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Emerald Path

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Summary: After the dust settles from the battle with the Mayor Xander finds his path leads him away from the Dale

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Faith
DC Universe > Green Lantern
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Life Moves Forward

Emerald Path Chapter 2

Life Moves Forward.
Disclaimer see Part 1

Xander sat at his kitchen table. He was waiting for Willow to arrive. Ever since he has found out about his and Faith’s baby he has been an emotional wreck,

When the Mayor had told him that Faith was pregnant by him he felt a mixture of emotions that was overwhelming then to hear that his child might have been killed by the actions of one of his best friends in an attempt to save a Vampire. He had been ready to kill.

In the space of two hours he had lost his foster parents gained a child and then feeling like he lost the child. It was a roller coaster he wouldn’t wish on anybody.

What really made him feel bad was that it was just one big colossal mind fuck a parting shot from Wilkins to destroy the Scoobies and it damn near worked.

Willow and Giles were in states of shock not only the Building the farm and the money were given to him to make Buffy distrust him. The message to Xander with the information about Faith was to make him angry enough to kill her.

His parting shot had damn near been a fatal one.

He needed to spend sometime away from the Dale and away from the Scoobies. He needed to let the flames cool and he needed help to learn how to use his ring properly.

Once he talked to Willow he was going to take a trip and find Alan Scott.

Xander heard a knock at the door. Walking over he opened the door expecting Willow and instead found Buffy.

“I think we need to talk Xander.” Buffy told him firmly.

“I’d say we do.” Xander told her as he stepped aside allowing her to enter.

“I was glad to hear your baby was alright.” Buffy told him honestly as she walked into the living room and sat down.

“Thank you.” Xander said as he sat down across from her.



Xander took a deep breath and looked Buffy in the eyes.

“Buffy I’m sorry for threatening you. I was upset I just lost my parents and Cordelia. I find out Faith’s actions had not been her own and that she was carrying my child. That there was some light at the end of this dark tunnel. Only to have that dashed by some psychotic Politician with a 50’s fixation. And the reason it was dashed was because of one of my best friends.”

“I understand Xander. I don’t like it but I can understand it. I want to know is why did the Mayor give you all that stuff and why did you ever sleep with Faith?”

Xander took a deep breath and let it out.

“Remember the night the Sisterhood tried to open the Hellmouth?”

“Yeah.” Buffy answered not sure of where this was going or that she would like the answer.

“That night I had my own little adventure. I was driving along and I saw Faith getting attacked I rammed the demon with my car and I grabbed Faith and we headed back to her place she was hurt so I helped her put her arm back in the socket. And it just happened we had sex.”

Buffy was stunned.

Xander continued his story explaining about the Zombies the bomb Oz eating Jack.

“After all that I went home and crawled into bed. About 15 minutes after that Faith showed up she climbed in thru my window. She didn’t say anything she just stripped down and climbed into bed with me. She didn’t say anything she just wrapped herself in my arms and went to sleep.”

“Just slept huh?” Buffy asked skeptical at what she was being told.

“That night yeah we just slept.” He admitted.

“That night? You mean it happened more then once?”

“Yeah every few days she’d come here she’d climb in to bed with me we’d sleep in the morning we’d you know.” Xander admitted sheepishly.

“What about when she tried to strangle you?” Buffy asked.

“She thought I’d betrayed her Buffy. I went to her motel room. I tried to get her to understand that I cared about her and wanted to help her. She didn’t believe me.”

“So that was then end of it huh?” Buffy asked amazed Xander kept it a secret for this long.

“Not exactly. The night after Willow was kidnapped Faith came in to my room and handcuffed herself to my bed. She wanted me to rape her to punish her for what she did. She was so messed up about things she had done. She was having Nightmares and she thought Slayer dreams and she wigged out completely.”
“You didn’t rape her did you?” Buffy asked flashing back to the never spoken about Hyena incident.

Xander’s stare told her what she needed to know.

