anything else...He hurt me, I admit. I was finally ready to be serious with someone other than Wyatt and Chris and the next I discover he's married....I just want comfort. So please, Mama." Lillian pulled her to her and just rocked. Cooing and humming at her until Izzie just started crying, letting it all out. Her children were playing happily playing, she didn't have to go to work and face him so she could let go and be comforted.

After that freeing crying spree, Izzie was able to return to Seattle and to her job. Meredith and George were still going on their on again off again relationship and Derek was still at Seattle Grace but Izzie felt better. Things were finally getting better. Then Denny returned.
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