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Choose Your Own Scooby Adventure

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Summary: After almost destroying the world, Willow wants to make it up to her friends. And you get to help choose what happens to the gang next.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Legend of ZeldaSithicusFR1546,2650141,71616 Oct 1017 Oct 10No

Chapter One: Song of Time

Author's Notes:Here's a real doozy of a fan fiction idea. Ok. So basically it's a Cross Over with The Legend of Zelda, most probably Ocarina of Time because that's one of the most famous titles ever made. But instead of following an ordinary plot idea we're going to try and be ambitious. (Though hopefully not too ambitious.) So at the end of each chapter there will be three options to choose from. You get to decide which one you want to see next. The option with the most choices in the reviews section will be the first chapter written, then the second option will follow and then the third until all three options have been written up.

That means. If you want to lurk and still read this story that's fine and dandy. But unless I get enough reviews with choices to write up I'm going to be stuck taking my sweet time continuing this story. Which means, the more reviews, the better the chances are that we won't stall out on this story.

I just hope I can pull this off without burning out. And I am afraid that this story might fall into a dreaded limbo if not enough readers respond to it or I get sucked up into another story idea. After all I've got a lot of projects to finish off and I don't want to leave them hanging for too long. I might have to limit the choices of each succeeding chapter even more to just two options or the dreaded Turn To Page Number to Continue The Story the longer we go on.

Anyway, Disclaimer Time...

Disclaimer: Buffy and all related characters are the property of Joss Whedon and M.E.Productions. The Legend of Zelda and all related characters are the property of Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan and just plain Nintendo. Plus Shigeru Myamoto: The True Game Master! BWAHAHAHAHA. This author claims nothing otherwise as this is a work of fanfiction and a very ambitious one at that. Let's see what happens, shall we?

The stars shone in an endless night. Willow Rosenberg sat in the centre of a mystical circle – eyes closed and breath even – she was channeling the spirits of the Earth to better cleanse the darkness that had once tainted her.

She was in England and it was summer. Everything seemed to be taking root – the lessons of the past and the present were helping to make her realize that she’d messed up royally.

Her magic was connected to the Earth. It was Wiccan Magic – not like the magic Amy Madison had tapped into. True she could cast those spells effortlessly enough, but in a way it cost her a little part of her soul each time. She never should have rushed her studies the way she had.

She’d become addicted. And like any addiction the price one paid was one that she just couldn’t handle. She’d lost Tara because she was too stubborn and too sure of herself – oh it was true that Warren was the cause of her pain – but he had merely been the instrument. She had been the cause.

Her powers were such that she had influenced a great many events that had occurred during the previous year – she just hadn’t been aware of it yet – she required a fresh start, but she didn’t know how.

She missed Tara greatly. In this world and in this dimension her lover was dead – she regretted her actions, but she knew that she was the root cause and she was paying the price for her arrogance – her greed.

And it was greed. The greed of someone drunk on power and not caring what others said. She had abused her gift and it had turned on her. In a vicious and ugly way. And she’d gotten Dawn in trouble too – almost killed – she had needed this time away from the influence of the Hellmouth to set her mind and her spirit on the proper course.

But she couldn’t begin to figure out how she could ever hope to repay them back for all of the hardship she’d caused. So she was meditating under the waning light of the stars in an attempt to piece together a solution to her quest. Her friends deserved a real vacation from the darkness that was their lives, but in a way the Chosen Destiny deal kind of meant that they couldn’t exactly uproot and leave whenever they wanted.

Or could they? Suddenly wafting on the night breeze came a soft almost invisible melody – a tune that had become trapped in Willow’s head since she connected to the Earth and tried to destroy it utterly in her pain. A soothing melody which captivated her and wouldn’t let her go.

Willow allowed her soul to be touched by the music and almost seemed to vanish from her body. She saw a world of deep valleys and tall mountains – of pristine fields and sparkling oceans – of peace. It was the perfect land to visit for a vacation.

And before Willow realized what she was doing she began to hum the melody out loud. The enchanted music filled her lungs and came out in a beautiful chorus.

Willow’s inner magical power reached out and touched the tune. It affected it – and in a brilliant show of lights a small whirlwind sprung up around her whisking her away from the small circle she’d made in the grass.

Buffy was teaching Dawn how to use a sword properly when the wind began to pick up. Terrified that an attack may have occurred – she reached out to try and grab her sister – but before she could take Dawn’s outstretched hand the two sisters were engulfed in a magical whirlwind and vanished from the backyard.

Melancholic beyond reasoning and disgusted with himself for abandoning Anya at the altar – Xander was in the middle of his third bottle of beer at Willie’s when the strange wind snatched him up as well.

The sun was just rising in the East bathing the world in golden warm light when a strange wind began to blow and – without warning – people began to rain from the clear blue sky.

Buffy shouted out her surprise as she found herself dangling in mid-air. She tumbled out of the sky and landed with a whoof in the thick grass near a large wooden enclosure – the fence had to be at least fifteen feet high.

