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Halloween Wishes

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Summary: One disaster after another on the hellmouth on the strangest of holidays.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredLadyOfTheRingsFR1511,935021,9697 Dec 037 Dec 03No
Title:Halloween Wishes

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Rating: Pg-13 for now

Feedback: Love it!

Summary: One disaster after another on the hellmouth on the strangest of hoildays.

Season: 2, the Halloween Episode nothing else after happened.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Author's Note: Ty is a friend of Buffy's from her old school who just came to Sunnydale from LA and made friends with the others. Mentions of Angel and crew and Connor grown up.

X-Over: LOTR

Chapter One: All Hallows Eve

The guys were at the library talking about what there were going as later on that night. "So where are we going to meet at?" asked Buffy flipping through a book on the table.

"Umm, we can meet at your house Buff" said Xander eating another snack cake. "Yeah that might work, since the kids were taking around will start" said Will.

Buffy smiled "Great! we'll all meet at my house aorund 4" she said "Kay" said Xander and Ty. Then the bell rang and they groaned. "Back to class" said Buffy with a pout as they got up to get back.

School ended around two witch gave them some time to prepare themselves for the night on the town. Xander was at home trying to decide on what his costume would be. He looked at the soilder costume and grabbed it making his decison with some time to spare.

Will was at Buffy's putting on her outfit in the bathroom as Buffy was in her room changing. She picked out one of her favorite slaying outfits.

She was going to go as herself since she couldn't make up her mind fast enough to get anything since when she did decide the costumes were all sold out.

"Will you done in there?" asked Buffy while she was looking in the mirror at herself. "Willow?" she said again "No, just give me a minute" said Wills loud enough for Buffy to hear her through the door.

Buffy came out of her room and knocked on the bathroom door. "Come on now Wills, come out let, me see" said Buffy smiling. "No I look weird" said Willow. "Ah come on, I bet you don't" said Buffy.

"Fine, but don't laugh" she said from behind the door. She came out and stood in front of Buffy and said "How does it look?" with her head down.

Buffy was a little surprised Will looked good. She was always hiding herself under all those baggy clothes and what not, that you didn't know if she had a figure or not.

But with the right clothes you could see what she didn't even know she had.

"Looks good, let's go downstairs and wait for the guys" said Buffy smiling when they heard a knock.

They walked down the stairs to the door and Buff asked "Who is it?"

"It's me, Xander" was the reply heard on the other side as she opened the door. "Hey you made it, come in" she said as he walked in.

"Yeah" he said an then saw Wills "Hey Wills, that your costume?" he asked and her face went red. "Yes, it was forced upon me" she said sending a glare at Buffy who ignored it.

"We'll it looks good on you" he said sitting down on the couch. "Thank you" she said still blushing. "So now we just wait on Ty and we came get this party started" said Buffy smiling.

Five minutes pass when there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" asked Xander as buffy was in the kicthen for something. "It's me, Ty" said the voice as he opened the door. "Hey what's up?' she asked as she walked in.

"Nothing just waiting for you" he said closing the door behind her. "Where's Buffy?" she asked when she just came out. "Who was that?" Buffy asked when she turned her head to see Ty.

"Ty! Wow, what are you suppose to be? It's so pretty" she asked in amazement. She laughed "Thank you, before I anwser that what are you guys?" she said.

"I'm a soilder" said Xander puffing his chest out. She smiled at that trying to keep her laughter of his silly behavior in. "Wills?" "I'm a ghost" she said without thinking.

She smiled "We'll the guys will like your type of ghost anytime" she said and Will blushed again.

She sighed "So what are you Buffy?" she asked "I'm me, I got to the costume shop too late" she said sheepishly. "Ah a slayer, good choice" she said laughing.

"So what are you?" asked Will. "Oh me, I'm an Elf" she said. They looked at her "An Elf?" said Xander. "Yes an Elf, a Mirkwood Elf actually" she said.

"You took that from The Lord Of The Rings didn't you?" said Will smiling at what her costume is from. "The one and the same" she said.

"Man I wish I thought of that, instead of this" said Will gesturing her hands to her costume. "It's going to be alright, were going out to have fun, so let's do so" she told Wills.

"Yeah" said Xander who then looked at the clock "We better get going it's about time" he said as they gathered there things and left the house to take some kids trick or treating.


After two and a half hours later they all met back up with the children who were chatting about how much candy they got and such. "Oh man that was a lot of walking, too much walking" said Buffy with a frown.

"Yeah but, at least it's over with parents are coming to get there kids, and then we can go to the costume party at the Bronze" said Ty. They perked up a bit for that "Yeah, your right I almost forgot about that" said Xander.

