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For Small Returns...

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Return of The Key.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A place for occasional short stories in my BtVS/LoTR Returnverse featuring Dawn, now known as Tindómë. Mainly gap-fillers for the series. NEW - The Young Warrior - a glimpse at a younger Legolas.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-Centered(Recent Donor)curiouslywombatFR151423,21154711,12313 Oct 1025 Aug 13No

Strawberry Kisses

This particular little story takes place during Dawn/Tindómë's visit to Ithilien, at the very end of Brotherhood - so she is a little over twenty. You may recall that she met Galanthir in 'Brotherhood...

I have fun with the word count - so the actual story is exactly 1,000 words long.

"Strawberry Kisses"

Rumil and Orophin had already left with Legolas, to spend the day touring around Eryn Ithil’s ‘fences’, when Tindómë awoke.

She sat in dappled sunlight on the grass below the building, somewhere between cottage and talan, where they were staying as Legolas’ guests – simply enjoying the morning.

“Have you breakfasted?” Galanthir’s voice broke the moment.

“Not really…” she answered.

“Come with me and I will find you the best of repasts…”

She knew he was flirting with her; she held out her hand.

“Lead on,” she said.

He led her, not towards any of the buildings in the small settlement, but into the woods; eyes twinkling but saying nothing more. They did not go far – less than half a mile, Tindómë thought – before he stopped at the edge of a small clearing and she noticed, low down, white flowers and bright red fruit scattered amongst the greens of the grass.

“Strawberries!” she said with glee.

“What better breakfast for a summer morning?” he asked, bending to pick one and putting it, whole, in his mouth.

Before she could do likewise he held one out to her and, without thinking, she opened her mouth for it.

He held onto the stalk and she closed her teeth around the fruit; it brought her mouth very close to his fingers. He gave her one of those sideways looks from under gloriously long eyelashes. ‘Definite flirtage,’ she thought.

‘Encourage, or not encourage, that is the question…’ she considered.

He was very good looking; in some ways similar to Rumil or Orophin but also different. Maybe six five in height, with an archer’s build, but brown hair, with copper glints, and hazel eyes… and he did have a very kissable mouth.

Rumil had told her, more than once, that she should consider herself a single elleth and spend some time with other ellyn… She looked back sideways, through lowered lashes, before reaching down to pick a strawberry and hold it up to Galanthir.

He didn’t bite the fruit from the stalk; instead he sucked hard and the fruit came off the hull with a decided ‘pop’, leaving Tindómë holding the small white centre and the green calyx in her fingers.

Very kissable lips…’ she thought, ‘and he knows it…’

She wasn’t sure if she could copy that move but she soon had the chance to try. No, it wasn’t quite as easy as Galanthir had made it look, or this was a less ripe strawberry. He grinned and then pulled back, gently, on the strawberry, until it did part from the calyx, leaving juice on Tindómë’s lips.

For a moment she expected him to kiss it off, but he didn’t; instead he wiped a finger across her lips, and then raised it to his own and licked it.

‘Hmm – now that is even sexier…’ she decided.

A couple of strawberries later and he was licking the juice off her fingers.

When he held the next one out she decided to try something else herself. Instead of taking it all in her mouth she bit off a small piece, then another, letting the juice dribble deliberately down her chin and onto her neck, whilst he still held the fruit. Then she looked at him with a raised eye brow and made no move to lick it up herself, nor to bend to pick another fruit.

He smiled, slowly, brought his head closer, bending lower, and licked the juice from her neck up to the corner of her mouth – but still no kissage. He stood back again. This ellon knew just how to drive a girl wild…

He bent down and picked another strawberry but this time he held it up, a little above Tindómë's mouth, so that she had to reach up to it with her mouth. As soon as she did so he brought his own head in, quickly, to reach the fruit from the other side at the same time. This time their lips met.

Met, yes, but only briefly. Then he moved away again.

‘M’kay – Galanthir’s motto is clearly to leave a girl wanting more…’ Tindómë thought.

She was almost ready to pull his head down to hers, hold it there, and kiss him thoroughly. But that was really too hasty a move for elves; she would not give in and behave like a Californian teenager – she’d already learnt the elven way could be much more fun.

A few more strawberries later she was just thinking that, actually, Rumil rather liked it when, sometimes, she wanted to do certain things in a hurry. Before she had got any further with that thought, though, Galanthir spoke for the first time since he had picked himself the first strawberry.

“Have you breakfasted well enough now, my lady?”

M’kay – if she said “yes” would he just lead her back to the village with no more flirtage, or would it be the signal to abandon the fruit and just carry on with the making out?

“Mmm… maybe…”

He licked his lips before answering, “Ah, then perhaps we should stay here and amuse ourselves for a little in case you realise that you need more?”

Now that was a loaded question! More what?

“And what would you suggest we do to amuse ourselves?” she asked.

“Well, you have very beautiful lips, and a very beautiful neck, and perhaps they might still taste of strawberries… I would be happy to find out.”

M’kay, that question was answered, then.

She reached out and took one of his archer’s braids in her hand, slowly wound it around her finger and brought his face closer to hers, an inch at a time, licking her lips…

Sometime around mid-afternoon she began to pick strawberries to fill the impromptu basket that Galanthir had just fashioned from some small branches and lined with leaves. He helped her.

She was pretty sure that Rumil would appreciate some strawberries when he returned to the village – and she knew some new and interesting ways of eating them….


Middle Earth is the property of the estate of JRR Tolkien – my characters play there without permission but make no profit and leave it tidy when they leave. Dawn is the name of a character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and as such remains the property of Mutant Enemy.
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