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The past comes back

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, secrets gets uncovered and the past comes back. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes, it can make you question everything you know.

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Television > Sons of Anarchy
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
CherryCloverFR1840114,589810357,6709 Oct 1014 Sep 13No

Chapter Thirty-Seven

I do not own Buffy or the Sons of Anarchy, or any other character that I might use. I am also going to play it loose with time-lines and stuff.

“Come with me to Cordy’s burial.” I said as I barreled myself into him.

He freezes and then kissed the top of my head. “You sure?”

I nod “I’m not going to tell them about the baby until we go for the scan next week, but I don’t’ want to hide you anymore… I want you in Charming and I’m going to ask Alexis and Willow to make a portal between here and Charming… We need a house.”

I can feel him nod “We do… I’ve called a few agents and I have a few houses for you to look at.” I smiled at the thought.

“When is it?” I smiled and gave him a kiss.

“Sunday morning.”


“Never knew you owned a suite.” Han looked hot in a black suit and tie; he just gave me a smirk.

“All of us have at least one; you never know when you’ll need it.”


We were just on time, which was what I was hoping for. They can interrogate us when everything was over.

Arriving while holding hands with someone they’ve never seen before probably was not something anyone was expecting, but they kept their calm and questions until after the burial. It seems Cordelia’s sudden appearance made it easier to say goodbye to her and only the core people from Sunnydale and LA was there. It was what she wanted in the end. Something small and nothing with too much fanfair… It would’ve never been something I thought she would’ve wanted when I first met her. But people change and out of everyone Cordelia was the one that had changed the most.


Everyone gathered at Willow’s after the burial. Willow’s decided to bake and there were a lot of food around and for the first time in two days Buffy actually felt like eating.

They knew everyone was trying not to look at and somehow the smirk Spike was giving made her more nervous than the rest who was trying to find the right time to broach the subject.

Nevertheless it was a relaxing morning. The tension from the previous meeting was gone; everyone seemed to have let out a breath of air. For the first time in two weeks she truly felt herself relax and with the quiet muttering she slowly drifted off to sleep. She blames being pregnant for falling asleep randomly.


While Buffy drifted to sleep, Han moved her to a more comfortable position and put his jacket around her. Seeing Buffy asleep Dawn decided to broach what everyone wanted to do.

“So, sixteen months huh?”

He didn’t say anything, but the smile on his face spoke volumes of what he’s feeling.

“Shit! It’s been that long? She’s really been keeping you a secret.” Faith looked impressed.

“We… Didn’t exactly start out conventional. She pitched up at one of the races that I frequent, and it just went from there. Turns out she knew Letty and I’m friends with that bunch.”

“I knew you looked familiar.” Willow piped up. “When I did a background on Letty, her known associates came up, but I concentrate on the Torettos…” Willow trailed off, a contemplative expression on her face.

“So what’s your intention with her?” If Buffy was awake she would’ve laughed her ass off at Angel being the one who had asked that question.

Dawn and Spike actually did burst out laughing. “What? I had to ask. She brought him to the burial. It means she’s serious.” Any anger he had at Buffy was gone. Cordelia turning up really helped him to move on.

“Oh she’s serious alright” Dawn chimed under her breath which Faith caught and sniggered.

“… I have no intention of leaving her unless she wants me to… and that’ll be after I fought for her.” He looked up, and stared at Angel, not afraid.

Then he looks to Giles. “She’s the first woman I’ve ever had the notion of marriage with… if she’ll let me.” Giles sighs but nods.

“What do you do?” Xander asks. They really didn’t know anything about him and a part of Xander is a bit irritated at not knowing about it sooner. He had always tried to protect his girls, all the girls he takes care of, but Buffy, Willow and Dawn will always be more important to him.

