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The Spread

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Summary: When the walkin' dude comes to Sunnydale, the world will kiss it's ass goodbye. [Dark fic, C/X]

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Something's in the Air

The Spread


Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel the Series, along with the characters from their respective shows are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Description: When the walkin' dude comes to Sunnydale, the world will kiss it's ass goodbye.

A/N: Further disclaimers appear below.

| | - Demon language translated to English.

{ } - Telepathic messages.

--Xylphos Hell Dimension--
The dark man stood on the edge of a cliff, looking down on the small tribe of demons. He only needed one, but he needed the right one. He had the power to just take whichever one he chose, but that would cause unneeded problems in the future, near and far.

He'd been watching for several hours now, time was nothing to him, but he wasn't above boredom. Finally though, he saw a likely target. It was mating season, and it looked like a young male had yet to be able to perform. That hadn't stopped him from trying to obtain a mate though.

As the male and female demons paired up, back to front respectively, the young Xylphos was chased off by several older males. Ridiculed in front of future, potential mates, and unable to fight back against the larger males, the youngster left destruction in his wake as he stomped out of the small camp.

"I think he'll do just fine." The dark man turned, and walked several steps into a crag, and disappeared.

After walking a mile or so from where his tribe was camped, the Xylphos made a fire for himself, probably planning to spend the night alone.

"Pathetic." He stood far enough away to stay out of the demon's sense range, but that didn't make him any less disgusted with his attitude.

Usually, he'd just recruit someone to do it for him, but doing that, in a dimension like this, was just a pain in the ass. The worst part, the demon was boring. Camping out for the night? What about a mass murder, or at the very least, an honor killing?

The dark man knew he would have to be careful in his approach of the young demon. Once they were on Earth, he would be extremely limited in what he could do until the time came, so he would have to keep this one on his side.

The problem was solved for him though, the large gray demon fell asleep next to his fire. It gave the dark man more then enough opportunity to knock him out, and transport him away.

==Initiative Rear Entrance==
While he'd initially wanted to just let the Xylphos run loose, the dark man couldn't be sure that he wouldn't find his way home. Plus, plausible deniability was a big thing, he could always blame it on these idiots.

Dumping his load onto the ground, he pounded on the door several times, but received no response. Fed up, he started pressing random buttons on the keypad, that quickly got the base's attention.

The dark man walked into a row of trees, just as several soldiers came out to investigate.

"Holy shit, what is that thing?!" One of them exclaimed, as they gathered around the large demon's body.

"How the fuck should I know, Berger?" Another answered. "Go downstairs and get some tranqs, I don't want this thing waking up, while we're dragging it's ass down to a cell."

Ten minutes later, found the dark man grinning. He watched as his chosen patsies took the body of the young Xylphos, just as he'd hoped. "Time to exploit some loopholes."

==Initiative Cell Block==
Nalueke lay on the floor of his cell, barely able to move. He did not understand what had happened to him, simply that he was trapped, and that humans were somehow responsible.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and human man stood before him. He was dressed in blue, and had long hair. |Hey there big guy, how's it hanging?| The man greeted.

The demon glared up at the man, barely able to give a growl in defense. |Cowardly human, if I were not in this state, I would eat your genitals.|

|That's a nice thought, but I'm here to help.| The human crouched down next to him. |Besides, if I were human, my tongue would be bleeding after one sentence of your language.|

Nalueke inclined his head, this was true. Humans were indeed fragile, useless creatures. |What do you want from me not-human?|

The man gave a large grin, and grabbed his clawed hand. |I told you, I'm here to help.|

There was another flash, and his weakness disappeared. He was about to get up, when the man placed a hand on his scaly, gray chest to stop him.

|Hold it, they can't see me, but they 'can' see you.|

The gray demon nodded. |Why help me not-human? I am not from this dimension.|

|Neither am I, the one I'm from, things went just a little bit screwy.| The not-human gave a strange laugh, as he twirled his puny digit around his inferior hearing antennae.

Nalueke growled. |Get to the point.|

|Whoa there, big guy.| He held up his hands. |I have, a plan...|

==Initiative Corridors==
::20 Minutes Later::
"Where is this thing going again?" The young private asked, an M16 slung over his shoulder.

The lab tech next to him gave out a sigh, and shook her head. As she pushed the gurney with the large, gray demon down the corridor, she couldn't wait to get this thing to the dissection theater. "Look kid, I get it, you're new. Just follow behind me, and don't stare at my ass.

Nalueke kept his eyes slitted, as he rode the primitive transport, waiting for the doorway with the symbols the not-human had showed him.

"But I'm supposed to-"

"Listen Private... What's your name again?" The annoyed tech asked.

"Flannery ma'am."

As the two mammals continued to argue, he saw the symbols he was looking for.


"I'm-" The rest of what she was going to say, was cut off, when the demon's claws entered her neck. Nalueke then yanked downward, effectively gutting her.

Private Flannery fumbled for his M16, but it was too late. Before he could bring it up to fire, the large demon grasped his head in both clawed hands, and then tore it free of his neck.

Klaxons suddenly sounded, and the whole base went on alert. There was no turning back for the Xylphos demon now.

