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The past comes back

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, secrets gets uncovered and the past comes back. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes, it can make you question everything you know.

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Television > Sons of Anarchy
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
CherryCloverFR1840114,589810357,7419 Oct 1014 Sep 13No

Chapter Three

I do not own Buffy or the Sons of Anarchy, or any other character that I might use. But will be mainly Sons of the Anarchy. I am also going to play it loose with times lines and stuff.

Ten years, it’s been nearly ten years since I first laid eyes on the girl who will become my slayer. Thinking back, I would have never thought she will become a daughter to me, actually all the ‘Scoobies’ have become my family, but I think they all knew that I will always have a soft spot for Buffy. And she knew that too, hence the predicament that I am right now.

I took out the Bourbon hidden in the bottom draw and poured a healthy dose in the glass on my desk, took a sip and went back to my thoughts.

I can see Buffy’s point; there can be a normal life for us, any of us now if we wished it. With the activation of all the slayers there are plenty to girls to keep watch on the supernatural. The numbers also meant that there are girls all around the world and there isn’t only one target for the demons. It does bring to surface the fact that the demon population has become quieter, mostly. There is always an idiot of a demon or human that will make the attempt to do something stupid, and there is always apocalypse season.

There really isn’t much Buffy can do, being the only one that is still floating around trying to find something to do. Xander has found his calling in searching for new slayers, and is now one of the best Watchers we have. Willow has become content and balanced, and really enjoying her travels in the different planes, all the while collecting manuscripts and magical information, to help expand the Council’s libraries. Dawn is the academic of the family, currently in Oxford, immersing herself in languages, histories and such. Faith has dedicated herself to the new Hellmouth, a form of redemption, of belonging, she has come a long way since Sunnydale, but she is a wonderful leader, no one can contest to that. Buffy has really taken a back seat to the slaying and leading, content to let Faith take the lead. This reminds me of a time when Faith and Buffy had one of their matches, it was late, it was suppose to be just the two of them, but somehow the minis got wind of it and ended up watching the whole thing. Buffy won in the end, but the minis swore that it was a close match and Faith could have won, but then again, the Cleveland bunch is a bit bias towards Faith. I don’t think Buffy spars with the minis anymore, not sure if it is not wanting to be too hard on them or just sheer boredom of how easy they are to defeat, but she has become more of a figure head than anything else, which still annoys her to no end.

The fiasco that the kidnapping caused, made some of the newer minis question Buffy’s ability to fight, that really hurt her, more than anyone else would think. That was put to a quick end by the Sunnydale slayers, but the damage was done, and instead of wiping the floor of the minis, she chose her old façade, playing dumb. Sigh… I don’t know if I should commend her for her acting or scold her for hiding her feelings again. But maybe the year away from others will help.

Taking another sip, I stood up and went to the windows, its nearly dinner, there are girls everywhere. The London head quarters has really come a long way, with the decision to rebuild the place, it incorporated the old style of building, with a fusion of newer technologies, it has become a come and go place for all members, the new school for the girls is just across the street, hence why there is always girls running around. Taking another sip of the Bourbon, I let my thoughts drift back to the issue at hand.

The urge to protect the family I have created has not diminished since Sunnydale, if anything it has compounded, and Buffy is still at the centre of this, I don’t think she realizes her importance to us. The incident last year showed that the Slayers were not invincible, there are always new drugs that we haven’t heard of, and weapons faster than the girls can out run. According to Buffy, the drug that they used on her took her out for around twelve hours, while it took out the others for more than twenty-four hours. Further interrogation of the kidnappers showed that they used a larger dosage on her, because they can’t understand how she was still awake after the other targets took only minutes to fall asleep. Vi volunteered to test a theory, the drug, at the larger dosage, took her out like Buffy, but it took Vi nearly sixteen hours to be coherent enough to do anything. This proved that Buffy still has a better immune system to the other slayers. We never talked about it again, but all the senior people knew of the results and Buffy’s pedestal became higher for those in the know. I guess I can’t protect them from everything, least of all the longest living Slayer.

I sometimes wondered if I will ever get used to the idea of running the Council. The amount of paper work I have to go through is tedious to say the least, but to regain the Council’s reputation after years of idiotic bigotry that was an experience in itself. But none-the-less, the new Council is coming along nicely, there are new Watchers replacing the ones lost and they are taught to think, to help their Slayer. The old ways needed to go, I just wished that it didn’t take the old Council blowing up to achieve it. But my thoughts are drifting again.

