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And Justice For All...

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Summary: When Ethan gets a vistor from the future, he is given a chance to change it.

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RubyPaladinFR15522,8581621746,33923 Oct 105 Feb 11No

A League Of Their Own


And Justice For All...


Ruby Paladin

Chapter One

A League Of Their Own

“Well, this is an intriguing turn of events.” Ethan said as he entered his apartment to see an older version of himself sitting on his couch.

“Save the sarcasm because we don’t have a lot of time and you have a lot of work ahead of you.” Elder Ethan said. “You are going to Sunnydale next year for your chaos spell?”

Ethan nodded and his older self continued. “Well, sit down.” He said. “I have something important to tell you.”

Ethan sat down and his elder counterpart continued. “I come from about ten years in what would be your future and it is shit.”

“Too much chaos.” Ethan said as if that was the problem.

“No, too much bloody order.” Elder Ethan replied. “All because of Tony ‘Tin-Plated Underwear’ Stark and his bloody cabal.”

“Cabal?” Ethan asked.

“Yes, a cabal called the Illuminati. Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Doctor Stephen Strange, Professor Charles Xavier, Blackbolt, and Namor.” Elder Ethan replied. “They’re trying to control the world behind the scenes.”

Ethan walked over to his small liquor cabinet and grabbed his bottle of scotch along with two glasses. He brought them over to his coffee table and filled the glasses up.

“The Sorcerer Supreme is trying to control the world. What the bloody hell are you doing here?” Ethan asked.

Elder Ethan picked up his glass and took a large gulp out of it. “I was able to get a few people to help me use magic to send me back in time. I’m dying from the spell.” He said picking up a silver briefcase off the floor. “I was able to bring this back with me as well. The costume designs and who gets what costume can be found in here along with a slightly modified version of the spell.”

“Time to bring a little chaos to order.” Ethan said smiling.

October 1997

Ethan was very happy that he remembered to get the costumes his older counterpart had told him to get though everything cost a fortune but it would be worth it. He had made certain to sell the altered costumes to the right people. Already, the costumes his older counterpart had informed him were called Captain Atom, The Flash, and Mister Terrific were sold to a trio that appeared to be ‘college students’ but thanks to his advance knowledge of the future, he knew differently.

“Excuse me.” A young woman’s voice said from behind him.

Ethan turned and recognized who it was but was a little puzzled by the fact that she was even here.

Now’s not the time for theorizing, Ethan. He thought to himself. Now’s the time to sell her the right costume.

He smiled at Dawn. “What can I do for you, young lady?” He asked.

“I was wondering if you know anything about this costume.” She said holding it up to show a white t-shirt with a stylized s symbol and a black skirt.

“That would be a superheroine named Supergirl. She had super strength, super speed, super hearing, heat vision, x-ray vision, a freeze breath, and flight.” Ethan said. “Let me go get a blonde wig that will be perfect for your costume.”

He noticed another woman eyeing the white costume he knew of as Galatea also known as Power Girl in another universe. Recognizing her as the mother of the Sunnydale Slayer, he made certain to grab another blonde wig for her as well.

“Be sure to let your mother know that her costume’s character has similar abilities.” He said smiling at the fourteen year old. “Maybe a mother daughter thing you could do.”

He rang up her costume and sold the Power Girl costume as well for the mother when he saw a trio that he had been waiting for since he had opened his shop. Buffy Summers, Alexander Harris, and Willow Rosenberg had entered his store after being forced to participate in a supervisory role over small children as they went door to door for candy. A ward over his shop had been designed to draw the correct people to the right costume though he had mailed four of them to certain people to make certain they got them. One of them lived in Los Angeles while the other three were vampires that lived in Sunnydale.

He walked over to Willow who he had seen running her fingers through the feathers of the Hawkgirl costume.

“Can I help you?” He asked causing her to jump. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. I was just feeling these wings.” She replied. “They’re lovely.”

“I think so too and I know you probably noticed that a majority of these costumes look like they fell out of a comic book.” Ethan said. “Want to know this costume’s story?”

“Sure.” She replied.

“Hawkgirl came from a distant planet called Thanagar to Earth to act as a spy. She teamed up with six other heroes to form the Justice League. Think of them like the Avengers but they have a space station for a base.” Ethan replied. “Her purpose was revealed when the Thanagarians arrived and she betrayed her team. When she learned the plan the Thanagarians had to end a war with another alien race involved the destruction of the Earth, she betrayed her own people and with the League’s help was able to save the Earth. She lost the trust of the people and her team but she slowly regained that trust.”

“I like the story.” She said picking up the mace. “I’ll take it.”

He helped her get the costume off the display as he saw Buffy had apparently decided to be Black Canary. Willow walked over to her friend to show her the costume as Ethan noticed Alexander ‘Xander’ Harris running his hand over the stylized ‘S’ of the Superman costume. Ethan had the Superman costume designed with bit of custom padding to allow the wearer to appear to have well-defined muscles.

