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The past comes back

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, secrets gets uncovered and the past comes back. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes, it can make you question everything you know.

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Television > Sons of Anarchy
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
CherryCloverFR1840114,589810357,6699 Oct 1014 Sep 13No

Chapter Four

I do not own Buffy or the Sons of Anarchy, or any other character that I might use. But will be mainly Sons of the Anarchy. I am also going to play it loose with times lines and stuff.

One month, that’s how long until his son comes home. Thinking back, I was a coward, looking at the son that I should be holding, lying there in the incubator. No, I refuse to think on it. Abel is coming home, and he will have everything ready. The house needs a new coat of paint, and maybe getting Half-sack to paint it would be better, they really don’t have two grand lying around. With the club just getting back on its feet, there is no point in spending cash that you just don’t have.

I looked around the room that we made for Abel, a smile started to form from my lips. This place is finally going to be worth coming home to; with Abel they can form a new family. Ya sure things have been hard with the club, but we are starting to get back to business. Things are still in a bit of a mess with Tara and Wendy, but that can wait. He’s not sure if he can give Tara what she wants right now, but Wendy is willing to go along with anything, if it meant that she will be close to her son. Maybe getting back with Wendy is not such a bad idea, she has cleaned up. As my thoughts started to drift, I heard some trucks starting to slow. So he went outside to see what the commotion is about.

As I left through the front door, I spotted the local realtor “Hey, Mark! What’s going on?” I asked as I stared towards him. He was standing to a house diagonally opposite mine, I remember the place, it has been on the market for over a year, the police had chased out some homeless people that started to squat there some months back.

“Jax! How you doing? I nearly forgot that you live around here.” Mark said with a smirk. He knew Mark when they were in high school, he took over the family estate business when he graduated and even went to college or something. But he is a Charming local; even though the Sons keep the big realtors out and keep development to a minimum their family is still grateful. Especially when one of the bigger companies wanted to buy them out a few years back, and we helped with ridding the company reps. Anyway, the family might seem to think they up there with Elliott Oswald, but they know who they owed. Taking another step closer, I asked the question that I already suspected the answer to “So you finally sold this place?” not looking at Mark while I asked this.

“Yes, finally! Since the Dellports went broke and ran out of town, the bank has been left with paying off all of their debts. But the property is just a bit too pricy for the locals, and none of the rich outer towners wanted to buy property in a small town like Charming. The local bank was also refusing to lower the price on the place, as the Dellports ran up quite a credit before they left. So it has just been hanging.” Shaking his head as Mark started to talk through some stuff that I already knew. I remember the Dellports, rich bastards that flaunted everything, thinking the people were all beneath them. Jax himself got his place after a job. The previous owner was desperate to leave and took the first offer given to him who could pay cash. When he first moved in, Devin Dellport had made him feel ‘real’ welcome, with calling the police on the grounds that the music is too loud or one thing or another; the man was a pain in the ass. But no one threatened a Son and got away with it, so a few threats here and there and the man just ignored him. He did have a lovely daughter though, a sexy red haired who had a thing for bad boys, and I was one of the best at that. I don’t think he knew how many of the ‘lowly trash’ his daughter threw herself at, I have seen porn stars that had a better reputation then her. Anyway that’s in the past now. My concentration drifted back to Mark. “About three weeks ago, some guy phoned the office, saying that he was looking for a place for his daughter. Something about her doing her internship at Charming General. We sent him a bunch of electronic brochure of the places that fit in most of his criteria and stuff. He sent back three places that he wanted us to take videos, and this was one of them. The bank got wind of it and got one of the best people to make the place look a lot better than it actually was. Anyway, they decided on buying the property, with no reduction, if the bank is willing to repaint the whole place and pay for any extra repairs that might arise after the daughter had moved in. Then the whole thing was signed, sealed and executed with in the week, the bank even got all the payments settled. So now here I am, doing a last minute check before the little princess arrives,” Mark rambled on. Another spoiled brat, getting everything handed to them. Ya he has seen the house, really nice piece of work that’s for sure. Big rooms, lounge, study, a nice garden and pool at the back. Like something out of the magazines, and probably like the houses in suburbia of the Hollywood Hills. Nah, they can have it, he had worked hard for his place and he is damn proud of it. But that reminds me “Hey Mark, you think you can do me a favor?” I asked as an idea came to me.