Nalueke was aware he had a short amount of time to complete his task. The thought of running came to mind briefly, but he knew he would never make it out of the human's structure. With a shove from his shoulder, the door with the symbols broke open.

{|Just remember buddy, you'll go down in demon history.|} The not-man's voice went through his head, it was the last bit of encouragement the young demon needed.

Once inside, he threw himself across a table to quickly kill the first human he saw, jamming his fist straight through the human's sternum. As he turned toward the second, he heard a loud bang, and there was a pain in his shoulder.

The woman had some kind of device that shot projectiles at him. He flipped the desk toward her, taking her off her feet. "Tkilbl-jum uiq, spntlo." Nalueke cursed, as he stalked toward his next victim.

He was shot two more times in the chest, and stomach, as she lay on the floor. He grabbed the human by the ankles, then swung the woman into a nearby console with the symbol 'HVAC', the gray demon continued to slam her down, again and again. Finally, both the console, and the woman's head, were in pieces.

With the humans taken care of, he proceeded to blockade the door with the furnishings that were not held down to the floor. Finished, he dropped to his knees, he would have his vengeance, and the human's useless race would be all but extinct. His name would go on forever, from the lips of breeding females, to their sucklings in many dimensions.

Pounding started at the door, but the young demon was not concerned. With so many objects in their path, the soldiers would waste much time trying to break through. By then, it would be too late.

Then the pain started, not from the wounds of the pathetic human weapon, but the breeding spouts on his back. He roared in victory, as the six of them grew erect from his back. Soon, his spores would spread through the human's structure, and the humans would pass his seed on to the rest.

After a great struggle, the human's made it through his blockade. With their pathetic weapons aimed, they screamed in a tongue that meant nothing to him. He could feel his spouts starting to pulsate, and he laughed.

The pathetic mammals were trying to order him about, but then the tiny black spores shot forth from his back. Each was as small as a Gavrokian fly, with so many packed tightly together though, it was more like a black cloud.

He continued to laugh, as one of the humans screeched like a suckling, into the wall.

"We got a possible bio-attack! Send the fucking scrub teams down here now!"

{|Good job. They could seal themselves in, and stop it here, but they won't do that.|} The man told him in a strange, sing-song voice.

As his spores spread into the ducts, and into the lungs of the men closest to him, they fired. Over one hundred rounds shredded his chest and face. But for Nalueke of Xylphos, he died with a shit-eating grin.

As the cloud of spores spread through the air ducts throughout the Initiative complex, it broke apart. The more side vents that were found, the harder they were to see. Soon, they invaded every room without a single, additional alert being raised.

Several soldiers and technicians had heard Corporal Charles' alert, but there were only two people who could initiate the quarantine lock-down. Those two, Doctor Walsh and Doctor Angleman, were unaccounted for, both hidden away in lab 314 with their research on ADAM. This lead to many of the soldiers and other personnel fleeing in a panic.

Through the Lowell fraternity house, the bunker entrance leading to the highway, and even the rear entrance, the people scattered. As they did, they took Nalueke's spores with them, ensuring the deaths of billions.

::30 Minutes Prior::
|What is this 'plan' of yours?| The large demon questioned.

|I'm going to be honest with you, since you seem like the kind of Xylphos demon that likes a straight answer.|

|If you do not explain yourself quickly, I will snap your neck.|

|I like that, always have a backup plan. I-| The man was stopped from further comment, when the demon growled once again.

|Okay, okay, I'll be blunt. You're going to die today.|

Nalu√ęke's arm shot up to grab the man by his throat, but was quickly stopped. Though much larger then the not-human, he could not raise his arm from the floor.

|You move around too much, and they'll notice.| The man warned him again. |Just hear me out Nalueke.|

He looked up at the man in surprise. |How did you-|

|Know your name?|

The Xylphos demon simply nodded.

|I know lots of things, like how to get back at these people for bringing you here.|

As the demon listened, and he became increasingly angry. These humans thought to use him as an experiment? Nalueke knew dying, in order to kill off the stupid mammals was well worth it, but there was a problem. |I will not be able to do this for seven moon cycles.|

|That's okay my friend, I've got it covered.| He held out his hand to the demon, showing a smooth, black stone on a chain.

He looked at it with caution, unsure of what to make of the stranger's offer.

|Take it,| The not-human encouraged. |It'll allow you to release your spore when you're ready. They'll be infected with it, long before they know anything is even wrong.|

Hesitantly, he reached out his clawed hand, and took the stone. |I will do this.| He stated, as he carefully maneuvered the chain around each of his horns, and then placed the chain around his thick neck.

|What is your name, not-human?| Nalueke asked as he stared down at the object in his hand. |I wish to know, before I exact my revenge.|

|My name is Flagg,| The man told him with a grin. |Randall Flagg.|

Disclaimer 2: Randall Flagg, and 'The Stand', are owned by Stephen King and ABC.

A/N 2: I've based the character of Flagg on the TV movie version. I thought that version of him was a lot more interesting then how King had him in his books. He reminds me quite a bit of the Mayor, who, other then the Beast, was my favorite big bad of either show.

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