“Can I help you, young man?” He asked.

“Yah, this is a great costume.” Xander replied. “What does the S stand for?”

“Well, some took it as meaning ‘super’ so he gained the name Superman but on his home planet; it meant hope.” Ethan replied. “His parents sent him to Earth before their home planet was destroyed. Raised by loving parents, he began to realize he could do things no human could do. Rather than doing what most people would do when presented with that kind of power, he became one of Earth’s greatest heroes. Weak only to the irradiated fragments of his home world, red solar radiation, and magic, he was one of the strongest heroes to exist.”

“I know I can’t afford this.” Xander said.

“Nonsense, my boy.” Ethan replied. “It’s perfect for you. Take it.”

“Sure?” Xander asked a bit uneasy.

“Son, how funny is Halloween if you don’t have a good costume?” Ethan asked in response.

In the library of Sunnydale High School, Giles bent down to pick up a book that had fallen from a shelf. As he righted himself, the first thing he noticed were the long legs clad in fishnet stockings that he quickly learned belonged to the school’s computer teacher and his girlfriend, Jenny Calender. Even he had to admit that the magician’s costume that she had on looked good on her but he was curious about the bag she held in her hand.

“Hello Jenny.” He said greeting her. “What do you have in the bag?”

“I knew you hadn’t gone out to get a costume so I went out and bought you one.” She said handing him the bag.

He took the bag and opened it to look inside. The first thing he saw was a golden helmet that looked like it would fit over his head.

Spike did not know who sent him the Robin Hood costume or why it was named Green Arrow. Another empty box labeled Huntress could be seen as well as the costume being worn by his lady love.

“Put on your costume, Spike.” She said as Spike admired the fact that the spandex accentuated her curves.

He did precisely what he was told.

Angel held up the strange bat-like throwing weapon. He found it odd that Buffy had sent him a costume but what was with the bat motif?

Xander was very happy to have gotten out of Casa de Summers before he had done something he might have regretted but coming to the school may have been worse. At Buffy’s house, he might have only gotten slapped seeing the three Summers women and Willow clad in their rather tight costumes. At the school, he knew he was risking his life as several of the girls who attended the high school were wearing were just as tight. Seeing Cordelia in the red, white, and blue getup with the lasso and tiara made him definitely afraid for his life. He saw Warren Mears wearing a costume with an atom symbol on it as well as Andrew Wells wearing a gold costume with a star on his chest. Their friend, Jonathon Levinson, was wearing some red outfit with a pair of oversized shades. He saw Aphrodesia and Harmony walking by him.

“Fire huh, I don’t see it Harm.” Aphrodesia said.

“I don’t see it either but I hope the white hair paint doesn’t ruin your hair.” Harmony replied. “I don’t see why that Ice costume called for it.”

Having been led to his squad of rugrats, he gave them a good speech and trick-or-treating began.

Later that evening, Ethan finished casting his spell. Heavily modified from what he had originally intended before his future counterpart had informed him of what was to come, it was going to turn the world on its head.

“Showtime.” He said to himself.

A little dizzy, Kal-El managed to get himself under control as he surveyed where he was. He realized his surroundings resembled suburbia but he had been tricked before so wasn’t taking anything for granted.

Shayera Hol didn’t know why she was wearing her Hawkgirl costume again and she didn’t like it. She held her mace up as its energy field flared up. That was when she noticed the children in Halloween costumes watching her along with the elderly lady.

“Sorry.” She said.

J’onn J’onzz found himself standing in a club wondering why he was holding an electric guitar.

Kara Zor-El, better known to the rest of the world as Supergirl, wasn’t having the same amount of luck her cousin was. After she had recovered from the disorientation, she realized who was with her. Unfortunately, so did the person she was with. Galatea hurled her into a parked car.

“Where in the hell am I?” Galatea asked demanding an answer.

“I don’t know.” Kara replied before she delivered a hard punch to her clone’s right side. “Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Her clone went through an empty building and managed to blast her with her own heat vision.

Ethan could feel the heat coming from the bust of Janus as it became supercharged with chaos magic. He knew what he was about to do was suicide but he had to do it anyway. Picking up the sledgehammer that he had purchased for just this moment, he paused for a moment.

“So long, farewell, and thank you for the fish.” He said before swinging the hammer.

Swinging the hammer, he brought the hammer across the forward face of the bust of Janus. The bust was hurled against the wall where it shattered releasing a massive amount of energy which hurled him into a wall.

In New York City at the Baxter Building, the equipment Reed Richards used to monitor the Negative Zone shorted out activating the fire-suppression system. Ben Grimm looked over at his friend who seemed as though he was going to pull his hair out.

“How in the hell did that happen?” He asked.

