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Mal's a WHAT?!

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Summary: What if Xander dies in the BTVS verse, and gets sent 500 years into the future as someone's son? (On Hold)

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Firefly > Xander-CenteredTheHarlequinFR1821,1611248,55111 Oct 1011 Oct 10No

The Death of A Zeppo

A.N.- I don't own Firefly or BTVS, they both belong to Joss. Timeline-wise this is post 'Chosen' and post 'Not Fade Away' in the BTVS/Angel universe and post 'Serenity' in the Firefly-verse. One minor change though, Wash is still alive and so is Shepard Book.

Chapter 1

Xander leaned against the large rock that he was hiding behind. A dusty M-16 was leaning beside him, right by the small river of blood trailing out from under him. His left hand was covering one of six through and through bullet holes decorating his torso, his right was laying limply at his side. He was very dirty and covered with blood, his own, and that of others. The Council had assigned him to find a Slayer in the middle of a war-torn portion of Africa, and he had found her. She had been killed the week before, and Xander had been trying to escape the country since.

"You have the worst luck, they never should've sent you to Africa of all places."

Xander stared blearily at his ex-girlfriend.


The brunette woman had her hands on her hips and was glaring at him. Her glare softened when Xander coughed up blood as his lungs filled.

"Still fighting the good fight for Queen Buffy? Look where it's gotten you."

Xander shook his head at her, and fumbled for a pocket over his heart. He pulled out a creased, worn picture and handed it to Cordelia. The photo was of an African woman, most likely another Slayer, holding a toddler with the skin the color of caramel with Xander's whiskey colored eyes. Xander was in the photo too, with his arm around the womans shoulders.

"" Xander mumbled faintly.

Cordelia looked at the picture sadly. She looked up and saw Xander's eye drifitng shut as his skin got paler.


Xander's eye shot open and he looked at her.

"The Powers have decided they still need you. But because of your work in the service of the Slayer, and later the Watcher's Council, they're letting you have a choice. There is a Slayer, far into the future, where few demons exist and the Slayer line is no longer needed, but is still active. There's a government, much like the Initiative that want's to use her as a weapon. You would be sent to her to help. Your choice Xan, eternal rest or one last mission for the Powers?"

Cordy sighed after she finished then looked to Xander who was giving her a look, telling her how stupid she was to be asking. Cordelia smiled.

"I know, I told them it was pointless to ask. Ever the White Knight."

Xander snorted, blood bubbling out of his mouth. Cordelia just smiled at him sadly then kneeled down next to him.

"Relax and just let go Xander."

Xander let his head fall back and his body went limp. He took a last couple of bubbly breaths before releasing a sigh and going still. Cordelia wiped at her eyes and sniffled. She extended her arm and placed a hand over Xander's heart. She pulled it away and there was a light floating against her hand. With her free hand she folded Xander's around the picture, over his chest, then stood. She stared at his body for a few moments before dissapearing in a swirl of lights.
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