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Art of the Imagination - SPN/Buffy

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Fan Art

Summary: My collection of SPN/Buffy fanart

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > FanartAHewlettFR13331,54636312,98410 Oct 1026 May 14No

Tonight, Heal The Scars


This is a sequel to the previous fanart that I created which is in chapter one and I tried to make it brown looking but it didn't exactly work so I went for a soft pink/red mixture which made it look okay. As always, when I try to create a 'sequel' piece for another bit of fanart, it never looks as good as the one that I first did and I always try and make everything look as high quality as the previous one but never mind.

Go check out this story and review on it because she deserves it!

(I do not own images/textures/stocks, etc. I do not own Buffy/Harry Potter/Supernatural words. Please give credit if you use/link anywhere else)
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