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And Justice For All...

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Summary: When Ethan gets a vistor from the future, he is given a chance to change it.

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Author’s Notes: People were curious about how I came around to this idea and writing this. You have TAO to thank.

Chapter 2


A Few Minutes Before...

“So, did you have a good time?” Olivia asked her cousin.

“I did though I’m glad to be out of there.” Aura said. “I think I might have blacked out for a few seconds during the party.”

This bit of camaraderie has been a norm for the two since they were in diapers. Every Halloween, they would find some way to get together but this Halloween was a little strange for her. Having the memories of the heroic woman whose costume she had worn this night show up in her head was confusing her. She was about to say something to her cousin when something suddenly struck the front end driver’s side of the car hard. The car was flipped end over end and would have continued if a Starbucks hadn’t been built in the path of the flipping vehicle. When the car came to a stop, Aura reached for the totem she wore around her neck praying that it actually worked and was relieved to hear the bray of the mule she had managed to channel. The door on her side was swiftly kicked off the car before she got out with Olivia following close behind her.

“How in the hell did you do that, Aura?” She asked.

“I’ll explain later.” Aura said looking over at the car. She winced slightly seeing the I-Beam protruding from the driver’s side though was thankful it had luckily struck the engine and not her uncle. “Check on your dad.”

“What are you going to do?” Olivia asked.

“I’m going to check to see what threw that at us.” Aura said before channeling a cheetah to run away from the coffee shop.

It wasn’t difficult to find out what had attacked the City of Angels as the trail of destruction was easy enough to follow. The emerald skinned behemoth was rampaging in the city and there were already a few casualties as she saw several police officers had been injured if not killed by him. She ran towards the Hulk channeling an elephant as she did in the hope that the large animal might have enough might to at least shove the Hulk out of his current path.

It worked against Solomon Grundy. Aura thought.

Fortunately, it had worked against the Hulk as well as the green behemoth was hurled into a Greyhound bus. Momentarily allowing her attention to drift, she turned to look at an approaching woman. She was blonde haired and judging by her appearance, Aura guessed she must have been a plain clothes detective.

“If you’re not already, you need to get these people out of here Detective...” Aura said to the woman.

“Lockley and we already are.” The detective replied. “Who are you?”

Aura thought for a moment. “My name’s Vixen.” She said. “I’m going to call in the League for backup. I just hope they hear me.”

Across the city, Charles Gunn had been still adjusting to John Stewart’s memories when he heard the distress call from another person who dressed in a strange Halloween costume. He considered it strange as the person the chick had dressed as was a girlfriend of the person he had became momentarily.

“Gunn, you okay?” Allana asked him.

“I’m okay.” He said as he went through the memories of John calling his power battery out of the dimensional pocket it resided in and was pleasantly surprised to see the green lantern appear before him. He did find the look on his sister’s face funny as well. “I just got to do something.”

“What the hell is going on, Charles?” She asked and he knew she was serious as she was using his first name instead of his last.

“I’m going to fight the Hulk.” Gunn said. “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight, Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern’s Light!”

Energy flowed into him and it almost felt like a pure sugar rush. Placing the lantern back into its dimensional pocket, he looked back at his sister who seemed a little shocked at his now bright green glowing eyes. She nodded at him before he took to the air and flew off towards the battle.

He loved the feeling that flying was giving him but the feeling was cut off too quick as he neared the battlefield. The Hulk was trying to land a blow on Vixen and that was something the only Green Lantern in existence was not going to let happen anytime soon.

“Get away from her!” Gunn yelled firing green energy blasts from his ring.

A few of the blasts struck the Hulk knocking it away from Vixen. The Hulk roared up at him.

“Stupid ring man think he hurt Hulk!” The Hulk yelled. “Hulk strongest one there is.”

A red-blue blur impacted sending debris flying as a shockwave hurled debris and anything light enough to be thrown into the air. Gunn barely had enough time to react and incase Vixen in a green bubble before she was thrown as well. When the dust settled, Gunn saw the Hulk shaking his head as he tried to recover his senses from what hit him. The blue and red clad guy standing before the Hulk was someone that Gunn recognized from John’s memories and if the memories were true about him.

