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Wizarding Exchange

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Summary: The hp gang graduated Hogwarts and enrolled in college in califorina. It has a lot of Muggles for them to learn more about them. But not all were enrolled there by choice.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredLadyOfTheRingsFR1811,932111,5897 Dec 037 Dec 03No
Title: Wizarding Exchange

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Feedback: Love it!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the idea of this fic, and Rouge. Everything else is owned by someone else.

Summary: The hp gang graduated Hogwarts and enrolled in college in califorina. It has a lot of Muggles for them to learn more about them. But not all were enrolled there by choice.

A/N: Rouge in this fic is NOT from X-men. Okay now Rouge is a friend that Willow made in her wicca group with Tara, when she was there. Tara is gone in this fic. And anything really up to them going to college never happened. There will be mentions of Spike and Angel as they make appearances but brief. Also I'm trying to go pass R or at least a Hard R, so bear with some parts as I'm trying out intimate scenes, something new for me.

A/N: Pardon the double spacing I can't get it to go away, sorry. Enjoy the fic thought.

Pairing: Harry/Willow Draco/Rouge Ron/Buffy Hermoine/Xander

They were saying there goodbyes at the train station. "I'll miss you guys" said Hermione to Ron and Harry.

"We'll miss you too, but we can owl each other still" said Ron "Yeah, oh where are you guys going to for College?" she asked them.

"We'll me and Ron enrolled in a college called UCSunnydale" her face lit up "Your going to the exchange student program there offering us here?" she said smiling "Yeah it sound like you are too" said Harry.

"Yes we'll I guess we will see each other then, we'll see ya soon" she said. "Yeah see ya" said Ron and Harry as she went with her parents.

Two months later and they were on campus at UCSunnydale. They were finding there dorms to get unpacked. They were all at one point in time at the register desk to sign in and find out where there rooms were.

Ron brought along his two brothers Fred and George to help him with his things. He stopped at a door then looked at the paper. "This is it" he said to them "Bout bloody time" said Fred tired.

Ron opened the door and walked in and looked around "Nice, but who's your roomate?" asked George. "I don't know but help me unpack this stuff so you can go" Ron said to them as they did so.

The guys just came out of class as was headed for the lunch room "So what are we doing tonight?" asked Xander while eating a burger.

"We'll other then patrol I was going to go to the moives with Matt" said Buffy. "I was going to see Giles and get my books they just came in" Willow said happily.

"We'll I guess me and Rouge can do something, right?" He asked "Ok I have nothing else to do anyway unless you count calling Angel and bugging him to let me speak to Connor" she said smirking.

"I don't know why you are trying to go with his son?" asked Xander disgusted "Cause when I went there for the week he looked hot, I mean you got to admit he's hot look at his father that's major hottness factor" she said smiling she loved doing that to Xander.

"Oh god I'm going to be sick" he said she smiled even bigger. They were talking about a lot of things but for some reason there new roommates has never entered there minds at the time.

Buffy was in her room with Xander so they could go to that new club called the underground. "So what's this stuff?" he asked she looked "I don't know" she went over to it and saw a tag on his trunk.

"Ronald Weasley?" she looked up "You know him?" he shrugs "Nope oh wait he's probably your roommate remember?" he said and it took her a moment to do just that. "Oh right ok we'll in that case let's go" "Right behind ya" he said as they left for the club.

Willow was with Rouge at the Magic Box. "So Giles did you get my books in today?" asked Wills "Yeah me too?" said Rouge looking at him. "Yes I did just let me get them, one moment" he said and they sat down at the table.

"So we staying here or going back to the rooms?" she asked Wills. "I think we should go back cause I want to know who this roommate is I'm getting" Willow said to her.

"Oh yeah we got notice that we would get one but why now?" she asked "I don't know but I think we should get an apartment for the dorms are kind of small." said Wills "Yeah true"

Then Giles came out "Here you go girls" he said placing the books down on the counter. "Thanks Giles" said Will and Rouge "Yes we'll as always be careful" "We will" said Rouge as they left the store.

Harry was with Ron in his room. "So who do you think your roomate is?" asked Ron. "I don't know but we have classes tommorrow don't know how that's going to be" he said "Yeah it's different here then at Hogwarts" he said as Harry nodded.

The door came open and Willow and Rouge came in to see the two boys "Hello, who are you?" She asked them.

"Oh I'm Ron Weasley and this is my friend Harry" "Oh I'm Willow and this is Rouge" Rouge said "By any chance which one is the roommate?" Harry got up "That would be me" he said.

"Oh ok um Wills I'm going to have to leave you with your new roommate before Spike tries to kill me for not getting to home and helping him fix the place" she said smiling and so was Willow. "Sure see ya" "Kay later" she said to them all and left.

Buffy and the guys were out patroling when Spike came out and almost got staked. Rouge shouted at him "Your a idiot! Do you desire to get staked" "No but I do desire other things pet" he said they all just rolled there eyes.