“I run a custom car business with Dom. It’s actually quite a lucrative market.” That was something they didn’t expect, but with their past dealings, there are people who trusts them with the cars just by their reputation. So it wasn’t hard to set up the business and get customers. As soon as word got out they were bomb barded with requests and orders. Han’s no mechanic, but he knows enough about cars and he knows where to find the best parts and make contacts. Everything has gone legit and they have papers to prove everything. It was something they all agreed on. Dom can’t risk it with the Feds still keeping an eye on them, even going as far as making random visits to the garage. Han runs everything behind the scene and gets the paper works in order. It’s something he never thought he’ll end up doing but it’s a living even if they don’t need the money anymore, it can’t hurt to have a hobby and get money from it.

“You know about Buffy’s other job?” Faith asked, Buffy really didn’t tell her much and this was the one thing that most girls are afraid of, if they dated outside of the slayer house.

He let out a soft laugh “She saved me from a bunch of vampires three months after our first meeting. And it’s hard not to notice the supernatural when you’ve been where I have.” He smirked, but he wasn’t going to elaborate on that. Everything else they’re going to have to find out on their own.

“You okay with that?”

“It would be a lie if I said I was, but I understood that this was her calling. Something she can’t just ignore and at times all I can ask of her is to come back alive.” He gave everyone a tight smile. But it was the right thing to say and the atmosphere in the room changed.

Han had a feeling that for a first meeting of the family he’s got the approval at least from some of them.

“She’s been a bit distant.” Willow said after seeing Buffy carry on sleeping after shifting.

“She’s had a hard two weeks, and she was afraid of seeing you guys... The Rio thing to Cordelia and some other stuff, she’s been over whelmed and needs rest.” Han answers her, but decides that it was time to go. He’d rather get Buffy to a bed and since he’s out in the open he’s taking her back to Charming.

“I’m taking her home.” Gently he got up and slowly picks Buffy up still asleep in his arms. It seems he’s stronger than he looks. Buffy flutters her eyes at the movements, but Han whispers something in her ear and slowly Buffy barreled herself into his chest.

The expression on Han’s face showed one thing that Buffy herself was probably still in denial about. He is in love with her and to him she’s become his world.

Dawn walked with them to the car. “She’s never let anyone carry her and still kept on sleeping…” She looked worried.

Looking around to make sure that they’re by themselves Han answered her. “The stress from the last week coupled with the pregnancy, it’s taking a toll at her… She’s having really bad morning sickness and she’s taking pills to help, but she needs rest and not have to worry about anything. Her first scan is next week and Buffy wants to tell people after that. You mind holding off the over protectiveness till then?” Han asked her in amusement as he lay Buffy down in the back seat.

Dawn gave out a huff. “Fine, but I’m not waiting after that. People need to know… I’m just worried.”

Han gave Dawn a small smile. “You’re just looking out for your sister.”

He asks Dawn to show him how to use the GPS stone and then set it near Charming before saying good-bye with a promise of letting Dawn know if anything happens with Buffy.

As he thought back to the meeting, he knew what he said was the truth and he will eventually get Buffy to marry him. But for now, he’s going to concentrate on Buffy and their baby. Getting her to slow down is going to be interesting.


Buffy woke up just as Han parked the car on the streets “…The garage remote is in the caby…” She was still a bit groggy, but it was clearing as Han parked the car inside.

“How you feeling?” Han said as he got the door open for her.

“Better, that it’s finally over.” She said as she got out. “What happened after I fell asleep?” She asked as they got into the house. It seems empty and Buffy made to the move towards the kitchen.

“I got asked a few questions and stuff.” He went behind her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“And stuff?” She asked him as she put the kettle on. Han then recalled everything to her.

“So it went okay?” Buffy made her tea and they made their way to the couch.

“I think so.” He’s not sure though. It almost seemed too easy. “But I think we surprised them, I might get the threats the next time…” Buffy pulled in him for a kiss which started to get more heated until a bag falling to the ground stopped them in their tracks. Buffy turned from Han’s lap and saw Izzy, Tristine and Sophia.

The one that dropped the bag was Izzy, Tristen was blushing and Sophia had an amused expression on her.

