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Buffy is Kara, or is Kara Buffy?

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Summary: It wasn't enough for Ethan to turn her into her costume once. No, the second time he did it, he turned her costume into her. Flung into the DC Universe and stuck in Kara Zor'El's body with Kara as voice stuck in her head, Buffy's not having a good day.

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DC Universe > SupermandeathgeonousFR1824,3730213,74412 Oct 1012 Oct 10No


AN1: It’s an update. It’s a short update, but it was a quick one at least!





Ok, so I was sitting in Downtown Gotham City Police Headquarters in an interrogation room, and let me tell you, not a very cheery place to be, when the one of the detectives with me slammed his hand on the table and shouted “Are you even listening to me!?!”

“Um, no.” I answered the large, as in fat, police detective. I think his name was Barlock, or Bollocks, or something like that.

“Bullock,” Gordon began, “She is NOT a suspect in a crime, so stop treating her like one. We are only here to WATCH her until the proper authorities come for her.”

Bullock huffed and wondered over to a corner, the exact opposite corner than the Batman was lounging IE hiding in its shadows, and I spoke up then, asking “Um, just who are the proper authorities in this case? I mean, I really don’t think that becoming a governmental lab rat in a secret underground facility would be good for my complexion, ya know?” I ended that with my typical air headed valley girl smile.

Gordon looked confused at my act. Batman, well, I think I kinda pissed him off a bit, because he came out of the corner he was lurking in and said “I think that you’ll go where ever they ask you to go. Unless you think you…”

I cut him off before he could start ranting. “Look, I know that with the power I have I could totally do some major damage to the whole planet before I was taken down, but the point there is, I would be taken down eventually. So, as to not start a needless fight that I would eventually lose, why don’t you just tell me who’s coming to get me? And just where I’ll be stuck for the rest of my life. Really, I don’t know how I let you guys talk me into just waiting for some governmental assess to come and spirit me away to Never Never Land.” I huffed.

Batman stood stock still and looked at me like I was, I don’t know, insane and annoying, but Gordon sighed and said “The government is not coming to imprison you. In fact, even if they COULD, the political ramifications would be a nightmare whenever it got released.”

I blinked and then asked “Ok, then who’s coming to make sure scary old me isn’t a threat to world security or whatever?”

I think that if it wasn’t totally out of character for him, Batman would have sighed in resignation at having to say what he was going to say “We don’t know yet.”

“Huh?” I asked.

Gordon then seemed to sigh himself and said “Look, you are actually one of the first alien visitors we have gotten, that was actually willing to stick around for the authorities to show up and deal with them, rather then you know, try to take over the world, or hide out in it.”

“That’s because I totally suck at the secret identity thing, I really don’t know this world all that well, I have no resources here, and the only way to get said resources that I know of would have everyone out to get me. I’m kinda stuck here, ya know?” I cocked my head to the said and then added “Unless I really am willing to go and do some bad things, which I’m kinda not at this point.”

“Well, that’s good I guess.” Gordon replied as I just sighed and then he continued with “So, back to the topic at hand, we don’t know just who you’re going to leave with, because they’re still fighting it out. But with all this press coverage about you, I don’t think that they can just sweep you under the rug like you’re so afraid of.”

With my shiny new powers of X-Ray vision and Super Hearing, and I could totally understand what he meant. I mean I heard the term ‘Media Circus’ before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one. Apt discretion I’d say. The outside of the building looked more like a highly organized mosh pit than anything else. And looking further out… “Oh shit. HIT THE DECK!!” I screamed out and then a moment later the building started to collapse in on us.

Moments later I was holding up an unstable ceiling and Bollocks or whatever shouted out “What’s going on?”

“Some ass shot the building with ar rocket launcher. Now if everyone would just get out of here before I lose my grip or something, that’d be nice.” I stated in a deceptively calm tone of voice, and then I heard someone shout out “Hey, Super chick, come out to play!”

“Oh he did NOT just call me that!” I then growled out. Looking over at him through the ruble, which was kinda a creepy thing to do when you stopped to think about it, I saw him level another rocket launcher at the building. Looking over at Gordon, I said “Sorry about this.” As I then chucked the ceiling up and at super speed, and what is it with all these powers being called super something, I had everyone in that room out of it by the time the rocket hit it.

“That’s it, I’m going to…” I growled out when Batman put his hand on me and asked “Can you tell me what you see?”

