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The Spread

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Summary: When the walkin' dude comes to Sunnydale, the world will kiss it's ass goodbye. [Dark fic, C/X]

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Bad Intentions

The Spread


:-:-: - Denotes the beginning/end of a flashback.

++Xander POV++
As I held Cordy close to me, I couldn't imagine what she had gone through to be like this. They just didn't make non-slayer women any tougher then her. Right now though, she looked like she'd been through hell.

Her face had patches of dried blood, her clothes were torn and dirty, and it looked like she hadn't slept in days. Looking over her shoulder, I could see the body at the door had been messed up pretty bad.

I couldn't tell who it was though, because there was a sheet covering most of the body. Most of it was red, and I had a bad feeling whoever it was, had met up with the guy with the knife in the hallway.

As Cordelia shuddered against me, I continued to tell her it would be okay. Hell, it couldn't get any worse then it already was. Finally, she was calming down, so I started to lead her to the bed, only to find it caked in dried blood. Instead, I opted for the love seat.

She leaned into me, so I pulled her close, just wanting to do something to make her feel better.

"I'm really sorry I shot at you. I- I thought you were..."

"Don't worry about it," I assured her. "It was really crazy out there, how could you possibly know I was coming?"

She took her head off my shoulder and looked at me. "How did you know find me anyway?"

I quickly told her the strange, almost unbelievable story of what had happened in Sunnydale, and how I had suddenly ended up outside her building.

"I can't believe they're all dead." She whispered.

While I was sure she felt bad about all of them, I think it was Dawn that really got to her. When we were dating, we'd babysat her on more then a few occasions. No question had been too stupid, no game had been too silly.

I'd always thought Dawnie was the sister Cordy never got to have. Seeing her rolling around on the floor, not caring about her clothes, or her hair, was what really made me realize how much I cared about her. That was the real Cordelia.

"And you were dying too?"

"Yeah, from what Leo told me, I was about a half an hour away at most. Honestly, I gave up, I didn't think there was anybody left for me to care about."

"I know how that feels," She indicated the body by the door. "Doyle, with his stupid jokes, and bad pick-up lines... I miss them both so much now."

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" I asked gently.

She shrugged. "Might as well..."

~~Cordelia POV~~
Things were going crazy outside, and the news was reporting some kind of disease that was spreading across the country. They were calling it a new strain of Ebola that was completely incurable.

The hospitals were filled with people, and there were bodies just lying in the streets. I hadn't seen Angel in three days, he'd gone out to try and help people like he always did, and had never come back.

Doyle had been keeping me company since then, we'd decided to stay at my place, because it was more secure then his, or the office. Right now he was out getting more groceries, and we were going to try and ride this thing out.

I'd been really nervous about him leaving, worried that he'd get shot, or infected by the virus. After a lot of pleading, he'd finally revealed that he was a half-Brachen demon. He hadn't told me before, because he was afraid I'd reject him.

He insisted he'd be fine, and that demon's were most-likely immune to the virus. I tried not to be mad at myself, for making him think he had to hide from me. Was that any different from being a racist?

I was distracted from watching the news, when I heard a crash outside. Looking out the window, I saw a car and truck had hit each other in front of the building. Both drivers got out, and started fighting each other in the street.

As I watched them try to kill each other, I heard banging at the door. At first, I thought maybe Doyle had forgotten his key, but the pounding continued. Doyle wouldn't do something like that.

"Who is it?!"

"I need help, let me in!" A muffled, male voice screamed through the door.

"I'm sick, I don't want you to catch it!" I added a couple of coughs for effect.

"So am I," The pounding turned into thuds, like he was slamming himself against the door. "We'll go out together!"

That scared the hell out of me. I looked around for something to use as a weapon, and then I realized the chain wasn't attached. As I went to put it on, the door suddenly flew open, and I saw Christian standing there.

He was a guy that lived a couple of apartments down from me. He was shorter then me, maybe five-six, and had to weigh about three hundred pounds. Every time I'd seen him, Christian had would ask me out on a date.

I'd always turned him down, but since I had to live in the same building, I was even nice about it. After several rejections though, he started making lewd comments, whenever we were on the elevator, or passed each other in the hallways.

"You look pretty good to me baby." He stated, as he stalked into the room.

I could see those nasty pimple things on his face, I didn't want him anywhere near me. "Get out!"

Christian sneered at me. "It's the end of the world, what are ya gonna do bitch, call the cops?"

I stepped back, looking desperately for anything to use as a weapon. As I grabbed a hold of one of my cheer leading trophy's, he was on me. He ripped at my shirt, manhandling my right breast, as he tried to drag me to the floor.

I managed to hit him in the back with the trophy two or three times, before he was able to grab my wrist. He slammed it against the wall until I let go, after that, he finally managed to get me onto the floor.

He pinned me down, but I was able to keep my left hand free. Without thinking, I slapped and scratched at his face, causing the pimple things to burst. As he bellowed in pain, I was being covered in blood and pus.

I screamed and cursed at him, I'd just been infected, and now he was going to rape me. If he didn't kill me as soon as he was done, I still had an incredibly painful death to look forward to.

"You bastard!"

I heard loud footsteps, and then Christian's weight was off of me. Looking up, I could see Doyle in his demon form. I'd never seen him so angry before, not even when the Raiders hadn't covered the spread.

