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The Cousins with the same taste! part 3

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Cousins with the same taste!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's vacation continues in Bon Temp.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredAngelsgirlFR181110,8431169,28916 Oct 1024 Jun 13Yes

Chapter 1: The Southern Drawl

Chapter 1: The Southern Drawl

When Buffy orbed close enough to Bon Temp, that she could just drive for a few minutes and make it seem as though she actually drove in from out of town, she stopped orbing and just drove right in. The only thing that Buffy could think of was that she was really hungry and that she really needed to remember to eat things even on days like today. When she saw the green neon lights of Merlotte’s she drove up and parked.

‘I am starving.’ She thought to herself. ‘Sookie can wait a little bit longer.’

Buffy got out of her car and walked into the bar. When she walked in no one came up to her so she walked up to the bar.

“Hey can I get a table?” she asked the woman that was behind the bar.

“Sure just sit where ever.”

“Okay thanks…” Buffy said when she was interrupted.

“Well…well…well what do we have here? Some fresh meat in Bon Temp?”

“I don’t know that depends on what you are talking about?”

“Wait…what….Paige?!” Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s brother and Buffy’s younger cousin, said. “Hey back off man…she’s my cousin.” He said to his friend in surprise. “I didn’t know you were coming into town” he said with a smile giving her a hug.

“Yeah well I didn’t either until yesterday when I got a voice mail from Sookie saying she wanted me to swing by. I was on my way to her house but I’m starving from the drive and need something to eat…so figured I’d swing by after I got some grub.”

“Why wait…she’s working tonight…Hey Sookie.” Jason yelled across the bar room.

“Paige!! You’re here.” Sookie said running over to give Buffy a hug which she returned. “I thought you were coming in the morning.”

“Yeah well I figured if I get here tonight I get to spend all day tomorrow here and don’t have to wake up early. Also I don’t have that many days left of my vacation so the sooner I got here the longer I get to stay."

“Cool ok well I don’t get off here for about two more hours if you want to head over to the house that’s fine or you could wait that’s fine too but I have to get back to work my boss is staring over here so we’ll talk in a bit.” Sookie said starting to walk away.

“Actually I would like to buy some grub please and to maybe brutally beat Jason here in some pool.”

“Hey Sook…we need you back at the tables we’re kind of busy tonight.” A man with brown hair, a scruffy beard, and what seemed to be a very nice body.

‘Why do all my cousins either date or work for things that are supernatural.’ Buffy thought to herself when she saw the man.

“Oh sorry that’s my fault…I just got here and I’m sort of taking up her time.”

“It’s okay…but who are you?” he said as Sookie left to get back to work.

“Oh right I’m Paige Summers….I’m Sookie and Jason’s cousin from California.”

“Oh nice to meet you I’m Sam Merlotte….this is my bar.”

“Okay well in that case it’s a real original name you got for your bar here.”

“Okay…so you want something to eat.” Sam said laughing.

“Yes please….I’m starving…I’ll take the biggest burger and fries you’ve got… some of that pie that guy has over there and a diet coke.”

“Really diet coke after all that food.” Jason said with a weird look on his face.

“What?... I’m hungry.” She said walking toward the pool tables “Oh yeah thanks.”

“No problem…you have one crazy cousin there Jason.”

“Yeah well she is from California.”

“True…very true.” Sam said walking over to the kitchen to put the order in.

So after about an hour of Buffy kicking Jason’s ass in pool and Buffy eating all the food a handsome man with dark brown almost black hair walked into the bar and she knew instantly that this man was a vampire what kind she did not know because he didn’t feel the same way the other vampires felt. When he spotted Jason he started to walk over and he said, in the most polite tone and a very heavy southern drawl, “Hey Jason do you know where Sookie is?”

“Where what is?!?!” Buffy said.

“Sookie.” Jason said.

“Oh…Sookie…ok that makes more sense.” Buffy said. “What does he want Sookie for?” she added a little curious and defensive at the same time to Jason.

“Oh…this is Bill…Sookie’s boyfriend.”

“Really…huh.” She said.

“Yes I am William Compton although everyone calls me Bill and you are?”

“I’m Paige…Sookie and Jason’s cousin.”

“Oh well it is very nice to meet more family of Sookie’s.”

“Okay so I asked Sam if I could leave a little early tonight so I’m off now let’s go…come on Paige… bye Jason.”

“Wait…where are we going?” Buffy said as they were all walking out the door to the parking lot.

“We’re going to Shreveport.”


“I have to go see the sheriff.”

“The sheriff of Nottingham?! What are you Robin Hood?”

“Paige.” Sookie said smiling and shaking her head.


“It doesn’t matter what he is the sheriff of but we have to meet him at Fangtasia.” Bill said getting into Sookie’s car.

“Come on Paige get in.” Sookie said.

“Nah I’m going to take my car I’ll just follow you there.”

“Oh Ok suit yourself.”

“Can you please tell me what the hell Fangtasia is…is it like a rejected Disney ride or something.” Buffy said but it was too late Sookie was already in the car and pulling out so Buffy got in hers and did the same.

Alright guys hope you like it....Review please.... :D
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