“Hulk strongest one there was.” Gunn said mildly imitating the Hulk.

Leanne ‘Lee’ Donaldson had never thought that the rather idiotic job of being the traffic reporter could actually get exciting. Sure, every now and then there would be a high speed chase but that happened frequently causing it to be rather mundane. Today was different as she was now seeing something was breathtaking. The Hulk was one of the many super powered beings on Earth that was feared as it took a lot to even lay him on the ground. Seeing the red and blue clad hero knock the Hulk to the ground and seeing the Hulk trying to recover his senses sent a small chill down her spine.

“Lee, do you see that?” Mike asked as he focused the camera closer on the battle as the man in the blue and red attacked the Hulk again. “Who is this guy?”

“He’s some sort of superman or something.” Lee replied.

That was when she overheard the anchorman begin to refer to the blue and red clad man as Superman. It was appropriate as he began to pound into the Hulk. The style reminded her of some of the brawling super humans that she had seen or read about but there were differences. Most of them fought with a style that suggested they were holding back or trying to disable their opponent. His style was down right dirty with an emphasis of doing the most amount of damage he could as if he was use to fighting someone who was stronger than him. She guessed that he might be fighting like this because of who he was fighting but she wasn’t sure.

Feeling left behind as Cordelia and Willow flew off towards Los Angeles after Xander, Buffy began to walk back to the high school entrance and was surprised to see Angel step around the corner. She recognized him despite the costume he was wearing which only made her laugh. With Angel dressed up as Batman, it was almost comical to think about.

“I feel like I should be going to LA with them.” Angel said to her.

“Why aren’t you?” Buffy asked.

“It’s not like I can reach into my utility belt, press this button,” Angel said as he retrieved a device from his utility belt as well as pressing said button. “And the Batplane fly overhead in five seconds.”

A soft whooshing sound could be heard before a black cable descended from the sky. Both of them looked up to see the familiar shape of the Batplane hovering overhead and Angel grabbed the line.

“Sorry, one seater.” He said as the line pulled him up into the jet.

She briefly considered sending a Canary Scream at him but decided against it as she saw more costumed people approach the school. If they were wearing ordinary costumes, she wouldn’t have thought much about it but they weren’t as she recognized the costumes from Dinah’s memories. However, it paled in comparison to seeing Doctor Fate blast Principal Snyder out the doors of the high school with Miss Calender behind the agent of balance. Snyder looked a bit scared but apparently still a bit defiant.

“The Mayor’s already on his way.” Snyder replied. “He’ll stop you.”

Larry, dressed as Aquaman, walked over to the principal. “Wait, Mayor Richard Wilkins?” He said questioningly. “Mayor ‘I’m stuck in a 50's mind set’ Wilkins.”

Snyder nodded but Doctor Fate looked over at the football player. “Mayor Wilkins has been the Mayor of Sunnydale since the town has been founded.” He told him.

“How did he pull that off?” Larry asked.

“He sold his soul for immortality.” Doctor Fate said before he turned to look at Mister Terrific. “If the original Doctor Fate’s memories are accurate, you should have some infernal contraption to transport to the Watchtower.”

“It’s basically a subspace hyperlink terminal that works on a...” Mister Terrific began to say before he was cut off.

“Not all of us speak Star Trek.” Larry informed him.

“I would use it now while I deal with the Mayor.” Doctor Fate said as they noticed a man in a suit approach them.

“Well gosh.” Mayor Wilkins said before he was disintegrated in a blast of golden energy.

A golden figure floated to the ground where the earth was still smoking from the energy discharge. Everyone recognized the android but where pitying whomever the android had been before this night.

“I would not worry about any human who had lived in this town.” Amazo said to them. “Another android dressed as myself but I quickly overwritten him.”

Xander attacked the Hulk with axe handle strikes and swiftly switched to throwing hard punches as the un-jolly green giant began to recover from the flying tackle. Somehow, the emerald behemoth managed to grab a hold of him.

“Stupid cape man think he hurt Hulk!” The Hulk exclaimed. “HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE—!”

