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Earth Angel

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Summary: Buffy is an angel punished by god to walk the earth till she is forgiven.

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TroubledFredFR1811,2700121,78211 Oct 1011 Oct 10No
Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS, Supernatural or any of the other T.V shows/movies I use. So please, don't sue me.

A/N: I am going to cross this over with a lot of different shows and movies but this takes place mostly in the supernatural 'verse. Also it will be a while before Buffy will be called Buffy, she lives a long time so it is only natural she goes by many names. For what I have planned this will end up being a very long story, but ill try with regular updates and the such.


Arella bowed her head as she entered the room. Megatron stood there waiting. She knew why she was there and she would defend herself. She would just have to make father listen.

“M’lord” She greeted. Megatron nodded then closed his eyes letting the presence of God fill him, to use him as the voice.

“My child” His voice was breathy and strained. “Do you know why I summoned you?” Arella knew father knew all, that there was no way she could hide.
“Yes.” She said it simply. Megatron nodded his movement slightly jerky.

“You’ve been talking of rebellion.” He opened his eyes and the light that shined within almost blinded her. She could not hold back the sound of protest that forced its way from her lips.

“Not rebellion, never rebellion father! I would never disgrace you that way.” She pleaded, willed for him to understand her.

“Then this talk?” His head tilted to the side, more comfortable now with the body.

“I just don’t understand. The love that you show them, those filth, those humans.” She spat the word out. “The way you treat and care for them, you give them everything and they do nothing in return. They disrespect you, father. They turn their backs on you, and yet you love them.” She took a step forward and stopped. “They don’t deserve it! They deserve to be banished from earth. They deserve to die” She blinked then bowed her head; she knew she had said too much shown too much and that he would not be please.

“I am disappointed in you Arella.” Father voice was drenched in sadness. “I look at you now and it saddens me, this hate you have for them. They are still new, still trying to walk you must give them a chance. You must forgive.” Father took a step towards her, but she backed away.

“I can’t” Her voice was tired. “They don’t deserve life, don’t deserve you.” She knew what she was doing in pushing father away, knew there was a good chance he would banish her to hell, much like he had Lucifer.

“No.” His voice pushed her thoughts. “I cannot send you there, what you are saying, although misguided, is from your love for me. I cannot send you there and leave you knowing you just want to protect me.” He took another step towards her and this time she did not back away. “You must be shown, must be given a chance for forgiveness, and must be given a chance to forgive.” She looked at him not understanding.

“I am sorry father but I don’t think I can.” She wanted to cry but she wouldn’t. She would be strong in front of father, be firm in her beliefs. A sigh escaped his lips and he shook his head.

“I cannot let you stay up here with us with talk like that Arella. You know I cannot, you are defying my teachings, my will. You must be dealt with, punished.” He looked at her. “I will send you down to live amongst them.” She made to protest but his hand was brought up to silence her. “I will give you body, allow you to walk with them, to learn about them, and to hopefully forgive them. Then when you have shown me your change, then and only then can you rejoin your family.” Then he was gone. Megatron slumped back the light quickly fading from his eyes.

“Arella” he breathed and looked up at her with sad eyes.

“Don’t Megatron; I don’t want to hear it. I had gotten my punishment and I will take it.” She shook her head. “I believe I am done here.” He said nothing as she turned and left.

She walked for awhile not knowing what to do and when they would come for her. She would be leaving her home, leaving everything she knew.

“Arella.” Castiel voice broke through her thoughts. She turned to him saw the sadness in his eyes.

“Is it you? Are you the one that shall bring punishment?” He nodded and she looked sadly away.

“Why did you do it Arella? Why can’t you just push it away, why not forgive?” She was silent refusing her answer. She had made her argument she refused to do it twice. “I am assigned to check on you, make sure you are well.” He stated and she just shook her head. “Are you ready?” He voiced after a long silence.

“No.” But she followed him anyway.


Her body she noticed was small, and felt to constricting. The skin was pulled too tight and if she was able to breathe she would feel suffocated. Her hair was spun of long golden waves and her eyes she noticed was a bright emerald. Her voice was a bit high pitched and hurt her ears, and her skin was tan but it all felt so wrong. Looking towards Castiel who had borrowed the body of a young dark man, she nodded and walked away.

Castiel shook his head and left the body he was in, he would watch over Arella made sure she would be able to expand her heart and forgive the naïve humans and come home.

Arella had been on earth for weeks and her feelings had not changed. No they seemed to reinforce them. She saw what humans did to each other and themselves. The harm they inflicted and their lack of faith. It all sickened her.

She had managed to get herself a small shack on the outskirts of the village, but she had refused to associate herself with them. Unlike humans she didn’t need to eat or breathe. Yes she bathed, because earth was dirty and dust seemed to cling to everywhere. She also was aware that her reflexes and senses were heightened more so than a human and she relished it. It made her different. She felt no pain and could not get injured. She was so much better.
Castiel had yet to check on her, but she knew he was watching from his perch in heaven, she knew he probably was shaking his head at her ways, but she refused to speak to the barbarians.


Months passed, maybe even years, Arella had lost count. She had been here for too long, but still her feelings had yet to change. Her father’s words of punishment would echo in her mind everyday, not letting her forget the reason why she was here on this land. It was a bright day when Castiel first visited her. He was wearing the face of a plump local fisherman who was cheating on his wife, and Arella scrunched her nose in disgust. His face was grim and she wondered briefly why.

“You will need to get to higher ground.” He stated before turning his head to look up at the sky. She raised a golden eyebrow before asking why. “It is going to rain, forty days and forty nights.” Her eyebrows went up in shock she asked why again. He didn’t answer her. Instead he walked away. He had come to warn her and had done his job.

The next day she heard tales in the village about a man who was building a giant ark. He stated it was the will of god. Many villagers scoffed and she felt fury build. This man Noah believed and yet they looked down upon him. She went to her shack and packed the small amount of items she had gathered since her time there. She would go find Noah and help him.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Earth Angel" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Oct 10.

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