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A Future Uncertain

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Summary: What happens when your told your future, but then could change it?

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Anime > InuyashaLadyOfTheRingsFR1811,205121,3447 Dec 0313 Aug 09No
Title: A Future Uncertain....

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea, an Onna.

Feedback: Love it! Can't get enough of it!

Summary: What if your told your future, but then could change it as well.

A/N: Something different. A Inuyasha Fic! Enjoy!

Pairing: Nope! Read it, it will tell you!

The guys were walking to Kaede's village for supplies and rest. They were almost there went a youkai showed up. Inuyasha and the others were about to battle it when it stopped.

Youkai: You all will be faced with the task of getting the chance to know what the future holds for you before hand .

They looked at the youkai like he was crazy.

Kagome: What are you talking about our future? if we see it can we prevent it if it's bad??

Youkai: No. Your future will present it self , you cannot change it for they already happened in another time.

Miroku: So whatever happened to us in the future will visit us in the past to see what we have accomplished with our lives?

Youkai: Something like that. You cannot change your future but your the way you get there is still uncertain.

Sango: So you're saying that our future is uncertain ....yet we cannot change it?

Youkai: More or less. To keep the balance of time and space you cannot alter your future for if you try you will change time and a new future could be created witch is much more shocking and dangerous then the one before it.

Kagome: So she can interact and everything just cannot change it if it was bad or hard on us?

Youkai: Correct. I must be leaving you now my time grows short but remember what I said and do not forget.

With that he disappeared into thin air. They looked at one another wondering what all that meant while continuing there travel to Kaede's village. When they were in the village they were off doing other things forgetting about there little talk with the youkai some miles back Kagome was shouting at Inuyasha for not letting her go home. So she sat him and jumped in the well not knowing she just set the times in motion.

Kagome was at home relaxing after she got away from Inuyasha. She was going back to school for the little bit of time away from the well. And everyone was in feudal japan were trying to find something to do since Kagome is gone.

Kagome was sitting in her room studying when she heard her mom calling her.

Mrs. H: Kagome someone here wants to see you.

Kagome: Tell them not now mom I am studying.

Mrs. H: Are you sure?

Kagome: Oh why not send them in.

She invites the guest in and show she the way to Kagome's room. Kagome's room was quiet till the door opened. Kagome turned around and saw a girl standing by her bed.

Kagome: Who are you sweetheart? Are you looking for Souta?

Girl: No. I am looking for you.

Kagome: Me? Why me?

Girl: Cause you silly woman.

Kagome got a bad feeling about this. She went to sit by the girl. She just looked at her face just blank.

Kagome: Okay um little girl where did you come from? Do your parents know your here?

Girl: No.

Kagome was trying to see where the girl lived to take here back when her mom called and said dinner. Kagome turned to her and said

Kagome: I am going to eat dinner, honey you have to go home before you worry your parents some more.

She walked the girl out. And went to the kitchen to eat. She forgot the whole deal and started to eat dinner. After everyone was done eating and they went to sleep for the night. In the morning Souta came in Kagome's room while she was packing her bag for her trip.

Souta: You're going back?

Kagome: Yeah it's been three days and there are no test right now so I am going.

Souta: Oh Ok I shall tell mama you're going.

Kagome: Thanks Souta.

With that she closed her bag and went for the well. She got in the well house and climbed the well and was about to jump in when she heard someone so she turned around and to her surprise she saw the girl again.

Kagome: How did you get here?

Girl: I followed you.

Kagome: what do you want from me?

After the appearance of Aya and addition to there group they were walking to some place to get some medical supplies. They were in an outside store when the villagers were running and screaming "Youkai, Run!" They looked up and saw it. They were running to it to kill it but when they got there the saw the youkai out of the well and was going to start walking to the village when Miroku and Sango showed up. Kagome smiled and went them.

Kagome: Hey guys what'sup?

Sango: Oh your back, nothing really has happened since you left.

Miroku: Welcome back Kagome.

They were walking to the village to meet the other two members of there group not seeing someone coming out the well.

Meanwhile in the village everyone was packing about to leave again when Keade came up Kagome while the guys were standing outside ready to leave.

Keade: Kagome someone is asking for you.

Kagome: Who?

Keade: Some child here.

She stepped aside and Kagome saw the child. She was first in shock then she was angry with the child.

Kagome: Why did you follow me? Do you have a problem with me or something?

Girl: No I just like you.

Miroku: Ah you have a follower bring her along.

Sango: Do you think that is wise?

Miroku: Yes cause we can drop her off at some village and continue our travels.

Kagome: (sigh) all right you can come with us what is your name sweetheart?

Aya: My name is Aya.

They smiled and continued in the travel with a new member. They were crossing some place when a youkai came and tried to attack the guys were not looking like they were going this one when the demon went for Kagome was when everything was revealed.

The youkai went to grab Kagome while everyone was beaten he scratched her when out of now where the demon was slashed in half by claws it fell dead. They all looked around thinking it was Inuyasha who did it.

Miroku: Good job Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: eh?

Sango: You killed the demon.

Inuyasha: No I didn't I was bound by something.

Kagome: Then who?

Aya: Me.

They looked at her and sure enough they saw. She had the two streaks on her cheeks and her nails were like Inuyasha's she had blue eyes with bangs hanging down her face.

Kagome: Your a youkai?

Aya: Yes.

Kagome : Why did not you tell us?

Aya: Why would I?

Miroku: Ok maybe it was me but when the youkai scratched Kagome it died?

Sango: Yeah now that you mention it.

Aya: No it wasn't you, I did kill it for that reason.

Sango: Why? Why is Kagome so important to you? You don't even know her.

Aya: (laughs) I know her better than any of you .......even him. (points to Inuyasha)

Inuyasha: What! you know nothing you brat!

Miroku: Why is all we want to know Aya-chan?

Aya: Cause no one hurts my mother.

They all gasped. They thought she was crazy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Future Uncertain" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Aug 09.

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