Xander cut off the Hulk’s tirade with a blast of heat vision directly into the gamma irradiated man’s eyes. The Hulk’s hands went to his eyes clearly surprised by the attack and Xander continued his attack. After a few more punches, the Hulk managed to slap him away but was stuck by a pair of blonde-haired blurs. Xander smiled when he saw Dawn and Joyce or as he was going to try to refer to them as Supergirl and Power Girl flying over to him.

“You okay?” Dawn asked.

“I’m alright.” Xander replied. “So, Supergirl and Power Girl, are you two okay?”

“I’m still trying to...” Joyce began to say as the Hulk began to get back up. She blasted the giant with her heat vision. “Excuse me, trying to have a conversation! Do you mind?!”

“Power Girl, you realize you look hotter than you use to right.” Xander said to her only to get a light slap from her.

“Supergirl pointed that out already.” Joyce replied blasting the Hulk again with her heat vision though she was joined by her daughter doing the same. “I think whatever happened caused me to de-age to about early twenties.”

The Hulk roared again and was struck with a trio of blasts of heat vision from all three newly made Kryptonians. When they ceased their assault, they heard Willow shout out a battle cry as she hammered the Hulk with her mace. The Hulk tried to retaliate but a red blue managed to trip him up and the Flash made an appearance next to the heroes. The Martian Manhunter flew down and gave the Hulk a powerful right cross to the giant’s jaw. The martian’s right cross was joined by a left from Cordelia which sent the Hulk through a building. An emerald beam of energy blasted away at the building bringing it down on the behemoth. Green Lantern floated over next to Xander.

“Why do I feel like we’re missing someone?” He asked.

Missiles flew down and struck what remained of the building before a familiar silhouette descended from the air and landed next to Cordelia who smirked at him.

“You’re late.” She said.

“First time flying a plane.” Angel said as he noticed Xander smiling at him. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m going to have to come up with a new nickname for you.” He replied.

Spike notched an arrow and pointed his bow at the vampires that had been his minions as of this morning but now, those same vampires were looking at Drusilla and him as food. The reason for this was shocking to both of them as they were no longer vampires anymore but now were humans. His lady love had her crossbow pointed at the vampires who were slowly approaching them.

“It seems like we have two choices.” Spike replied.

“Only one.” Drusilla said before she fired her crossbow into the heart of one of the approaching vampires destroying it. “Fight like hell!”

Spike let the arrow fly not certain what type of arrow it was and was surprised to find out that it was a freeze arrow as it managed to incase a small group of vampires in a block of ice. Drusilla was swatting the vampires away from her with her bo staff. When each vampire was knocked to the ground, an arrow from her crossbow ended its unlife. The vampires kept coming despite the losses they had been taking.

“Huntress to Watchtower.” Drusilla said as she pressed a finger to the comm link in her ear. “Lock onto Green Arrow and myself and transport us out of here.”

Before Spike could ask her what she was talking about, their warehouse disappeared around them and was replaced with a familiar sight for the former master vampire as he found himself and Drusilla in the Watchtower. He heard someone get rather upset.

“Spike!” Buffy yelled before charging him with a stake in her hand.

She would have made it to him had Doctor Fate not teleported between them. Buffy wasn’t pleased with that.

“Giles, what the hell are you doing?” She asked. “Spike and Drusilla are right there and...”

“No longer vampires.” Giles informed her. “Just as Ethan’s spell turned Angel human as well.”

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Spike asked the librarian turned Agent of Balance. “Where is the git?”

“Dead and I believe you and your paramour deserve to know the reason why as do the rest of you.” He informed him.

Tony Stark stared at the screen watching as the Hulk battled with these new heroes. He could tell that these were not rookies taking on something like the Hulk for the first time but that didn’t make any sense. It didn’t appear as though this was their first time working together as the way they fought the Hulk reminded him of his own battles alongside the other Avengers.

“Where did you come from?” He asked the heroes that were fighting the Hulk on the monitor. He knew they couldn’t hear him of course but that didn’t stop him from asking anyway. “Who are you?”