"I think I'm staying at the dorms tonight" she said off handly as the walked back. "I was only joking pet, come on" Spike said trying to keep her from going to the dorms.

Buffy walked into her room and fell on her bed "I'm so tired" she said through the sheets. Moments later Ron came in and saw this blonde lying on the bed.

"Excuse me who are you?" He asked she got up "I'm Buffy who are you?" "I'm Ron Weasley are you the roommate I'm sharing this dorm with?" he asked she looked at him for a moment "Yeah I guess" was all she said.

The next morning in class. "Hey you guys get any roomates?" asked Buffy "Yeah why you ask?" said Xander "We'll I got some boy named Ron" she said and Willow jumped in "Yeah I meet him yesturday with his friend Harry who's my roommate"

"Huh, oh yeah where is Rouge?" asked Buffy and as on cue she came in she was in a rage as she looked absoulutly deadly as she entered the room and sat down.

"Rogue is there something wrong?" asked Willow "No everything is just peachy. I swear for Merlin's sake he better not cross me, that little prat" she said extremely angry that her usually brown hair was flaming red.

"I have a feeling today is not going to be a good day" said Xander "Yeah last time she was talking like Spike was not a pretty sight" said Buffy.

"I'm going to rip out his intestines and use them for garters" she said and they looked at her shocked as some other students too. "Rouge calm down, begining around Spike and Angelus has warped your mind" said Xander.

It was like that all day she was just in a fury about anything and everything.

The guys were walking to History and were just talking like usual when they pasted Buffy and Co going to English.

One stopped and turned to look at them. "There's something weird about them" said Harry and they continued to walk to class.

The guys were having lunch talking. Harry and the others were across the cafe from them with a good view of whatever they were doing.

When girl was talking to her friend very badly about Rouge when she took a nose dive to the floor. They all saw it Hermione was the one to see some girl smile wickedly.

"There is something about them, I would bet that girl made her fall to the floor" said Hermione to Harry and Ron. They knew something was going on but what that something was they didn't know but they would.

It was on a night when they were walking from a party that was pure darkness and they were trying to get home quickly when someone stopped them.

"Oh look somebodies out, you must be new here or real thick to come out at night" said a british voice. They turned and saw Spike leaning against a crypt. "Who are you?" asked Harry while they all took hold of there wands.

"Who I am is no concern of yours thought I guess I'll tell you since your going to die any way" said Spike loving the fear factor he was getting from these three.

He was backing them into a corner when they heard "Where are you Spike?!" a girl was shouting this witch stopped him in his tracks. They looked at him he was showing a different reaction to the voice.

"You count your selves lucky" he said as he was going to leave when she was behind him "Spike what are you doing?" she asked smuggly.

He turned "Pet! You trying to kill me?" He said and she just looked at him with an eyebrow raised "Is that a trick question?" she said still being smug.

The two were talking and they thought if they get there wands out the could get away the first to pull there wand out was Hermione "Petrificus Totalus" she throw it at them both they looked relieved.

They were starting to move away when "Finite Incantatem" they looked at the girl as all she had out was her hand.

She looked up at them "You didn't just cast on us" she said like was a normal thing and they were starting to get scared again.

Spike sniffed the air again and Rouge elbowed him in the side. "Stop being afraid we won't hut you"

She said but the didn't believe her and this time she was ready before them "Accio wands" and there wands all went to Rouge. "So your wizards and witches huh?" she said so calmly that they were confused.

"Yeah what of it?" Ron said forgeting. "Oh I bet you came her thinking you had to hide cause all the humans huh?" she said smiling and Spike chuckled.

"Yeah well it was a plan" said Harry after she stopped laughing "You came to the right place to be your self" she said.

"Huh?" said Ron and Hermione "Sunnydale is the mecca of all weirdness, come on let's get inside and tell you all about it" she said as they went to there place.

After about an hour or two Harry said "So this place is so thick that you can preform magic here and there non the wiser?" She nodded "Yeah just about" she said.

"I heard you were having a bad day when we arrived as the new roommate" said Hemione "Yeah it wasn't you it was that snobbish prat of a roomate I got" she said to them "He sound horrible who he?" asked Ron.

"Some git who things I'm going to hang on his every word cause he was rich, oh look at my family name it just invokes power, blah, blah. blah" she said "Pet your going to give your self a headache" he said rubbing her head.

They look at them "Are you two british?" asked Ron curious she looked at them "He is I only sound like it from hanging with him so long, I'm Irish" she then closed her eyes again.

"How long have you known him? You two seen very close?" Hermione said "Ummmm, I would say roughfully 1 or 2 right Spike?" "Something like that pet" he said "Oh 1 or 2 years that nice to have a friend like that for that long" said Harry remember meeting his friends for the first time.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wizarding Exchange" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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