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Mal's a WHAT?!

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Summary: What if Xander dies in the BTVS verse, and gets sent 500 years into the future as someone's son? (On Hold)

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Firefly > Xander-CenteredTheHarlequinFR1821,1611248,55111 Oct 1011 Oct 10No

The Captain Gets A Son

A.N.- Usual disclaimer. I own nothing, I'm just playing. Bla bla bla bla...ANYWAY...on with the story.

Edit- Shoutout to Blue for catching my typo in the chapter title!!!!!

Chapter 2

Cordelia appeared in a n alleyway on a planet named Persephone. She was dressed in a very nice business suit. The light in her hand enlarged to form a four year old boy with dark brown hair. She shifted the little boy to where he was sleeping on her shoulder, and stepped out of the alley. She carried the little boy down through the docks towards a large ship. A man with the same shade of dark brown hair was watching supplies being loaded into the hold. Cordelia walked up behind him.

"Malcolm Reynolds?"

The man turned around cautiously, a hand going towards his gun.


Cordelia fixed her face into a cold uncaring stare.

"Mr. Reynolds, I'm Catherine Dixon, I'm a lawyer for the late Ms. Sara James. I'm taking care of her loose ends."

Mal's face scrunched up as he tried to match a face to the name. He finally nodded.

"Oh yeah....she died?"

"Ms. James unfortunately was a victim of a stray bullet from a fight between two mercenaries. She was an innocnet bystander, an unfortunate casualty. I'm here Mr. Reynolds, to transfer custody to you of your son, Alexander."

Mal's eyes almost doubled in size.

"My WHAT?!"

Cordelia just gave him a flat look, but didn't bother to repeat herself.

"Ms. James had no other family to speak of, so custody of the boy falls straight to the father, which is you. Am i to understand you won't be taking custody of Alexander? I just need a signature and he'll be taken into Alliance custody and be sent to a mining facility on the Outer Rim."

Mal's scowled at Cordelia.

"I'll take him."

Cordelia smiled and handed him the little boy. Mal took the sleeping boy gently, and held him stiffly the same way Cordelia had.

"Have a nice day, Mr. Reynolds."

Cordelia turned and walked away, dissapearing as soon as she turned a corner. Mal looked at the little boy sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and headed back towards Serenity. Zoe spotted him and then the boy on his shoulder, frowning.


"Not now Zo', I'll tell ya after we take off."

Mal passed Kaylee as he entered the ship, not saying a word. The redhead turned with a stunned look on her face.

"Zoe, why does the Cap'n have a little boy?"

"Don't rightly know, Cap'n says he'll explain all after takeoff. It's sure to be an interesting tale."

Kaylee nodded and watched Mal make a bee-line for the infirmary.

Simon looked up when Mal entered the room with the small boy. His eyes widened.

"Is he hurt?"

"No, can you do a DNA match on me an' the boy?"

Simon's eyes widened comically and his eyebrows dissapeared into his hairline. He nodded numbly watching as Mal placed the little boy gingerly on the table. He stepped over, grabbing a syringe. He took some blood from both Mal and the boy and put it into his analyzer. The machine beeped a few minutes later and Simon stared at it, dumbfounded.


"He's yours."

Mal leaned against the counter, staring into space, blinking. He looked down at the little brunette in a sort of wonder. He had a son! He had a little person who was now dependent on him. As if responding to thought, whiskey brown eyes blinked open. The little boy sat up, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Are you my Daddy?"


The End?

You have reached the end of "Mal's a WHAT?!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Oct 10.

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