Facial recognition software had came up with nothing in terms of their identities. In fact, nothing he had tried in order to identify the heroes involved worked which perplexed him as most weren’t wearing masks to hide their identities.

Several of the Avengers had gathered to watch the battle in progress and their reactions were varied. Captain America and Miss Marvel were looking at the battle from a strategic standpoint taking note of their apparent strength and powers being used. Falcon, Spider-Man, Wonder Man, and Wolverine had cracked open a case of beer.

“Hit him again!” Spider-Man exclaimed before taking another drink as his mask had been pulled up slightly in order for him to drink the beverage.

“This isn’t wrestling.” Miss Marvel said to the web slinger.

“Tell him that.” Spider-Man replied pointing to the screen.

On the screen, the hero the media had dubbed ‘Superman’ had managed to execute a power bomb on the Hulk. It didn’t help that the Green Lantern had created a wrestling ring construct with his ring.

The Hulk grabbed Dawn bodily and drew her closer to him. She blasted him with her heat vision but the behemoth shrugged it off.

“Dumb blonde think she hurt Hulk!” He exclaimed. “HULK—!”

That was when the Hulk’s world exploded with pain.

“Bloody hell!” Spike exclaimed. “I thought she was bad with a bloody axe.”

“Remind me not to piss her off.” Warren Meers said to Forrest.

“Ditto.” Forrest replied.

Using the terminal that had been part of the Mister Terrific costume that Forrest had worn, all the people who had became superheroes thanks to the spell had beamed up to the Watchtower. The people who had worn costumes of people with scientific backgrounds explored the station making certain it was fully operational. Warren had helped get the main systems up and running but they had just gotten the communications and monitoring systems operational when they seen something that made every male wince in sympathy. Power Girl, otherwise known as Joyce Summers, had kicked the Hulk between the legs. The kick hurled the Hulk several feet into the air before he came crashing down.

“DAMN!” Spider-Man yelled.

“Do you think that did it?” Falcon asked.

“It can’t be that easy.” Tony replied.

“” The Hulk said after he had landed.

Xander breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the Hulk begin to lose his greenish tint to his skin as well as shrink down in size. Joyce stood like a proud warrior after felling the giant but that was until she took a step and tumbled to the ground. He ran over to her to as did the Flash to help her back up.

“Are you okay?” The Flash asked her.

“Do I look okay?” She asked the scarlet clad speedster. “I think I might have sprained something.”

“Well, you still look hot even though you did what you did.” Xander replied.

“Just walk it off.” Flash informed her only to get a glare from her that scared him. It didn’t help that her eyes were glowing red. “I’m going to check for civilians.”

The Flash ran off and Joyce’s death glare ceased as Javelins began to land with each one filled with more people that had been affected by the spell.

“Well, this could get interesting.” She said.

“Can anyone identify what the hell they’re flying into the city?” Maria Hill asked her subordinates.

One of the agents turned to look back at her. “Unknown ma’am.” He said. “Some type of VTOL spacecraft. Makes me think of what a Quinjet should be.”

She had already been thinking the same thing and didn’t need the agent to tell her that. The fact is from just a sight of it made her want the craft for SHIELD use. She wanted to know more about the craft that these heroes were using as well as more about the heroes themselves. Ever since the space station that was obviously the base of operations for these heroes had appeared in orbit, she had SHIELD technicians attempting to hack into the station’s computer networks with no success. The networks were encoded in a strange language that made no sense to anyone or their translation software they had.

Using her Star Rod, Amy Madison threw an energy lasso around a car and lifted it off the people who had been trapped underneath it. Her father who had dressed in the mechanical suit known as STRIPE was helping clear more rubble so that emergency vehicles could render assistance where they could. She saw a small group of reporters combing through the debris though it didn’t look like they were looking to help.

“Miss America! Miss America!” One of the reporters yelled up to her.

She flew down and stared at the man. “What makes you think my name is Miss America?” She asked a bit rudely.

“Your costume.” He replied.

“My name is Stargirl.” She said to him. “My dad, the guy in the white power armor, is STRIPE.”

“What is your group called?” The reporter asked.

Amy paused for a moment before she answered. “We’re the Justice League.”