At the same time at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Stephen Strange and his assistant Wong were forced to battle magical fires from the abnormal surge of magical energy that had occurred.

Maria Hill was trying to manage the chaos that was happening on the Helicarrier as orbital sensors had detected a rather large space station appearing out of nowhere. They had no idea who operated it or even when it had gotten up there.

“I don’t like this.” She said.

S.E.T.I, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, received a burst transmission that filled their buffers with data. Thanks in part to the latest technologies available, they were able to translate the message.

The message was: “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!”

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, Wade Wilson also known as Deadpool was lounging in a hot tub wondering how he could have been this luck from the author. As he was about to finish his drink, he dropped the glass and brought his hands to his face.

“Oh, damn it.” He said to himself.

Giles seemed to almost trip over his own feet but managed not to fall to the floor. Jenny picked herself up off the floor and looked over at the librarian.

“Is it just me or did you gain a lot of magical knowledge and power in a very tiny amount of time as well?” She asked only getting a nod in response. “How do you think it happened?”

“Chaos magic.” Giles said using his new found knowledge to seek out what or who was responsible. “Ethan.”

An ankh formed as Giles teleported himself away leaving Jenny alone in the library. He teleported to Ethan’s shop to see small fires were burning inside. It didn’t take long to search the shop as he found Ethan against a wall with what looked like a large blade sticking out of his chest that seemed to have came out of his back. He was about to prepare a healing spell when Ethan waved him off.

“Don’t bother, Ripper, or should I be calling you Doctor Fate now.” He said with a small laugh.

“Why in the bloody hell could possess you to do something like this?” Giles asked.

“I had a visitor from the future who showed me and told me a few things that painted a very grim outlook on things.” Ethan said with a wince of pain. “It was myself. You can find everything he gave me in a silver briefcase in the back.

“Why did you have to do all this?” Giles asked again not really satisfied by the answer.

“I wanted to leave the world with a few better heroes than were already in it.” He said. “Besides, a lot more people will be left alive because of this.”

Ethan’s head slumped down letting Giles know that his old friend was dead. He found the briefcase with little trouble and walked out of the store. Teleporting back to the library, he set the briefcase down on his desk. Jenny walked over to him.

“What’s in the briefcase?” Jenny asked.

“Answers.” Giles replied. “Answers.”

Willie shook his head as a few of his patrons asked him if he was alright. He hadn’t been alright in a very long time but somehow the costume that had a faceless mask had given him a new identity and a new purpose. It was time for him to be asking the questions instead of being the one to answer them.

“You okay, Willie?” A fuchsia-skinned demon with fifteen small horns on its head asked him.

Looking downward, Willie suppressed a laugh as he asked. “Did you know that the little plastic ends of shoelaces are called aglets?”

“No.” The demon replied.

“Their true purpose is quite sinister.” Willie informed him as he tapped the rune hidden underneath the bar.

His patrons began to scream as flames began to surround them but Willie wasn’t around to hear them as he had rushed out of his bar before the failsafe wards sealed the bar trapping those that were still inside. As the flames burnt away his past, he kept his mind on other things. Conspiracies that he had read about or heard rumors about were going to be investigated. It was time for him to find answers.

Xander was in a daze as he walked out of the high school after returning his ‘demons’ that were called children. The memories that had came into his head were unreal and he knew why the shop owner had referred to Superman as one of that world’s greatest heroes. The battles he had fought would have broken lesser men and he wondered if he would have been one of those lesser men.

“So, you get any extras too?” Willow asked as she walked up behind him.

“Yep, though I’m trying not to do something that will have me killed.” Xander replied getting a smack in the back of his head. “What was that for?”

“X-ray vision.” Willow reminded him as she flexed her wings. “These wings are weird. I feel like I’ve always had them.”

The two friends looked up to see Cordelia land on the ground in front of them. She didn’t seem pleased.

“Do either of you know why I can suddenly fly and am like Buffy on steroids?” She asked.

“Probably the same reason I’m faster than a speeding bullet.” Xander replied. “The M word.”

Cordelia let out an aggravated moan. “I hate magic.” She said. “If it isn’t Morgan Le Fay’s brat, it’s Felix fucking Faust possessing the fucking Annihilator armor and taking over Tartarus.”

Willow smirked as some of Shayera’s memories of the incident in the Underworld came to mind. She walked over to Cordelia.

“Don’t worry, Princess.” She said. “If need be, my mace seems to still work.”

“So, what are we going to do now?” Cordelia asked. “It’s not like we’re the Justice League.”

Xander was surprised to hear his Justice League comm link chirp in his ear. He reached up to his ear.

“This is Aura.” Aura said. “I dressed as Vixen and had to go to LA for a party. I’m in trouble!”

“What kind of trouble?” Xander asked.


Author’s End Notes: Please leave a review to let me know what you think.
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