“A soon to be dead ass in a red and silver suit.” I growled out and then I ran off for the jerk.

As I ran for him at, again what was with these names, super speed, I thought, Ok, it seems that this is a normal human with guns, so how does he expect to win this? Wait a moment, wasn’t superman, and thus I weak to something? Some kinda rock or crystal or something? And wasn’t it really common for anyone that was weaker than him to have access to it? Well, shit, I bet he has some. Maybe even made into bullets or something. He seems just the type. And why’s he doing this anyway? I thought as I got close to the building who’s roof he was on. Sighing, for now I was curious, and hoping that it didn’t kill me, I jumped up to the roof and snatched his third rocket launcher away and while I stood behind him while he turned around in shock, I squeezed the rocket launcher’s launching tube or whatever so he couldn’t fire it and asked “So, I’m here. What’s the what, huh?”

He looked over at me and went “Huh?”

Sighing, I asked “Look, you got me out of there, and.” ‘Wow,’ I thought a I dodged a bullet, a green bullet, something was tickling my memory here, wasn’t Superman’s weakness rock thing green? ‘Dodging bullets is easy!’ I finished asking “What so you want.”

“You dead.” He said with a shrug as he unloaded his mini-machine gun thingy’s attached to his wrists at me, all spitting out those green bullets.

After a few moments, I noticed that while I didn’t let any of those bullets hit me, I was getting slower and feeling weaker. Coming to conclusion that that green stuff weakened me by just being in a close proximity to it, I blurred forward a raped him as hard as I dared on the head with the rocket launcher still in hand and then I jumped off the roof. Looking up and focusing, I could tell he was still alive, but definitely very, very, hurt.

Turning around I saw many policemen with their guns trained on me for the second time this night. Sighing I said “He’s up there.” I pointed up to the roof and then continued with “And you might want to get him to a hospital. Not that I care though.” I shrugged and then tossing the rocket launcher over my shoulder I started back towards the ruins of the Police Headquarters.


Ok, so here was again in an interrogation room, yet in a different Police Building than the last time I was in one, and I sighed, for I now WAS being interrogated.

“And that’s what happened.” I stated in a dull tone of voice.

“And you don’t know why he attacked the station and called you out.

Sighing I replied with “Look, I haven’t even been on this planet for one damn night. Why the hell would I know why a guy I never met blew up a building to get me out of it? And really, his plan, not so good. I mean sure, I think those green bullets would have been pretty deadly to me, if he could have hit me with them, but seriously, does the guy have a death wish or something?”

“Yes.” The Batman replied, breaking into my rant before I could really start it. “His name is Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot, and he’s mercenary slash assassin. He must have been hired for this, and the question is now who hired him, and why. Unfortunately, as he is currently in a coma, he can’t answer any questions.”

“Opps.” I replied.

“Opps? You put a man in a coma and all you have to say is OPPS!?!” Bollocks shouted in my face while leaning over the table.

“Bollocks,” I said, causing his face to go from read to purple with anger, “You’re lucky I thought that he needed to answer some questions.”

“So, you admit you would have killed him otherwise!?!” He then bellowed.

“I said no such thing? Did I ever say anything like that?” I asked with wide eyes as I looked around the room. “Nope, never said a thing like that.” I then said while looking him striating the eyes. As his face darkened even more to a purplish black, I said “Dude, calm down before you have a heart attack or something. Seriously, I don’t get what the big deal is here, He unloaded two rockets into a police building and was going to unload a third when I stopped him. A thank you would be nice, even though I sincerely doubt I’ll get one from you.” I told him.

As he was about to obviously shout out another scorching remark at me, a woman in a suit flanked by a couple of goons in military uniforms said as she came through the door. “That is quite enough detective. We could hear you down the hall.” And then turning to me she said “You know, for a supposed alien form Krypton, you sure seem to know a lot about earth and its culture.”

Sighing I then said “I always sucked at being secret identity girl.”

‘Huh, what’s going on now? I’m confused.’ Kara asked.

‘Kara, please, be quiet for the moment.’ I thought back to her.

EAN1: Yeah, where the hell did I come up with this? My mind just wondered and I went along for the ride and took all of you with me.

EAN2: Next time, the Government is here!

EAN3: Yeah, not much Kara as the voice in Buffy’s head right now, but that’ll eventually change. Not very soon though, but soon enough.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy is Kara, or is Kara Buffy?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Oct 10.

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