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Fateful Change

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Summary: Izzie starts a new life and finds love in a unlikely place

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR1331,941012,6718 Oct 1012 Feb 11No

Unsuspecting Meetings

Disclaimer:Don't own Grey's Anatomy, BTVS, HP or Charmed.

Harry Potter:1940's
BTVS:1970's and 1980's
Charmed:1970's and 1980's

Little things can be changed in a blink of an eye, big things take more but can still happen. As it did on March 25, 2005. When Isabel Potter-Halliwell decided to go to Emerald City Bar for a drink after a fight with her boyfriend, Hank. There she meets Derek Shepherd and the two of them left before Meredtith ever arrived. They proceed to have a one night stand and a morning
stand before going their separate ways.

Only to meet hours later. Izzie found it hilarious than she had unknowingly slept with her boss-to-be. Derek offered to continue the 'relationship' and Izzie agreed, having decided to dump Hank. Uncomplicated is what she wants and Derek offers it to her.

To much has been complicated in her life the last few years and she just wants peace to focus on her job. She needed sex though so she would choice the none issues Derek instead of the complicated Hank. It wasn't like she needed to worry about love or commitment after all. As she would never be in a true relationship again as she had long ago sworn to never love again after
being forced to watch Wyatt die inch by inch for a year and Chris to slowly kill himself after burying Wyatt.

Nothing would ever replace them in her heart or life so she had no interest in trying. Izzie just wanted someone to spend time with and sleep with. Nothing more. Her children were all she truly needed for anything else. And her family when they acutely had time to be with her. Which wasn't often.

After all, her dad was the White Knight and Champion for the POwers, destined Power That Will Be, Alexander Orleans-Medici and her mother was Princess of Magic and the Veela Realm, Heiress of Merlin, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Potter,Malfoy and Black. Child of the Stars and Magical Evil's Bane, Lillian Jamie Morgana Potter-Black-Malfoy. All f which made them busy as was her other family.

Izzie was herself the Heiress and Wielder of all Magic, Queen of Magic, Princess of the Veela Realm, Melinda Reborn, Magic's Mother and Queen of HEaven. She was turning away from her destiny after the loss of her husbands. Only her children were allowed to do magic in her presence. So she just wanted a peaceful few years, become a full doctor and start a new life.

It begins when she buys a nice house in a good part of Seattle, which ironically is right next store to Meredith. Meredith is at first reluctant to have anything to do with children but wanting to be friends with Izzie, she begins to become close to them. Pagan and Patience are particularly drawn to her, going so far as to call her Aunt Mer.

Izzie invites Meredith, George, ALex and Christina over for meals but not Derek. She doesn't want anyone to know about him as interns aren't supposed to date attendings. Not to mention she doesn't want her children to get close to him. As they had lost far to much already in their young lives already and she would not allow anyone to add onto it.

Though as the months past the most amazing thing began to happen, Izzie began to develop feelings for Derek. Something that hadn't happened in the three years since losing her mates. To be honest, she didn't think she would ever feel again after their death.
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