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One Moment

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Summary: One event causes Xandra to enter a new reality and a new life

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Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth SeriesXanderLuvsAllFR1832,284142,1658 Oct 1016 Jan 11No


Turning into Darken's arms Xandra looked at him, searching his eyes for the truth of their love and she found it. Reassured by that she leaned into him and kissed him. Happy beyond belief that Darken was her's and she knew on an unconscious level that unlike all of her other relationships, this one would last. This one would be her one and only, Darken and Richard were her Ones. Her destined loves. Nothing would take her from them...Though she knew that she should be panicking about being in another reality she wasn't. She was happy. She was whole.

Darken deepened the kiss and they sighed into each others mouths, feeling perfect when they connected. Richard somehow felt the perfection and awoke and joined them. Darken allowed him to join the embrace but didn't allow him to kiss her. Richard understood, after all he had taken his throne, his will away from him with those boxes. How horrible of him to do such a thing. Now he understood his place and that was serving his brother in any way he saw fit..And it was worshiping Xandra, who made him feel complete. Xandra was his.Richard couldn't believe he had thought Kahlan was the one he was meant to be with. How foolish had he been to believe that.

Xandra felt perfectly content to remain forever in the arms of her loves, without a worry in the world. All was right with her. They were interrupted swiftly after that thought, making her curse the Fates who were always out to get her. The Captain of Darken's guard, Jaken, entered the balcony. He was startled by what he saw before him but hid it well. He bowed to Darken and ignored everyone else. Which actually infuriated Darken at the disrespect shown to Xandra. Then Jaken spoke.

"We have found the wizard and Confessor, my lord. They are being brought here." Darken forget his earlier anger and smiled, deeply pleased by that news. Soon all threats to his rule would be stopped. He turned to Xandra and kissed her deeply, sharing his joy with her. She laughed into his mouth and pressed herself against him hard, enjoying his attention. Richard simply held her and watched them kiss. As long as he was able to be with her, he would not mind what else she did. Not even his brother, who he owed much to.

Darken pulled away and turned to Jaken,"Inform me the moment they arrive. Now go..Wait. You will inform all that there is to be another wedding. Having them arrange it for tomorrow and it WILL be better than the last one or all shall pay for it. My love deserves the best and she will get it or I will send everyone responsible to the Keeper." Jaken nods shakily, bows again then practically runs away. Xandra can't help but to laugh, it wasn't funny but..she loved that Darken wanted to make it special for her. Though he could have at least asked her first, sure their bond means that there will never be another for her but still. Was romance dead here.

Feeling Xandra's humor and annoyance, Darken turns to her,"What is it, my love?" Brushing hair out of her face, he gazed into her eyes and waited for her to speak. To tell him what he had done wrong. He needed her to be happy more than he needed air. He would conquer all of the lands in her name and make her the undisputed Queen of All that existed, the Midlands, D'Hara and the Westlands better even then the Creator. Nothing would ever be denied her, ever. Not as long as he existed and controlled the Box of Orden. And he would never loss control of Orden again.

Xandra looked at Darken and sighed," I would have enjoyed you asking me to marry you before planning the wedding." Darken was taken aback by that, having not even considered that their wedding wasn't a sure thing. That she wouldn't want to marry him and start their life together as much as he wanted to. He pulled away from her.

"You don't want to marry me." He started to pull away completely but Xandra grabbed him and didn't let go.

"Of course I want to and I will, tomorrow even but it would have been nice for you to ask me first. This was not how I pictured my engagement....I just would have liked to be asked first." She turned from him and into Richard, who moved so he was shielding her from Darken. Xandra moved into Richard and just sighed, just moments ago she had been happy and now..she wasn't. Why did these things always happen to her. She could never be happy without something, normally her, ruining it. Darken moved toward her and was about to speak when Jaken returned.

"Forgive me, my lord but they have arrived already." Instantly Darken sent a wave of power at him, furious that he had interrupted him as he was trying to speak to his Xandra. Then he moved to Xandra's side.

"MY love, we will speak of this later but for now will you come with me." She didn't really want to be with him at this moment but she did want to see the people who had helped bind Darken. So she took his hand and allowed him to lead her to the Throne Room. Where with a wave of his hand, sat two thrones. Darken wasn't about to keep the thrones Richard and Kahlan had used. He led her to her throne and helped her sit then took his seat. Once done he motioned the guards to let them in. Zedd was led in first and wearing a magic binding collar then Kahlan, with her hands chained behind her back and chained to her waist.

Richard moved to Xandra's side, not about to allow these traitors to harm her in any manner. Kahlan looked at him

"Richard, please fight. Save us." Richard looked at her and felt...
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