Buffy let out a laugh and then gave Han one last kiss and got up. “Hi, this is Han.” She smiles and introduces him. Han waves with a hand, but didn’t move or seem fazed.

“Okay.” Izzy says closing her mouth.

“He’s going to be here a lot. Actually he’s moving in with me and me moving in with him.”

“Huh? How is that going to work?” Sophia asked in confusion

“When I’m here, he’s going to be here, but he’s also based in Miami, so when I go there I live with him.”

“How long you guys have been together?” Izzy asked in confusion

“You told Dawn sixteen months.” Han piped up.

“WHAT?!”Izzy screamed and Tristine and Sophia moved away from her. “How the hell did I not know? I’ve been here for nearly two years!”

“No one knew Izzy…” She looked at Buffy in shock. “The first time anyone knew was two weeks ago.” Buffy gave Han a smile.

“Fine.” She then plots herself down in front of the couple. “I want to know everything.” And she wasn’t kidding either. Buffy let out an aspirated breath while Han let out a chuckle.

He got up and gave her a kiss on the head. “I’ll get you some more tea.”

For the next hour Izzy was like a possessed woman wanting to know about everything and Tristen and Sophia just listened, but there really wasn’t much to tell. For romance wise they had an intense yet private relationship.


Since Han’s been in Charming Izzy’s been a pain in the ass, I know it will wear off soon, but it made trying to keep the baby a secret a lot harder. So I made sure she had a surgery the morning we went for my first scan.

Divya was happy that I looked better and the morning sickness had lessened, so I’m happy. I still to gain weight and she essentially told me to eat more. The surprise came when she did the scans.

“Well lets see this baby.” As she pressed down I grimaced. Damn this isn’t comfortable. I watched at the screen as Divya explained to Han that there won’t be much to see just a blob to show the baby.

“Here’s the one… Oh!” She suddenly exclaimed.

“What?!” I got nervous and then looked closer and a realization hit me. “There’s a second blob!”

“Right then, congratulations you’re having twins.” She gave me a big smile and I just stared at her.

“Divya, you mind giving us some privacy?” Han asks. She gave me a look but nods and leaves the room.

“You okay?”

“How can you ask me that? Why aren’t you freaking out? I wanted a baby and there are now two… I, I, I don’t know what I feel…” I felt so confused, a part of me is happy, but another part the bigger part is damn scared. I was already scared to be responsible for one life, but two?

“This is a surprise.” He shrugs and then smiles “But I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when you’re concerned. So I gave myself some room to not panic.”

“So you okay with this?” I look to him in uncertainty.

He got up and leaned down to kiss me. “When you said you wanted a baby and I agreed to it, I prepared myself for anything. And I never knew I could be this happy and scared to know for sure that I’m going to be a father... I had a chat with Dom about it some months back, and I realized that I wanted it more than I thought I did. So I’m okay with this. It just means we’re going to have our hands full when they arrive.” He gave me a bemused smile and I groaned. Everything times two, great.

I moved my hand down to my stomach, avoiding the gel I slowly caressed the skin there. I’m going to be a mother twice over… A soft smile slowly made its way to my face and I smiled and pulled Han down for a kiss. It felt like that as long as I had him everything will work out.

“We need to talk when we get home, but let Divya finish the ultrasound.” He gave my hand a squeeze and went to get my doctor back.

“So, you okay?” She asked as she pressed the scan back down on my stomach.

“It’s a shock, but I’m getting there. Give me some time.” She gave me a smile. Then something occurred to me. “Why did we only hear one heartbeat?” Suddenly I was worried, I know the odds with twins and the risks are higher in the beginning.

“Relax, look here,” She asked us to look closer. “That’s the heart beat for baby one,” She showed me a point where it looks like its beating. “And here is heart beat for baby two. Their heartbeats are in sync with each other and it’s been known to happen to twins. We’ll see more at your next scan, but for now everything looks fine.” I let out a breath and I felt Han squeeze my hands again.