Buffy going back to America…to tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to think. I know she is bored and has no motivation to stay on the Council, well at least not now. Maybe this trip will do her some good, we have been crowding her. The only thing I am worried about is her asking to keep it from the rest of the senior Council. It might not be that hard to keep it from them for a few months, then they might start asking question, but a few months can be done… well at least for most of them. Xander and Willow are out of contact most of the time, so that won’t be a problem. Faith lets Buffy get away with a lot of things, and will understand her need to disappear. The problem is Dawn. She is not going to let this go, she will demand to know where her sister is, before Buffy is even in the US. Maybe a compromise will be needed.

BANG!! The offices doors flew open.

What the… turning around I saw my Slayer walking casually towards my desk, and all I can do is let out a sigh.

“Really Buffy, I thought I taught you better manners then this. Knocking would have been nice.” I shook my head as I reprimanded her.

“Aww Giles, what’s the fun in that. I make a better entrance when I don’t knock.” Buffy in her overly sweet voice said, as she flicked her hair and grabbed a chair in front of my desk to sit. But she seemed to have spotted my bottle…

“Isn’t it too early to have a drink? I thought those normally only came out after really bad missions and apocalyptic season.” She asked me with one eye raise.

Sighing again to myself, I raised my own eye and shot back “Any one of your so called ‘Scoobies’ can bring this out, really Buffy, you didn’t think that going back to the US without anyone knowing will be good for my nerves, do you?” She at least had the decency to look sheepish.

When she kept quiet, I carried on “You know, I might be able to give you the months of anonymity…” and her face lit up “… but you need to find a way to keep Dawn happy. I cannot lie to her, and even if I was to say no to her, she will manage to get hold of your information from somewhere else. Sometime I wonder if it was wise to let Willow teach Dawn ‘all that she knew’ of the computer.” With that, Buffy’s started to look defeated. Taking pity on her I decided to put forward my suggestion.

“Maybe a compromise can be reached? I know that all Dawn need is assurance, so if you promise to contact her every couple of days, to check in with her, I’m sure she will not bug you for where you are going, well at least for awhile.” Buffy seems to be contemplating this, so I went back to my desk and took out the papers that I asked our informants for.

Reading through these papers, I see another headache coming, Charming seemed to have little to non-demon activity, but the illegal human activities seemed to be the reason for it. With the size of the town, demon activities would have been noticed by the local gangs, and from the reports they are not the type to turn a blind eye.
My attention went back to Buffy as she started to respond to my suggestion.

“How long do you think it will take Dawn to figure out that I am back in the US? I think your suggestion has merit, but telling her might break me before I get on a plane.” She does have a valid point. Dawn has a way of getting information out of people.

“Maybe, give her a time limit; tell her that you will let her know in six months? Then she has something to look forward to?” I suggested. But as soon as I looked up, I can see Buffy looking at me with hopeful eyes, and the puppy effect is coming on as well, oh crap, she wants something… and it will not be in my favour. So instead, I took off my glasses and started to clean them, avoidance is bliss, but it does not seem to work on someone you know all too well, as Buffy started on me.

“Giiilllllles… can I ask you a favour?” She said in an all too sweet manner. Which I cringed at, but I put my glasses back on and asked for the inevitable. “What is it my dear?”

“Well, Dawn always seemed to listen to you better, especially coming to missions and such, soooo I was wondering if it might be better if you inform her?” Her persona is now a little girl asking for a treat, and its working, sigh… Why do I even bother with trying to say no? When it comes to Buffy, it just doesn’t seem to apply. But this does give me leverage to negotiate.

“I will inform Dawn of your absence, on your behalf“, her face started to light up,” only if you agree to some conditions I will set about before you go.” And her face dropped and became suspicious.

“What type of conditions?” She asked speculatively, sitting a bit more up right in her chair.

Feeling like a father letting her daughter move out for the first time, I took one more sip of my drink, before I started my conditions.

“First and foremost, you will write me an email every week…” Buffy looked to protest, but I carried on. “… Let me finish my dear girl, and I will justify the reasoning when I’m done.” Seeing her settle back down I decided to start again.

“Right, you will write me an email every week; you will wear the cross from Willow at all times; you are going to take the funds available to you to purchase a place of your own; and you will take one of Willow’s emergency phones.” Well it’s not a lot to ask for, but looking at Buffy, she does not seem to agree. Actually she is gapping at me looking shocked, it was only for a few seconds, then she blew, or is it whined…

“But, but, but, that is sooooo not fair, none of the others have to do this when they go on missions! Plus I’m not going on a mission; I’m just going to do my internship.” Looking like she had swallowed some lemon, I decided to interrupt her before she could carry on.

