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SG-1xBtVS Fan art: Banners, Patches, & other stuff

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Fan Art

This story is No. 5 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is stuff I made for my stories in Paint and some of it could be used for other crossovers. Feel free to do so just make sure to credit me!

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Inscription Tablet

Inscription Tablet

A tablet of inscriptions for Xander and Daniel to translate!
Created for my Insane survival Guide in Chapter 19!

Full translation of tablet with short explanation at Deviant art.... Or just beyond the divider set copied from said site!

This was created for a portion of my Insane Guide story on twisting the hellmouth and the explanation as well as the translation of the text within the picture follows:

This stone tablet contains the same text in 3 different language fonts which are in order: Ancient, Disney's Atlantean, and Star Trek's Klingon.
The text when translated into a standard visual english translate into 3 separate sections of different text. Not counting the single inscription under the earth origin point stargate glyph, which will be addressed last.

The 1st section is in the upper left-hand corner and is in a language of my own making called: Neelek-mo'tie and is sectioned off for ease of discernment.
The literal symbol translation and pronunciation of the words are the same and translate to:
Nash co mo tow nee mosh-ti co-pa she lo ka ma ka-en shen lo-ka mak tey esh cola nee shak mey colen-ka mak tow esh ka-en nik lo-ta!

The 2nd section is both just under the 1st section and down the center of the tablet and provides a correct english translation of the Neelek-mo'tie selection in the same written language fonts which reads as follows:
Beings of great power
In our need of the hour
Lend us your great power
That we need not cower

Hero among us you must select
For needs be to protect

Sheild us from the fiery Wrath
Lead us to the shinning path

The 3rd section is in what would be the far left column and while written in the text of all 3 will actually translate straight into english symbol to symbol. This is a warning and reads simply:
Hinder the Guardian at your own Risk!

The inscription under the earth's origin point glyph is ^only^ in the text of Ancient and the language is in english and reads:
The Mark of the Guardian's Home and People
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