“I’m going to run some other test since its twins, which also means that you need to eat more. I want to see your weight go up. You’re also going to show a lot sooner and I would suggest telling people soon before they find out from looking at you.” That was directed at the whole hospital and staff thing. She has lunch with Izzy at times and she can’t say anything to her because I haven’t let them know.

“Another thing… Your job… I’m not going to ask you to quit. I’ve seen others who work till their due date, but everyone’s different. I’m asking you to be careful and to listen to your body. If it gets too much stop.” Divya gave me a stare that said it all. Don’t overdo it.

I nodded. I’ll come to that when the time comes.

“Here are some pictures and I’ve recorded the scan onto a DVD.” By the end of our session and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’ll deal with the hospital after I tell my family about the baby, but for now I’m going to go and get used to the fact that I’m going to be having twins.


She doesn’t normally come to the garage. She preferred to see Gemma at her house, but it was kinda her last resort. So here she is at Teller and Marrow’s

“Hi.” Buffy smiled and waved as Gemma looked up from the paper work she was filling.

“Fancy seeing you here. How you doing?”

“Hiding.” Buffy says as she plops herself down on the chair.

Gemma raises an eye “From who?.”

“My family.” Buffy answered vaguely and then silence reigned. Until Gemma finally looked up from her papers.

“Okay, you came here for a reason. So talk or I’ll phone someone at that house of yours and tell them where you are. And damn to hell where the hell did you get that dog!” It’s as if the big ass dog came out of nowhere.

“Anubis, Gemma” She scratched his head “Gemma, Anubis. He followed me home and now I have this big ass monstrosity following me around and being all protective.” She rubs Anubis’s head with both her hands and the dog just licks her arm and whines. “Yes, yes I know. You want me safe… I’ve heard a lot of that lately.”

Gemma snorts, then looks to the blond in amusement. “So you here to tell me something? Because I was expecting to hear from you a lot sooner than this.”

“There… was some family issues that I needed to take care of…”

“You okay?” Gemma can see the change in moods and asked.

“I… had to switch off a friend’s life support.”


“It’s a bit raw still. But we buried her and I mourned. There was nothing I could do. It was her choice.”

Gemma nods and the subject was dropped. “So, you told anyone yet?”

“My boyfriend, sister, and Faith figured out that something was wrong with me and kinda of threatened it out of me. I told the rest yesterday… I went to my first scan a few days ago.” Buffy pauses before letting out the last part slowly.

“Oh? Everything okay?” Gemma asks, but not looking up from the paper she’s writing on.

“I’m having twins.” Gemma freezes and Buffy can see the sudden tension in the older woman “I wanted to tell you.. So you don’t hear it from others...”

Slowly after the news had sank in Gemma’s shoulders relaxed and Buffy saw a hint of a nod and knew this would be all she’s getting today. So she changed the subject.

“How’s Tara?”

“You haven’t seen her?” Gemma asks and then goes back to her papers.

“She was stressing about Jax.. Is he okay?”

“Recovering... Those damn Russians...” Gemma mutters and she suddenly snaps a pen. She curses and then get a new one.“No lasting damages.”

For the next thirty minutes Gemma went on a rant and then they sat and Gemma started to tell her about things to watch out for. It felt like it was all business, but Buffy had come to realise that it was another front Gemma puts up when she's nervous and stressing, so didn't take it to heart.

“You okay?” Buffy asked as she got up to leave.

After a moment Gemma finally replied. “… I will be.”

To everyone that reads this series, sorry for the delay. I hurt my right wrist and ended up having surgry done. and it isn't until I couldnt move my right wrist did I realize how much you use it.

I some how thought I had already posted this chapter... Hence why the latest chapter of my companion fic came out first... Oh well.

This just means that I should have the next chapter out within the week.

And the next chapter will be centering on charming. It will be the day the men are let out of jail :)

I will be back to centering on Charming characters. Anyone seen Season 5 of SOA? OMG that first episode!

Anyways thanks for reading!

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