“Buffy, I don’t ask others to do this because, they are surrounded by Slayers, witches, and newly trained watchers. The only person who doesn’t have backup is Willow, and she does report back to me a lot more often than you do. She has a failsafe where if she is in danger, she will be transported to a safe dimension before contacting me, and she always lets one of her coven know how to get hold of her.” Giving Buffy a pointed look, as she tried to cut in, I carried on “Xander and Faith knows better than go into a situation without any backup, and Dawn lives with a witch and two Slayers, not to mention others in the area. The Demon population knows well enough not to try anything on her, if I remember correctly, the last time someone tried, you and Faith decided that a lesson was needed, till this day I am still not sure what you two did, but it cleared the area of demon population.” Shaking my head, I looked at her; she at least had the decency to look sheepish when I mentioned this. “Anyhow, the cross and phone are standard. The cross has an emergency transportation spell woven into it, which will only activate if you are seriously injured. The phone, which is just like a cellphone, is more for the council purposes than anything else. We need to be able to contact you if something big happens and Faith or the other seniors can’t make it, and the only person that can trace the phone is Willow, who is not due back till Christmas, which by then you should have told people where you are.” Giving her another pointed look, I took another sip of the Bourbon, before carrying on. “The money to buy a place, really is looking at future possibilities, when you do tell everyone where you are, people will want to visit, and it will be easier to own a place then renting. The emails are for my peace of mind, Buffy. I really want to give you the space, but I am worried. There might not be much, if any demon activity in the area, but the illegal human activity seems rampant.” I gave her some time to digest this before carrying on “There seems to be strong gang violence in the area, actually, the one gang practically runs the town.”

“You mean like in LA? With the different factions fighting for turfs?” Buffy interrupted before I can go further.

“No, they seem to be like a vigilante group. The locals sometimes go to them rather than going to the police”, I answered her. She raised an eye and looked at me questionably.

“No, the police there are not like the ones in Sunnydale. But the locals do not always like the way justice gets served, so they seem to have more faith in the gang to ‘cleans up’ so to speak, especially when hard evidence is lacking. They are connected to several grand thefts, prostitution, drugs and weapons trafficking, but the FBI has nothing concrete to pin it on them, and it is suggested that the police sheriff is deeply in their pockets, so they have been around for awhile.” Having finally gotten to my major concerns, I let myself relax a bit to wait for Buffy’s response.

She seemed to have been contemplating, while asking “So, the only people I have to worry about are the local gangs? Do they threaten the town’s people?”

“No, like I said the locals rely on them to sort out their issues rather than the police. Most of the locals have turned a blind eye to their activities, and they tend to be bystanders. The gang doesn’t actively recruit, but have in the past absorbed some local gangs into their fold.” I responded with as much diplomacy as I can. There really is no point in discouraging Buffy; her mind have already been made up, so all I can do is give her as much information as I can of the town and its people.

“So, if I stay out of their way, they will stay out of mine?” She asked.

“Yes.” As I responded, I saw her face start to relax and a small smile starting to form, I resigned myself to being the one to figure out a way to break the news to Dawn that her sister is not reachable, unless Buffy initiates it. And her next comment just confirmed my thoughts.

“So, if I agree to the conditions, and sort out the calls with Dawn, then I am free to go?” She asked as her eyes starts to light up.

Sighing again, I heard myself say yes. And the next thing I know I was enveloped in a Buffy hug, which is to mean I can’t breathe. I think I heard her squeal, then something about shopping and decorations and house hunting, but I shut off. Drinking the remaining liquid, I sat down and saw Buffy leaving my office so excited; it brought a smile to my face. I hadn’t seen her this happy in awhile, maybe this will be good for her.

Going back to the papers that the informant gave me, I thought I might as well go through it again, just in case I missed something. Buffy was not going to read the stack of paper, old habits die hard I guess, but she managed to get a medical degree, so it will have to count for something. As my thoughts went back to Charming, I heard the door open just slightly. Looking up, I saw Buffy’s head pop into view, raising an eyebrow, I looked at her questionably. She gave me a bright smile, and then asked “By the way Watcher of mine, what is the gang called?” I knew exactly who she meant, feeling a bit panicked, I made her promise that she won’t actively go look for the members.

“Arg, Giles I’m not going to go look for trouble, I just need to know the name so that I can avoid them. This is my year of trouble free anonymity, so I am not going to spoil it!” She answered with a bit of annoyance, which relaxed me to no end. So I decided her knowing is better the not.

“They are also a Motorcycle Club, which also owns the local garage…” I started to ramble on the information, which was put a stop to as Buffy whined “Giiilllleeesss… I just want the name.”

Sighing for the umpteenth time I finally responded “Fine. They are called the Sons of Anarchy, also known as SAMCRO.”

Okay, this was long. I will not promise similar length chapters.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. :)

Thanks again to La for being my beta.
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