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Career Change

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Enigma". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: If you're 1200 years old and die, what contracts and understandings have to be kept?

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Marvel Universe > GeneralbatzulgerFR1577,384126729,86716 Oct 1016 Feb 11Yes


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Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins (and almost Harris) felt a stabbing pain and knew this was it. She had kept going for far longer than her slated time and had made her peace with whatever was going to happen to her next.

Therefore when she saw her body lying dead on the ground and Andrew hacking the Bringer that had killed her to death, she wasn't exactly sad but more felt a sensation of relief. Then she heard the beating of massive wings. Looking up she saw a woman in armor and carrying a spear, riding down from the sky. Aud Magnusdottir knew what was coming and fainted dead away.

She awoke in a small room. Lying on a comfortable enough, rope mattress bed. Standing up she found she was wearing a dress much like the ones she had worn as a young woman all those years ago. She slipped on the pair of fur topped boots that stood beside her bed and rinsed her face in the washbasin before opening the door and stepping outside. Immediately she was struck by the babble of many other young women all speaking Old Norse.

She had entered a large common area were at least twenty women in various states of dress were cleaning and polishing weapons and armor. As she looked around the room the babble started dying down as the others noticed her staring.

"Welcome sister, to Valhalla!" a tall dark haired woman. One of the few brunettes in a room dominated by the many tall blondes present to be completely accurate stepped up to Anya.

Anya felt compelled to drop to one knee, "My Lady Sif, why am I in such exalted company, and why call me sister?"

"Because you have been chosen Aud. Chosen to join our company as a Valkyrie."
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