I crawled back, as I watched him kick the bigger man several times, before hauling him to his feet with ease. Christian threw a punch, only to pull his fist back screaming. The idiot had impaled his left hand on Doyle's face spikes, cutting it to shreds.

Doyle lifted the man off his feet and threw him toward the door. The slob almost cleared it, except his left shoulder caught the frame, causing him to land in the doorway.

"Ya made the worst mistake of your miserable life boyo." He snarled, as he stalked toward Christian.

"What- what the fuck are you?!"

Doyle kicked him in the balls, sending him ass over head into the hallway. "I'm a demon from hell, an I've come ta collect."

As they continued to scuffle in the hallway, I decided I was going to tell him to stay away. I knew he'd want to help me, but just because he was a half-demon, was no guarantee he couldn't be infected. Why take the chance?

I sat there shaking, I was happy that Doyle had stopped him, but I was still going to die. After all the crap I'd survived in Sunnydale, I was going to die because some creep couldn't keep it in is pants.

All of a sudden, I heard Doyle scream in pain, and then two gunshots go off shortly after. I got up and ran out to the hallway, expecting to find the worst.

"What happened?!" I found him sprawled against a wall, his left hand holding his stomach, his right, in his leather jacket.

"Bastard pulled a knife on me." He grunted.

I glared over at Christian, who was a few feet away, moaning loudly. I could see two bloody holes in his stomach, and a knife in his right hand.

Turning back to him, I was scared at the amount of blood that had suddenly appeared since I was distracted. "How bad is it?"

"He got me pretty good."

"Come on." I told him, as I grabbed his arm to help him up. I could hear screams and other stuff going on somewhere in the building, and I didn't want any others coming after us.

I finally managed to pull Doyle to his feet, and helped him into my apartment. He sprawled out on my bed, and I pulled his shirt up. There were two stab wounds, one to the lower left of his belly button, and another directly to the left of it. I could also see one in his right thigh, but I wasn't too worried about that.

After grabbing the small medical kit I kept in my underwear drawer, I swatted the cockroaches aside as I laid it on top.

"Damn," Doyle groaned. "Here I thought ya were going to get out something sexy for me."

I knew he was trying to lighten things up, but I was just too scared to respond. Opening up the small tin, I tried to find something I could use to stop the bleeding. All I could find were those stupid little gauze pads.

Giving up on it, I went to my lower drawers, and grabbed several t-shirts, and threw them at him. "Start pressing those to your belly, maybe we can get it to stop." What else could I tell him?

I climbed onto the bed to help put pressure on the wounds, and that's when I noticed the one on his thigh absolutely gushing blood. "Your thigh..."

"Don't worry princess, it didn't hit anything vital."

His joke fell flat though, since the blood was soaking the shirts almost as fast as I pressed them down.

"I- I can't stop the bleeding!"

"I believe ya, I'm starting ta feel a bit woozy." He replied weakly.

"Can't you turn into your demon face, won't that heal you?!"

He simply shook his head, and pulled a gun from his jacket pocket. "I want'cha ta take this, there's four bullets left. Anybody else comes knockin', shoot for the center, ya can't miss." He gently placed the thing down on the bed beside him.

"No Doyle, no!" I begged, I'd already lost everything else in my life. He was the one person that was still here for me. "Please..."

"I'm sorry princess, ya deserve better then this, always did."

I watched as he faded away, helpless to do anything about it. Then suddenly, I grabbed him by the sides of his head and pulled him into the wettest, sloppiest kiss I could. We were both covered in blood and gore, but who cared at that point?

As I pulled back, I could see a big smile on his face.

"I can die a happy man now."

All I could do was hold him close, as that very thing happened less then a minute later.

After crying myself out, I just sat there on blood-soaked bed, staring at the gun. Did I really want to wait to die a painful death? Wouldn't it be easier just to aim it at my heart, and pull the trigger?

I was broken from my indecision by the sound of moaning from the hallway. At first it didn't click, and then I realized that bastard was still alive. I snatched up the gun and headed for the door, I wasn't going to give that deviant another chance to touch me.

Opening the door, I found Christian in the same place as I'd seen him before. He was still crying over the well-deserved bullet holes in his stomach.


I glared down at Christian, I had never in my life hated someone as much as I did him at that very moment. After what he had done to myself and Doyle, he had the nerve to beg me for help?

"I should let you just lie here and suffer, but you don't deserve a single extra moment on earth. Believe it or not, there is a hell, and I hope you enjoy your spot there." I pointed the gun down at him and he started groaning louder.

I pulled the trigger, but instead of the loud bang I was expecting, all I got was a click. I looked at the gun, wondering if there was something wrong with it, as he continued to beg for his life on the floor.

I was sure I'd figured out what was wrong, when I pulled the thing on the rear of the gun back with my thumb. I once again pointed the thing at him, he stared up at me, tears rolling down his bloody face.

At that moment, I felt nothing but anger. He had tried to rape me, Doyle had died because of him. Pulling the trigger once again, I got my loud bang, and then the gun jumped out of my hands.

I heard people yelling downstairs, they must have been alerted by the shot. I quickly picked up the gun and returned to my apartment. Anybody else that came after me would get more of the same...


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Spread" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Dec 10.

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