“No I un-cuffed her and I tried to talk to her. I held her as she cried. That night Faith said something I don’t thing she ever said to another person and meant it.”

“What did she say?” Buffy asked surprised that Xander had been right when he said he had a connection to Faith.

“I’m sorry.”

“She broke in my arms that night Buffy.”

Buffy was stunned she had expected to find out that Xander had just been a normal teenage boy and said something in the heat of the moment but she had discovered that When Xander had said what he did he had a reason too one she was hard pressed to beat.

“I think we made love for the first time that night. It wasn’t sex there more to it. Then after as we fell asleep she kissed me and said she would make this right.”

A few nights later she and Buffy fought and Buffy had stabbed Faith.

“That’s why I slept with her. As for my windfall from the late Richard Wilkins may he rest in pieces, I think like Willow and Giles have said it was a plot to break us apart. Let’s face it this has not been the most stellar year for us.”


“Think about it you wanted me out of the fight and now I have a shit load of money and a place where I can be safe from this fight but it comes from one of the most evil people we have ever met. What would you like me to do?”

“I don’t know.” Buffy admitted.

“Before I got this ring Buffy I might’ve just gone just left never to return.”

Buffy’s eyes filled with a fear that her Xander shaped friend might really leave them.

“But I can’t just leave you guys like. Your all family and I don’t have that much I can just cut you out of my life.”

Buffy let out the breath she had been holding she had come to get answers and got them and then some.

“Are we ok Xander?”

“Yeah Buffy we’re ok Family fight sometimes it happens.”

Buffy got up and pulled Xander up and gave him a hug.

“Thank you for saving my life and thank you for being my friend.” She whispered.

“I will always be your friend Buffy.” Xander told her.

Xander smiled as an idea formed.

“Want to see something cool?” Xander asked.

“Sure.” Buffy smiled.

Xander focused on his ring and an energy shield formed around them and the pair rose up phased thru the ceiling and flew up high above Sunnydale.

“Take a look Buffy.” Xander told her as they faced west.

Buffy was in awe of the amazing Sunset.

“Thank you Xander I had forgotten about things like this.” Buffy smiled.

“No problem what so ever.”

“Can you fly me home?” Buffy asked in her sweetest voice.

“Why not.” Smiled Xander.

The town of Sunnydale was treated to excited screams of a flying Slayer.

Xander felt better as he walked to the Hospital last night he and Buffy cleared the air between them and they were ok. Willow had been waiting for him when he got back to his house and together they outlined a plan to locate Alan Scott their first lead was a man named Carter Hall in Metropolis.

She had been a little put out that Buffy got to go flying with him first but she would get her change soon.

He waved as he passed the nurses station they all like him. And let him stay passed visiting hours.

As he entered Faith’s room he smiled she looked so peaceful. She truly needed peace and he hoped when she woke up he could help her with that.

“Hey Bro been a while.”

“Yes it has.” Xander turned to find his twin brother Sam.

“Dad called asked me to come see you.”

Xander hugged his brother.

“Glad you’re here Sam.”

Sam smiled. “So you’re going to be a Daddy always thought Dean would be the first of us to have a kid.”

Xander laughed. “Dad said the same thing.”

“Dean is coming to see you too I just beat him here cause I flew.” Sam smiled.

“So this is the mother of child.”

“This is Faith.”

“What happened man?”

“She’s a Hunter like us. Got hurt on a job.” Xander hedged.

“Will she recover?” Sam asked.

“Yeah she will wake up. The Doctor said her body is slow in healing because it is protecting the baby.”

“Another Winchester God help us all especially if it’s a girl.”

Xander laughed.

“Faith I hope we are not having a girl because if not then once she is a teenager she’ll never speak to me again because no boy will ever be able to date her.”

Unnoticed by the two demon hunters in the room a small smile graced Faith’s face.

Next Time: Xander learns the reasons he was given his ring and an ancient enemy Hunts him.
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