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5 Times the Scoobies Didn't Hear It

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Summary: A catch phrase many are familiar with. A character that defines what it means to be a super genius nerd trapped in an uncoordinated body for all time. Life won't be the same for our Scoobies.

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Television > Surprise CrossoversSithicusFR762,8580144,95814 Oct 1017 Oct 10Yes

Diner Catastrophe

Author's Notes: 300+ hits and only one review? Was I too subtle in my summary or title selection to catch peoples' interests or is it just some of you are laughing so hard you had to go to the emergency room? Anyway, here's the second time the Scoobies 'bumped' into mister Seven Q. Urkel.

The fancy French restaurant had seemed like a good place to celebrate their recent victory against the forces of darkness – unfortunately sometimes looks could be deceiving.

First they ordered their meal. Next they enjoyed said meal. Finally came the time for desert – because let’s face it eating in France without having some delectable french pastries to end a perfect meal on was just not done.

Unfortunately that was when the honeymooning couple over at the next table received their meal and things kind of snowballed from there. Because they just had to order flambé – even though the wife had been insistent that they avoid any foods that could ‘cause a scene’ – in her words.

That was how the place wound up being turned into a soaking wet monsoon victim – mainly because the husband had tried to put it out with the ice bucket from his wine as well as a special compact fire extinguisher he’d brought with him.

Buffy’s dress was ruined.

Xander’s suit was in disarray and somehow he’d lost his eye-patch – so he was covering up the empty socket with his hand to prevent grossing people out.

Faith of course had managed to avoid any serious lasting repercussions.

Willow’s hair was sopping wet and her makeup had run turning her into a very poor imitation of a clown.

The husband eyed them and just about everyone else in the restaurant and offered a weak smile.

“Honeylips,” he said turning to his wife. “Did I do that?” he asked.

“Yes, Steve, you did. Again!” his wife said with an exasperated sigh.

“Whoopsie daisies,” Steve said with the most annoying laugh any of the Scoobies had ever heard in their lives.

Andrew got out from under the table where he’d gone to hide during the commotion – coward that he was – and he offered a brave smile to their three female companions. “At least it wasn’t all bad… He did kill that vampire at the next table,” Andrew pointed out.

Upon hearing this Steve eyed the pile of dust on the seat where a well-dressed vampire had been enjoying his – unknowingly last meal – and proceeded to stumble backwards slightly in nervous fear. “Did I do that, too?” he asked.

The End Second Time
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