Namor had brought a small group of Atlantean warriors to the mysterious island that had mysteriously appeared. He didn’t like surprises and this rather large island was one. He had thought approaching under the cover of darkness would have allowed for stealth but that was until he saw an arrow fly through the air and land near his feet. Reaching down to pick up the arrow, he noticed that the head seemed to be made of vibranium but he wasn’t certain. He took another step only to have him gasp in pain as an arrow found its way into his right shoulder.

“My king!” One of his warriors exclaimed.

Namor glared at his men and pulled the arrow out of his shoulder. He looked over to the arrow to see if he could discern whom he was dealing with based on the arrow’s style.

“Greek.” Namor said to himself casting the arrow aside as it was no longer important as he saw a group of women approach his party.

The Grecian armor the women wore gave him more evidence to their culture as well as the fact that there were no men with them. One of the women approached them with an air of confidence in her stride. The Sub-Mariner could tell this woman was or at least believed she was a skilled warrior but he didn’t think much of it. She wore less armor than her compatriots which allowed him to see her better in the dim light.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was the child of Captain America. Namor thought to himself.

It wasn’t as though it was a passing resemblance. She had the same colored blonde hair and the same shade of blue eyes that the patriotic soldier had. He wasn’t certain about her facial features but it seemed as though he might be right.

“I am Namor, King of Atlantis.” He said introducing himself. “Why have you defiled my oceans with the sudden invasion of your island.”

The blonde smirked and before the Sub-Mariner could react, she had rushed over to him and delivered a sharp right uppercut to his jaw that sent him to the sand. His warriors tried to react but the blonde’s warriors had swiftly began to fire arrows at them striking several of them. The speed and accuracy the women were utilizing forced his warriors to retreat. Despite his own feelings about their retreat, he found it to be a wise decision as they couldn’t get help if they were dead. He got back to his feet and glared at the woman who had attacked him.

“I am Donna Troy, Princess of Themyscira.” She informed him. “You are now my prisoner.”

“I am no one’s prisoner, woman.” Namor replied angrily. “You will pay for this.”

She attacked but he was ready for her or so he thought. A blue lasso seemed to appear in her and she managed to loop it around him. He found his arms bound and no matter what he did, he couldn’t break the rope.

“Unlike my sister, my lasso’s power is persuasion allowing me to influence anyone whose will is lesser than mine.” She informed him. “My will is iron. Submit.”

Try as he might, the Sub-Mariner fought against the power of the magic lasso in vain. Finally, he fell to his knees before the Princess.

Thunder echoed in the night sky as Tara ran from the house. Her mother had told her to run and she forced herself to keep going as she had heard the distinctive boom of a shotgun being fired. Tears fell from her eyes as she knew what her mother’s fate was but she had to keep running from her father and her brothers who were chasing her. Unfortunately, she had came to a cliff overlooking a river.


She turned to see her father standing there with her four brothers. Their eyes were filled with rage and all of them were armed. Her father held the shotgun while her two older brothers were holding pistols and her younger brothers were armed with their hunting rifles.

“Why?!” She screamed at them. “What did Mom and I ever do to you?”

“You’re a demon, you bitch!” Her father yelled at her over the loud thunder. “It’s what you deserve!”

“Mom knew she shouldn’t be teaching you any of that voodoo shit!” Her oldest brother yelled at her. “You knew she shouldn’t. Her blood is on your hands, BITCH!”

Her mind drifted back to a letter she had received about a week ago. The only reason why she had been able to read it was the fact that her father and her brothers had been out hunting at the time leaving her home alone with her mother. A word from the letter had caught her eye and she remembered what her mother had told her.

It’s a word of pure magic power, Tara.” Her mother had said to her. “You’ll know when it’s time to use it.”

“Do you have anything to say for yourself, you demon whore?” Her father asked.

She glared back at him defiantly. She knew that if this didn’t work; she was going to die here on this cliff.

“I do.” She spat at them. “SHAZAM!”

The only thing anyone saw was the flash of lightning as it struck her.

Author’s End Notes: Well, I hope you liked this chapter. I also hope you leave me reviews please.
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