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The past comes back

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, secrets gets uncovered and the past comes back. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes, it can make you question everything you know.

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Television > Sons of Anarchy
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
CherryCloverFR1840114,589810357,7439 Oct 1014 Sep 13No

Chapter Fourty

I do not own Buffy or the Sons of Anarchy, or any other character that I might use. I am also going to play it loose with time-lines and stuff.

This chapter is longtime coming enjoy!

They created the club when they were young, idealistic and full of righteous anger. Jaded by the war, ostracized by the country they fought and angry at the reception they received when they came home, the club became their freedom. The money and power that the club held came as a boon to the ones who never had much… But it was paid for in blood and whatever semblance of a normal life they could’ve had... The fighting, the drinking, the women and the illusion that they can do no wrong, even then he knew it won’t be like thatforever. But then again, he never thought he would live as long as he had, none of them had.

Four decades later, he knew now how stupid they were then. They were so angry at the society at the time that they rebelled against everything and anything they could and started down the path that would lead them eventually to where they are today. Maybe the dead were the lucky ones.

Then, John was the centre of the club. People gravitated towards him and he made people want to follow him. It was the reason why the club spread so far and wide. But like everyone, John had his weaknesses, especially in women. He married Gemma on a whim and on the fact that she was pregnant, and Gemma was star struck and naive enough then to look past all his flaws, he was John Teller, President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Even if women were falling over him, she can still call herself his old lady. It gave her status unlike the other. But she was just another mark for John.

He stayed a couple months with her and set her up nicely and then he was back to his old tricks. There were days that he can see the anger and fury in Gemma’s eyes whenever John had disappeared somewhere and no one at the club can tell her where he was. Then slowly those eyes changed. It became cold and uncaring whenever John was around. Oh she put up a good face for the club, and everyone believed it and in a way felt for her. But then her attentions turned to another.

No one had been surprised that after Thomas’s birth Clay had essentially taken over John’s roll in Gemma and the kids lives. John had taken one look at Thomas, approve the name and then disappeared to Ireland as if he didn’t just become a father for the second time; and he left without even a grant in the club’s way. He just left.

Clay’s takeover of the club was a lot slower and more reluctant then any would’ve thought. Piney’s never been big on leading, so after two month he gave it up in a vote and Clay was declared interim president. To give him credit, Clay held the gang war off as far as he could and it would’ve ended without bloodshed too, if it weren’t for a third party’s interference.

The incident changed Clay and Gemma both; in a way it turned the club to more of what it is today. It brought John back, but it ousted Clay. No one was comfortable with what had happened or what was happening, but no club can have two presidents and at the time Clay would’ve won if a vote was given. But Clay was in some dark places and instead he left, and when he did come back, he came back a changed man and more often than not Piney missed the Clay before the incident. The ambitious, yet easy going man, who would’ve given everything up for a family that was not even his own.

Clay came back with a vengeance and within days he made his intention of Gemma known and then within two months John was dead… There were suspicions, but there weren’t any hard evidence and there was also the fact that John called Clay back, and Lenny said that Clay was with him when John was killed. Then there was the fact that John was slowly going mad, so everyone thought John brought Clay back to replace him, so no one voiced it after he took over.

Maybe that was the call of change, he was diagnose with emphysema two years earlier and things just got worse after John died. He started drinking more to numb the pain and all in all ignored his own family. And by the time he finally pulled his head out of the bottles, his son was sentenced to jail and he had to try and help out with the grandkids. But he didn’t have anything. Money had become an issue then, and only seeing how much Donna struggled did he realize how much he wasted on boos, hookers and medications. He really wanted to stop, but he tried and failed miserably, he was too old to try the shit, to clean himself. So he lived day by day, cursing and drinking.

He didn’t know when he started to resent the club. Maybe it was after he was diagnosed, or maybe when Opie went to Jail… By the time it finally reared its head, it was at Clay and blaming him for Donna’s death. Which he later knew wasn’t true, but in a way being associated to the club killed Donna. If it wasn’t for the club then the bitch wouldn’t have pursued Donna… I know the damn logic is flawed. But the anger that Piney’s kept under for decades is creeping to the surface and a part of him wanted to end the club that he has once loved so much.

No one would suspect Piney to rat out the club, especially after of what had happened to Opie and Donna, no. No one would suspect him to made side deals. Because he was one of the ‘original founders’, he was the reasonable and calm member of the club. Always voicing his concerns, his opinions, all for the better of the club and its members; no, Piney might not like a member and make it known, but he won’t compromise the club…

”There’s things that I can offer… Things that you thought that will never happen.” The man called for a bottle of whiskey the expensive kind and poured Piney half a glass, before pouring one for himself. “You can make an easy million on a job,” Expressionless, as he made an offer “… And I can give you the one thing you really want…” He took a healthy drink “… to be free of that sick body.” Piney freezes. But before he can ask or make a comment, the man downed the rest of the drink and put a tiny clear bottle holding black liquid on the bar next to him “This will prove that we can make you better. The effect will last a week if you take all of it. When you’re ready to make a deal, call this number and I will be here within an hour.” The man gave him a nod before disappearing through the door.

By the time Piney had gotten out of his shock the man was long gone and the only thing proving the encounter was real was the little bottle of black liquid and the piece of paper with a single number on it. He took a look around the bar. No one seems to be paying him any attentions, so he quickly downed his drink and pockets the contents on the bar and left the place.

It would take him two weeks before a particular bad episode for him to take the liquid, but it would be a near death experience for him to make the call.


Yes its been awhile, and I apologize for letting the readers wait.

And it may not seem a lot, but this chapter had been the bane of my writing for this story and I think I've rewritten this more than fifty time and even now I'm not really happy with it.

But I needed to go forward, so I decided to just let it be and maybe later on, I will come back and fix it.

So for now it will have to do.

I do have most of the next chapter, but I'm not sure if I want to jump into Clay's meeting into the world of the weird straight away or I should put another chapter in between. Oh well.

And Buffy telling Dawn about the adoption will be in the companion fic, its Dawn's story and I don't think I will ever bring the two worlds together (atleast not for a long while)

Thanks for reading!

Please review! :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "The past comes back" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Sep 13.

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