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The Cousins with the same taste! part 3

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Cousins with the same taste!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's vacation continues in Bon Temp.

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The Mistaken Identity

Chapter 11: Mistaken Identity

As they were exiting the room an alarm sounded. Looking at each other they began to run.

“Phoenix…..Vlad….you must’ve tripped an alarm somehow meet us at the rendezvous point.” They heard Sydney say over the headset. A faint stomping of boots could be heard behind them as they ran through the halls. ‘Bang…bang…bang’ the bad guys had finally caught up to them and were firing at them. Buffy turned to Angel “we have to split up it’ll be harder for them to track us separately.” She said as they were running he nodded in agreement and turned down left while she turned right. Running Buffy made it to a dead end 'yay a laundry chute' she thought jumping into it and disappearing from sight.

Elsewhere in the Mansion
2 minutes earlier

As Angel and Buffy split he just kept running. He knew that she would be okay and could take care of herself and would make it to the rendezvous point. He ran through the halls turn left and right until he managed to find a door leading to a stairwell. He ran up and out of a door that lead to the grounds outside of the mansion. Once outside he blended in with the masses and headed for the rendezvous point nearly crashing into Buffy.

“Thank god are you okay.”

“Yeah we’ve got to go now.” She said as they made their way towards the agreed upon meeting place.

A few minutes later
Air field not too far from the Maxwell Mansion

“Well let’s get out of here.” Sydney said as they all boarded the plane and it took off.

“Okay so that wasn’t too bad.” Angel said taking the documents out of his coat and taking his coat off placing it on a chair.

“Yeah not too Shabby.” Buffy said sitting in a chair next her two friends. “Just a little crazy….huh….Angelus.”

With that little slip of the tongue Angel and Sydney both froze.

“Who are you?” Angel said.

“What you don’t recognize me lover.” Buffy said.

“The First.” Angel said with shock plastered on his face. He didn’t even notice the white lights off to his side.

Maxwell Mansion
8 minutes earlier
Garbage Dumpster

“Ewww…..I can’t believe it was a garbage chute I’m going to be washing my hair forever to get this funk out of it.” She said take a banana peel off her head and throwing it to the ground. “Can’t wait to get home and take a nice long shower.” She said running through the yard of the mansion and making a v-line for the trees.

“Hey Raven…..Vlad… there?” she asked into the headset that she was no longer wearing. “Hey you there?” She said again as she reached up to touch it and noticed the headset was gone.

“Great just great.” Once out of sight she orbed the rest of the way to the meeting spot. Orbing into the rendezvous point she saw the plane take off without her.

“Wonderful.” She said sensing and orbing onto the plane.

“What the hell guys you left without me.” Buffy said to Angel and Sydney just as Angel finished saying “The First.”

“I’m back bitches and this time I’m pissed.” The First still in full Buffy guise said.

“Oh please like I haven’t heard that before. I’m the First evil….blah…blah….I’m going to destroy you…blah…blah….I am the most powerful thing ever…..blah…..blah….blah. The same old song and dance and news flash good always wins.” Buffy said.

“This time will be different and I coming for you and all you hold dear.” The First said with a wicked grin as it disappeared.

“Oh I’m shaking in my stylish and not quite affordable shoes.”

“Okay so what do we do now?” Sydney said looking at Buffy and Angel.

“Now we get ready for the coming storm.” Buffy said.

To Be Continued….. :)

A/N: Hey guys this marks the end of Story #3 hope you guys like it……Please leave some reviews and let me know what you think because as we all know reviews are like candy can’t get enough.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Cousins with the same taste! part 3". This story is complete.

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