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Consequences and Rules

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Summary: The Scoobies are forced to learn a few hard lessons as they start their lives over with

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Twilight > Xander - Centered
XanderLuvsAllFR1554,895079,04116 Oct 1013 Nov 10No

New School. Unexpected Guests

This was their first day in a new school and they were all panicky about it as save for Buffy they had never really had to deal with this before. Juilan and Juilanna had started at Salem but they knew most of the children there so it wasn't the same. As none of them knew a single person at Forks and there was the added worry about anyone knowing why they were here. As it had made the news, the downside to being rich. The press actually cared what happened to most of them. Not an issue for Buffy and Willow but for the Deveraux children,it was. So in all likely hood everyone would know the truth. Not good.

After eating breakfast, they all grabbed their bags and headed to the garage. Where Xander's Jaguar XKR175, an absolutely perfect car that handles like a dream, bad gas mileage but in that car who realllllly cares. The car can make any turn going 175 without any problems, has great traction when on snow which is great living in the North and God I love it. Carl, the driver was waiting in the BMW X5 for Xander's siblings. While Willow and Buffy got into Giles's ancient car and were off. Upon seeing their new school, they had no idea what to say as it was so small and different. Xander, Buffy and Willow just gaped at it. Giles sighed.

"You three. close your mouths..Its different from what your used to but you'll have to deal. Now go off to your classes, remember to stop at the office first." Juilanna and Juilan covered their laughter as best they could while staring at their brothers reaction. The students were to busy staring at the car to notice who had driven it so no one reacted to their presence until
they went to the office. The secretary just stared at Xander and the twins for minutes before Buffy had enough and banged on the counter, causing her to jump.

"Well, are you going to give us our schedules or are you going to stare at my friends all day, rudely I might add." Xander snorted at Buffy's attitude, finding it absolutely hilarious. While he was used to peoples reactions to him, he still found it annoying sometimes. Especially now when people were calling him a criminal and a richie rich who got out of prison because of who he was.
Some were angry at the unfairness of the legal system when it came to the blue bloods. So right now he realllllly didn't like it. He understood his Gramps aversion to it on a whole new level now.

Once the secretary was able to tear her eyes from Xander and his siblings, she gave them their schedules. The twins were happy with theirs and left while Buffy, Willow and Xander were in no was happy. As she had the audacity to give them separate schedules with separate classes. After looking at each other in horror, Xander turned toward her and with a predatory grin on his face
he stalked toward her.

"Do you know who I am?" She nodded."Good. Then what I want you to do is fix these classes until we're all together.Kay."He watched her, waiting for her to cave into his demands. She looked at him nervously then looked down.

"It was decided that the three of you needed to be separated as together you did to much damage, so.."Xander used his powers and willed her to do as he bid."Okay." And the three of them were off to their class, Xander accidentally hit someone as they walked out of the office and though the touch sent a signal of wrongness yet attractiveness, he ignored it and left. The first teacher was confused that all of them came in together but ignored it and directed them to sit down. All of the students just stared at them.

The rest of the day was like that until lunch time where they were treated like pariah's and sat by their lonesome. Not that they really minded as they liked to simply be with each other. Of course that was changed when both Buffy and Xander stiffened in their seats as they felt...something coming toward them. They looked around and saw five people entering the room and they
all just practically screamed 'otherness' on every level. Then Xander felt something brush his mind and he pushed whatever/whoever away violently and saw the bronze haired one wince. He instantly zoned in on him and forced his way into HIS mind.

What Xander discovered there was one hell of a surprise and not one he ever expected to see. Vampires but not like the ones he hunted. They had 'gifts',they had invincibility,religious things didn't work on them, stakes didn't kill them,sunlight didn't kill them and they..snicker..they sparkled. That caused Xander to stop looking and just break down in uncontrollable laughter. Sparkle.How hilarious. How unrealistic. How...truly stupid. Buffy and Willow were slightly freaked out by Xander's behaviour as he just non-stopped laughter as tears rolled down his eyes and he clutched his stomach.

It took a while for Xander to stop and when he did, he grabbed his girls hands and pulled them out of the room quickly. Funny or not, he had to tell his girls. While the Sparkly, hilarious, vampires may be vegetarian it didn't mean they might not lapse and in no way would he have Buffy and Willow unprepared...The twins. In a panicked moment, Xander teleported to them barely remembering to freeze the room. He gathered them to him and returned to the others side. They all began to make their way to the cars only to realize that there wasn't enough room. So Xander simply waved his hand and they all appeared at the mansion. Only to all scream.

As before them was a very naked Giles and Jenny, there was a lot of scrambling until everyone was properly covered once again. Once that was done,Giles turned to his children. "Why aren't all of you in school? Are you skipping on your visit day back?"

Xander rolled his eyes."We're skipping cause our new school has five vamps. attending it." Gasps from his girls and the twins as they obviously hadn't known why Xander was reacting that way."Yep. Our shiny new school has vamps. So much for having a new start in a new place but get this. Their not like the ones we normally fight. For starters they aren't demons, they have powers, they are not effected by holy items, stakes don't work, nor does sunshine and they...sparkle."Once again they all break down laughing at the absurdity if that.

Giles managed to gain their attention after a while."Ah, you've run across the Volturi vampires. The only way to kill them is by ripping them apart and burning them. Otherwise they are not harmed by any conventional means. The Volturi rule them and that is why they are called that. Though they have been called other names, more specifically before the Volturi killed the Romanians they were called the Diamond Ones, the Cold Ones and the Iron Killers. And while the demonic breed of vampires are by far more numerous and well documented, the Volturi are by far more powerful and we have no idea where they come from. They also can have gifts."

Xander snorted."Yeah, like freaking telepathy. One of them tried to read my mind but I pushed him out then read his. Thats how I discovered what the Cullens are...And they might not be bad guys...Maybe..They don't kill humans, they live off of animals but we can't trust in that. Edward, the reader, spent some time killing humans decades ago. He would hunt down evil doers and
eat them, taking the law into his hands. The others have gone off the animal thing to so they can't be trusted anymore than anything non-human can be.....Perhaps though for their trying, we can give them a chance."

Everyone was surprised by those words as Xander was the most protective of them all and they had assumed that he would say kill them all. As he was the most vocal about destroying all evil. It took them a moment to realize what was going on, despite his worry Xander didn't really believe that these new vampires were evil. That he was giving them a chance to prove that they were good, not innocent as Xander would never believe vampires of any kind were innocent. Jesse's death was to much of him to ever think like that.

Buffy look at him and nodded, she would give them a chance as well. After all, she trusted Xander's judgment over her own after everything that had happened recently. He had never failed her."So what to we do now?"

The End?

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