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Emerald Path

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Summary: After the dust settles from the battle with the Mayor Xander finds his path leads him away from the Dale

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Faith
DC Universe > Green Lantern
FreddyfrmelmstFR1834,64501913,41610 Oct 1015 Oct 10No

Chapter One

Emerald Path

Disclaimer:Standard stuff I don't own the characters just borrowing them for fun not profit .

Xander stood in his backyard. He had planned the assault he had trained the students as best as he could. Still people were going to die and he planned on being one of them. It was time to let go of his fear it was time to be a man. Xander Harris was going to give his life to save the lives of those he loved as well those he hated.

Walking to his shed Xander opened the door and looked at what he had spent the night building and preparing.

A black vest wrapped in C-4 stolen once again from the Armory as well as 50 pounds of ball bearing purchased from every hardware store with in 10 miles. It was wired with a dead man switch as well as a hand trigger.

“Lord I know suicide is wrong. I don’t want to die but I am willing to trade my life for those that deserve it more.” Xander prayed.

Xander began final preparations on his bomb. Suddenly the Shed was bathed in a green light.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris Winchester You have the ability to overcome great fear.”

Xander spun around and found a blue skinned midget with white hair in a ponytail and wearing a red dress.

“Who and what the hell are you?” Xander asked.

“I am Ganthet last of the Guardians of the Universe.” the midget answered.

“Good for you what the hell are you doing here?”

Ganthet smiled.

“I am here Xander because you have the qualities needed for what is to come.”


Ganthet opened his hand and revealed a Green ring.

“This Xander is the most power weapon every created. It is the last of it’s kind. I have chosen you to wield it’s power.” the Guardian spoke solemnly.

“You can’t be serious.” Xander told him. Unable to believe he was having this conversation.

“I am Xander. You have the will to use this weapon . The courage to use it for the right reasons. The brain to know when not to use it. The strength to face the challenges using this ring will bring. But most important of all you have the heart to see the Journey this ring will take you on to the end for good or for ill. You Alexander Winchester have been Chosen as the Last Green Lantern.” Ganthet told him

“And how do you know my real name not even Willow knows that?”

“I know Alexander that you and your twin brother Sam were babies when your mother was killed that your brother Dean was but a boy when your father took you hunting for the demon that killed your mother. Then when you were five years old you killed a demon the looked like a little girl. You slashed it’s throat to save your brothers lives. Your father sent you to your mother’s sister to live so you could forget. That you did forget until you had to kill Jesse’s Corpse. That is one of the reasons I have chosen you.” Ganthet spoke the ring glowed.

The ring lifted into the air and flew at Xander passing thru his hand until it rested on his finger.

“What am I suppose to do with this?” Xander asked the ring glowing softly on his hand.

“What you must Xander.” Smiled Ganthet as he gestured to the work bench and the green glow coalesced into a green lantern.

“I leave you with these words young Lantern. Trust in yourself. Follow your heart. And if you need help find Alan Scott he was a Green Lantern here on earth but one very different then yourself. You have my Faith Xander. Be the man you are meant to be.”

Ganthet bowed his head and faded from view.

Xander looked down at the ring on his hand. “What I am supposed to do now.”

A flash of Green filled his vision and Xander found himself standing in front of a Giant Pink Alien.

“Alright Poozer I’m Kilowog the Drill Instructor for the Green Lantern Corp. Since you’re the last Lantern it means I am no longer among the living this Program of mine will teach you the basics of your ring.”

Xander groaned as Kilowog smiled. “Welcome to boot camp Rookie.”

The class of 1999 sat as the Mayor began his speech.

Xander looked down at the ring on his right hand and smiled. Kilowog I hope you and the other Lanterns are looking out for me from the other side he thought.

Xander looked up at Wilkins as his Transformation began.

“Hey DICK the buffet is closed.” Xander as he used his ring to create a giant muzzle over Wilkins mouth.

The Mayor tried to roar and thrash but was held in place by Xander’s ring construct. Sweat began running down Xander’s head as he held firm keeping the Semi-Sized demon from moving.

“Go get out now.” Xander cried out as Vampires burst in ready for a massacre.