Dawn shrieked in terror before she also landed – managing to avoid sticking herself with the sword she was still holding.

Xander cursed a blue streak as he slammed into a tree standing nearby and proceeded to tumble down with wet thwacking sounds on each branch – before finally reaching the bottom.

Willow – eyes still closed – floated down gently to the ground.

“What the fuck, Wills,” Xander snarled. “What did you do this time?”

Opening her eyes in surprise she glanced around at her friends. “Xander, Buffy, how’d you get here?” she demanded.

“Uh, last I checked, Willow we didn’t go anywhere willingly,” Buffy replied with a wince as she rubbed at her backside.

“What are we wearing?” Dawn wondered glancing down at their clothes.

Xander – still drunk and despondent – studied his new outfit suspiciously. He had to squint to get a good look. His pants had changed from ordinary blue jeans into some kind of leggings, or something, and they were a rich auburn color. He was wearing a matching red tunic and had a Halberd strapped to his back.

Buffy was dressed in a flowing blue-green skirt with matching top and apparently – aside from the sword she’d dropped earlier – carried a quiver with arrows and a bow on her back. She was also wearing gloves and a short purple-blue cape.

Willow was dressed in an orange and yellow gown that did nothing to hinder her movements – the material was light and easily malleable for when she would have to move quickly. She had a few pouches on her belt and a small tiara of gold and silver strands tied together on her brow.

Dawn was dressed in the deepest blue tunic anyone had ever seen with a matching pair of pants – not leggings – and her empty scabbard on her back was obviously for the sword in her hands. Affixed to a belt around her waist was a tiny triangle shaped thing – that when she removed it seemed to expand in size until it was revealed to be a fancy looking boomerang.

“Willow, what did you do?” Buffy demanded. “My ears!” she screamed. She was the first to notice the strange fact that her ears had gained an almost elfin appearance to them – they were pointy tipped and a little larger than before – her hair cascaded down to cover up the transformation.

“What happened? Did we get sucked into Lord of the Rings?” Xander wondered swaying slightly on his feet. He held his hand up to block the ascending sun’s rays and groaned. “Note to self, beer is not the best thing to use to drown one’s sorrows,” he muttered.

“I don’t know.” Willow frowned upset that her friends were so mad at her. “I just thought we deserved to go away for a while – someplace peaceful. I wanted to make up for all the trouble I caused, for all the pain, I didn’t want to take us anywhere by magic,” she admitted almost on the verge of tears.

“It’s ok, Willow, I understand,” Dawn said placing a hand on Willow’s shoulder to comfort her. “So what exactly were you doing then?”

Willow sighed. “Meditating.”

“That’s it?” Buffy asked.

Willow nodded. “This beautiful song was trapped in my head and I was trying to figure out how to make amends. Then I started to sing the song – I think… I guess – and here we are. Wherever here is.”

Xander sneered at his best friend. But he couldn’t stay mad at her – it was just he’d been feeling a lot of negative emotions since absorbing all those dark attacks she’d blasted at him. “What kind of song was it?”

“Don’t sing it again!” Buffy shouted. “We’ll figure that out when we know more about it and about where we are.” Buffy studied their surroundings and eyed the large wooden fence briefly in curiosity.

“I had a vision of this place,” Willow said. “It was peaceful,” she added. “I wanted to come here to see it.”

“This whole place is way too bright,” Xander declared. “Considering it was the middle of the night when we left Sunnydale… do you think we’re even on Earth anymore?” he wondered.

Willow shrugged helplessly. “I’m sorry.” Her tone was soft. In pain. She hadn’t meant to get them into any kind of trouble.

“I’m sure Giles will notice when he finds you gone,” Dawn said encouragingly. “Come on people we’ve been in worse places then this,” she added with a cheery smile.

Xander sighed. “Hey!” he suddenly noticed something in the distance and frowned. “Is that… A castle?” he asked his momentary bad mood and drunken state washed away when he caught sight of the shimmering towers and battlements of the large castle.

Buffy and Dawn both stared at it in a mixture of awe and surprise.

Willow smiled. “This truly is a paradise,” she whispered. “Wherever it is,” she added frowning slightly as their current problem returned to the forefront of her mind. Tapping a slender fingered hand to her cheek she studied the far distant castle thoughtfully.

“Should we go there to get answers or try the place this fence is protecting?” Xander asked of his friends.

“Maybe we should split up and go to both of them,” Buffy suggested thoughtfully gazing at the castle.

“Maybe,” Willow agreed uncertainly. “But maybe we really should stick together, we have no idea what kind of monsters or demons could be out there in the night. And I don’t think we’ll make that castle in a day’s time,” she added pointedly.

“I guess it’s up to you, Dawn, what do you think we should do?” Buffy asked her sister.

What Should the Scoobies Do Next?

A)Have Dawn and Willow check out the ranch while Buffy and Xander go to the castle.

B)Have them all go to the castle.

C)Send them to the Ranch.
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