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The Cousins with the same taste! part 3

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Cousins with the same taste!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's vacation continues in Bon Temp.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredAngelsgirlFR181110,8431169,28816 Oct 1024 Jun 13Yes

Chapter 2: A Norseman walks into a Bar

Chapter 2: A Norseman walks into a Bar

When Buffy pulled into the parking lot she got out of her car and saw the neon sign of Fangtasia she thought ‘wow…really they couldn’t be any tackier.’

“Ok so seriously who named this bar? And what did they name it after….a rejected Disney ride.” Buffy said when they were walking into the bar.


“What? you weren’t thinking it.”

When they walked into the door Buffy’s slayer senses were going haywire and she could feel the eyes on them. Before she was able to say anything she noticed a blonde woman walking over to them who didn’t look very happy.

“What took you so long.” The blonde woman said. “You know Eric hates it when you are late Bill.”

“Well that’s just too bad Pam…I really don’t care what Eric has to say about anything.” Sookie said.

“Sookie please.” Bill said.

“Sookie you’re looking… delicious tonight.” Pam said laced with insinuation which is when Buffy got in the middle of her and Sookie.

“Back off...blondie.”

“Oooh…and who would you be?”

“I would be someone that if you go anywhere near her...” Buffy said pointing at Sookie. “I will put a stake through your undead heart so fast that you wouldn’t even be able to blink before you became dust in the wind.”

“Paige, it’s okay…She won’t do anything unless she wants Eric to deal with her.” When Sookie said this Buffy relaxed a little bit.

“I would really like to see you try.” Pam said under her breath but not low enough for Buffy not to hear it.

“Oh you would…would you.” Buffy said getting defensive again.

“Enough!!!” a blonde Viking looking man with shoulder length blonde hair said with authority which made Pam jump. “Pam don’t you have something you are supposed to be doing.” He said to her as she walked away sniveling under her breath.

‘Oh this must be Eric…Of course it has to be the hot Viking looking guy…It’s always the hot vampire guy.’ Buffy thought to herself.

“Bye-bye Blondie…have a nice day.” Buffy said with a smile.

“Paige…” Sookie said smiling and shaking her head.

“So who will you be?” Eric asked.

“I would be someone that if anything happens to Sookie while in your care or simply in your bar you will have to deal with.”

“Sookie, will you please tell your cousin to back off.” Bill said.

“Like she even would if I asked…she takes the protective cousin thing way too far.”

“What can I say I protect those I care about.”

“I like it…..she’s feisty. It amuses me.” Eric said getting closer to Buffy.

“You might want to back up amusement boy.”

“I am Eric Northman.” He said.

“Paige Summers.” Buffy said in response while laughing.

“May I ask what is so funny?” Eric asked.

“I’m sure she means no disrespect…” Bill said trailing off when Eric glared at him.

“It’s just your name.”

“My name…” he said confused.

“You look like a Viking and your name is Eric Northman…” Buffy said still laughing and then added when everyone else looked confused by it. “Norseman…Northman…Norsemen were Vikings and his name is Northman.”

“Just between you and me that was kind of the point.” Eric said leaning in closer to Buffy and whispering it in her ear.

“Kind of figured as much because if it wasn’t your creativity really sucks.” she said just before he backed up.

“Paige seriously it’s kind of getting old now.” Bill said glaring at Buffy.

“So why did we need to come here Eric. You told Bill to bring me here for something so what is it?” Sookie said kind of agitated.

“Well Sookie I need you to use your special abilities.” Eric said then asked after he looked like he realized something looking at Buffy. “If you have special abilities and you said that Paige here is your cousin does she have abilities too.” He said with a conniving smirk

“Well she is my cousin but she can’t read minds.” Sookie said not lying but not telling the entire truth either.

“Oh well that’s a shame.” Eric said seeming disappointed. “Well anyway I need you to read some of my employees to see who is stealing from me. Things have been disappearing and I want to know who is responsible.”

Hope you guys like it.....Sorry it took so long to finish and post this.......thanks for the reviews :)
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