It took till 5:30 for the last child to be picked up when they started walking to Buffy's for a breather and refreshing of any kind. "Man, I have to re-apply my makeup again" whined Buffy as she raced to the bath for they were leaving in a few.

The party didn't start till 7 so they had time in between to do whatever they needed to. "Everyone ready?" asked Xander looking at them all. "Yeah were ready" said Buffy fixing her shirt. "Alright, were off" he said and they laughed leaving.

They were all having a good time as they all found something to interest them. Ty was off sitting down talking ok her cell.

"Yeah, so what have you guys been up to?' she asked "Ah new case, you know what I'm going to give you this advice" she said pausing "If you want her then come get her, I mean I would understand if she *didn't* like you...but" she said smiling.

"She likes me?" he said "No duh, Angel" she said "Thanks I always feel better after talking with you" he said she smiled "That's what I'm here for I'll talk to you later" "Kay Bye" "Bye" she hung up and sighed. Then went about making some other phone calls.

By the time the were done for the night they were walking home. "I had a great time" said Xander smiling. "Yeah I did too" said Willow. "I'm glad at least you two had a great time, not one guy wanted to dance with me" Buffy whined "Ah it will be alright, I had an ok time cause I was talking to the guys in LA" she said and Buffy pouted.

"So the only person who didn't have fun was me?" she said still whining "I think so" said Xander and Ty glared a him. "Oh that's not fair, I wish I was able to get some happiness in my life!" she said loud "Me too Buff Me too" said Ty.

They winds started to pick up around them. "What's happening guys?" asked Willow. Then a portal just opened right in front of then pulling everything in it's path. "Hold on" said Ty as they grapped branchs of a tree or poles of a swing set.

But in the hold the pulling became stronger and Ty lost her grip and grabbed Buffy "Got ya" she said but with the added weight she soon lost her grip and they both went flying into the portal being pulled in and then it closed like it got what it wanted.

"Where they go?" asked Will to Xander. He looked at her. "I don't know" was all her could say.

The other two were just flying through what looked like a tunnel till they saw a light a were going for it. What they didn't know was that were about to be confronted with what was on the other side of that light and a lot of questions as well.

Lord Elrond was tell the concil about what they intend to do with the ring and how to destroy it when a flash of bright white light blinded them for a moment then Buffy and Ty fell out and hit the ground right in front of them all.

They all were talking and rubbing there eyes trying to see properly again. Buffy groaned and got up to dust herself off. "Man Just another night on the hellmouth" she said and then saw Ty.

She got up holding her back. "Ow that was a hard fall, I hate the hellmouth, always taking things you say for real" she said mad and hurt.

Buffy just happened to look around now paying attention to there surroundings. "Whoa! where are we?" she asked in defense mode. Ty looked at her "What are you talking about girl?" she asked "Ty look, there are people here, pay attention!" she said and she looked around.

"Whoa! How did we get here?" she asked going next to Buffy. "Excuse me but I am Lord Elrond or Riverdell, you have journeied to Middle-Earth" he said. Ty looked at him "Your serious?" she said He looked comfused "Quite so" he said.

She looked at Buffy "Ok why did the hellmouth send us to Middle-Earth?" she asked Buffy "I don't know, but I don't like it" she said.

"I don't know how it is we have come across this place ,but I don't think it was by accident" she said and Buffy looked at her. she thought.

"You are right my lady we are in the mist of getting rid of the powerful one ring" said Elrond. "Ah yes the ring is it, alright if we join you on this most dangerous quest?" she asked them.

They were talking among themselves Buffy pulled Ty to her "What are you doing?!" she said "Buffy we are in the lord of the rings, remember the moive?" she said softly to her.

"Yeah?" "Then we can help you know, an you can have Aragorn" she said smiling. Buffy's face lit up. "That's right, ok" she said to her. And they turned back to the group. "But no woman are allow to take on this mission" said one.

"Oh we are just as strong an skilled as a guy" said Buffy and they laughed. "Woman are made for babbies and work in the castle or a good time, but not for manual labor or war" said Boromir. They got made at that.

"Take us along an find out" said Ty. He glared at her "See your kind need to keep there women in line around here" he said to the male elves. They had a mad face and closed fists at that remark.

"I though you came here to talk about the destruction of the ring not try and get me silented." she said. "That's enough, I will not have you talking ill of this lady if she was elf kind or not" said Elrond.

She looked at Buffy and mouthed 'Elf-kind?' Buffy looked back at her 'Your costume' Ty's eyes got wide from understanding.

she thought as they continued with the council meeting.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Halloween Wishes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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