Giving me a look “Ya sure, if I can…” he trailed off, so I decided to ask before I changed my mind. “You think your boys can paint my place after they done here?” It would get my place painted in no time, without the extra costs and I can please both Mom and Clay. Mark seem to contemplate, and then he called some of the guys over, they seemed to be talking about paint and stuff, nodded to me went back to chatting, then he turned back to me. “Sure Jax, Santo here says that the bank brought more paint then needed, and they can charge the overtime to the bank too, cos they wanted the place done today. They nearly done, and then they will be over to your place.” Mark’s answer brought a smile to my face. I thanked him and headed back to my place. Well at least something good came out of this, and you may never know, the girly might be hot enough to be worth the trouble.

Looking at Abel through the incubator, I can’t help but smile at the site. He has been doing wonderfully, the doctors didn’t think he was going to make it especially the first few days, but he proved everyone wrong. He was a little fighter, just like his father, and he is the next generation of Sons, he will survive this.

“Tara, the chief is calling for a general meeting in ten.” I heard the floor nurse call out to me as I went through Abel’s chart.

“Thanks Beth, I will be there soon.” Thanking her, I left to go towards the elevator. My thoughts went back to the hospital. The newbies will be here soon, the hospital is really excited about the new interns. Apparently a couple of years ago some interns had a bad run in with the local gangs one night , which resulted in the one ending up seriously injured. It even made the news, after that there was literally no applicants, and even if there was an unlucky soul who was sent here, the person would transfer out with in the month. Another major factor was that there isn’t any real Home Depot or any big malls in Charming, so they have been getting little to none new recruits. But apparently there was a bigger graduating pool this year all over the US, so the positions have all been snatched up, which gives the smaller places all a chance to get some new hands. Well, I wish luck to them all.

As I entered the meeting room I saw some nurses giving me looks and shaking their heads, while others ignored me, so I went to one of the open chairs and sat down. I know what the hospital staff think of me, well more of my relationship with Jax. Signing to myself, I don’t think it’s going anywhere, and Gemma gives me the look that says you don’t belong so why push it. Maybe Jax isn’t ready, but I do care for Abel. My thoughts were cut short as the chief walked into the room.

“Morning people, let’s not waste time. As you know due to the number of graduates this year most of the more popular cities and towns are all full, so applicants have looked elsewhere, and we are actually get ten medical graduates, eight of whom are doctors. Also we are finally getting a physiotherapist and occupational therapist interns, I know that those departments have been under staffed, but the hospital just doesn’t have the funds needed to pay a salary that can rival the likes of LA or California Central. This meant that most patients have been asked to go to private practices or California Central. But hopefully with the extra hand, even just the one, we can take on a few more patients.” The chief then put some files on the table as he carried on “Here are the files for the new people. I expect them to be welcomed, and last the whole year, and if possible retain some of them. But please give them a proper education of Charming, the good and the bad, so we don’t get blamed on any of the stupid stunts that they might do, which WILL cause issues. Right. Now, the rotation schedule.” I stopped listen to the chief then, ‘education of Charming’, in other words we need to tell them about the gangs without scaring them off, easier said than done. Hmm, this can be good, we really needed the extra hands, and with a new physio and OT, we might not need to turn away some of the recovering patients, some of them just don’t have the money to go into the bigger cities for treatment. I need to meet Jax soon and maybe have a talk with him, and let him tell the club that there will be new people in town, that may not know the rules and such. It’s a heads up, but it’s better than nothing. My mind drifted back to the meeting, as a discussion on night schedules for doctors came up.

More of a filler chapter then anything.

the next chap should be out in the next day or so, because its done and with beta. I actually wrote chap 5 with it being apart of this chap. But it was getting too long and it looked better as a chap on its own, so I decided to write a bit on Tara and the hospital.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks La!
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