Creating an energy sheath over his body. He begins shoving the Mayor towards the library and the waiting bomb.

Xander’s willpower focused on making that happen despite the vampires trying to break his concentration and the Mayor trashing about.

Xander’s mind was focused on only two things get Wilkins to the bomb and how much time he had before the bomb went off.

Tick Tock Tick Tock. The seconds counted down in his head.

Calm came over him he was going to win he was going to protect those who mattered most to him.

Boom the world around him exploded. Safe inside his energy sheath Xander watched as Wilkins was incinerated by the blast.

With the Mayor gone Xander flew up thru the wreckage and out the backside of the school.

He passed thru the fire and had begun his Journey.

Xander sat on the couch Willow and Buffy both wrapped around him in a hug. His parents were two of only five people that had been killed in the battle.

Tony and Jessica Harris.

Principal Snyder

Cordelia Chase

Warren Meers.

Those five fell. To Xander is had been a kick in the gut. All the people he protected his family and one of his girl hadn’t made it.

“Xander no words can express how sorry we are.” Giles told him as he rested his hand on Xander’s arm.

“Thanks Giles.” Xander whispered as he felt. Buffy and Willow hug him tighter.

“Xander is there anything we can do?” Joyce asked.

“I don’t know Mrs. Summers I just don’t know.” he whispered.

The moment was shattered by a knock on the door.

Joyce answered the door to find a lady in a business suit.

“I sorry to interrupt your evening ma’am I’m Lila Morgan from the Law Firm of Wolfram & Hart. I’m suppose to deliver a package to a Mr. Alexander Harris.

“I’m Xander Harris.” he answered and walked to the door.

Lila smiled at him and handed him a package.

“Thank you very much Mr. Harris have a nice day.”

The Scoobies watched Xander open the package to find a video tape that said play me on it and a metal case the size of the size of a book.

Joyce put the tape in the VCR and the group was shocked to find the Mayor appearing on the TV.

“Hello Mister Harris. If you are watching this tape it means I lost our little chess match.”

The Scoobies all looked at Xander.

“You tried so hard to turn Faith back to your side but here is the joke she never left it.” Wilkins smirked.

“Some magic spells placed on poor old Alan and she was mine.”

Xander’s fist clenched in rage.

“Of course I was aiming for Buffy but one Slayer is just as good an another.”

The ring on Xander’s hand glowed with power.

“Still she does grow on you. Did you know she is pregnant with your baby?”

The glowing of Xander’s ring stop and the rage left him.

“Well maybe that should be was pregnant not sure after your girl Buffy stabbed her and the fall she took. But in any case to the victor goes the spoils. In the box I that I sent this tape in I have left you a farm and an apartment building I won in a poker game with some demons. The apartment is the tallest building in Metropolis Kansas. It’s the only properties outside Sunnydale I own so enjoy them. I also left 2 other items one is a trust for Faith’s Care the other is twenty million dollars for your use. Go out and do good Xander and take care of Faith she is gonna need you.” The tape ended.

Xander turned to Buffy his eyes dead.

“I’m going to the hospital to see Faith if I find out that two faced son of a bitch is telling the truth then we are going to have words Elizabeth. If my child is dead the next time I see you I will kill you.”

Xander sat at Faith’s bedside it had been two hours since he had arrived and the Doctor explained Faith’s condition to him he had told him that despite being stabbed and the fall the Baby was fine. The Doctor had also take a blood sample and was rushing the paternity test the results were do in any minute.

“Mr. Harris.”

Xander looked up and saw their was a nurse at the door.

“Yes?” he asked.

“The results are back sir. You’re a father.” the Nurse told him with a smile.

“Thank you.” Xander answered with a smile as tears formed in his eyes.

Xander reached in his pocket and pulled out his cellphone.

The phone he dialed rang and a the voice of a gruff old marine answer.

“John Winchester.”

“Hi dad it’s Alex.”

“Alex it’s been a while everything alright son?”

“Been a bad few days but I just got some news that you need to hear.”

“What is Son?”

“Your gonna be a grandfather.”

The line went quiet for a second then a laugh of pure happiness came thru the phone.

“Funny I always thought Dean would be the one to be making this call.”

“Me too dad me too.”
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