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Godly White Knight

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Summary: Xander is more than he seems and faces Lucifer and Michael as Armageddon comes to Sunnydale . The likes of which the Scoobies have never before seen

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Threesome & MoresomesXanderLuvsAllFR1333,02402211,11623 Oct 1024 Jan 11No

New World

After Angelus death, Buffy and Xander grew closer as they now shared something that no one else did. The killing of someone they loved. That connection was strong even though it was started by a tragic act, it would last them a lifetime. That summer Xander managed to convince Joyce to let the two of them to go of and see the Wizard World. Well, to Joyce he just said Britain as she didn't know about the supernatural. A fact that he found stupid as it left her vulnerable to attack but she was not his mother so it wasn't his to question. After a lot of pleading and begging, Joyce finally gave in.

Showing Buffy around Britain was truly an amazing thing that gave Xander joy. Finally he could share a part of himself with someone other than Jesse. Willow..well, Xander never felt like he could be himself with her, that she would judge him as she did everything else. So Willow only knew that he had magic. Not about the Wizard World or that his parents had magic to. Nor about being born from Harry or being part Veela. Nothing truly important about him, which was sad to realize about ones best friend. Still, Buffy was..different.

To say Buffy was amazed by the Wizard World would be one hell of an understatement. The new World revealed to her was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Since finding out about the supernatural, all she had seen was one new type of evil after another. Yet now she was able to see a place of wonder, not tainted by the evil that was the rest of the supernatural. It was lovely. Draco helps Xander show Buffy everything there is ti see in the World and while Buffy was surprised at the fact that Draco is the same age as Xander's Da. A fact that Xander doesn't notice as Draco is his brother and his age is meaningless.

Draco was deliriously happy to have his brother at his side as he really missed him. Thus he was rather annoyed at Buffy's presence and managed to take Xander out for dinner by himself. They talked for hours as they ate the seven course meal then went for a walk along the Thames. Draco was ready to approach a subject that he had been trying to broach his entire visit.

"So, you'll be ...graduating soon....And I thought that you would enjoy coming over here for a while. To experience Britain for longer than a few months..This is your home after all...Where you were meant to live if not for Potter..Nevermind. I would like you to come live with me for a while."Xander looked at his brother and didn't know what to say. He loved Draco with everything in him but knew that he couldn't just abandon the Hellmouth and his friends to the grueling never ending war against the Dark. Still, he didn't want to hurt his eldest brother. So he was very careful with his words.

"I enjoy spending time here and I love every moment we have together ...but I'm needed in Sunnydale. I know you and Father don't like what I'm doing but I am doing good and can't stop....Please understand that,Brother...I need you not to be angry at me." Xander watched his brother and waited, worried that Draco wouldn't understand. Draco grabbed Xander and pulled him to him and hugged him tightly. They held each other for quite some time before Draco pulled away and firmly grabbed Xander's face.

"Your happiness matters more to me than anything else. I may not understand why you want to continue fighting,probably inherited from Potter, but as long as your happy, I'll let it go. Still, you can visit more often you know. Now that you can Apparate and make portkeys, I expect you to visit far more often. Understand?"Xander sheepishly nods. The two of them spend the rest of the day happily just being together. Their age may be very different, Xander's Da is the same age as his brother, but they are brothers and love each other unconditionally. Nothing will ever come between them.

Draco was even the only one that knew about his dreams of being bodiless yet powerful beyond imagination. Draco was the one that Xander told all of his secrets to. The only one he could trust with all his being. His parents mean well but they are by far to overprotective. Sure, Xander understood why. He was the child of their union, their miracle child as they wanted a child for years but couldn't conceive. Harry was incapable thanks to having the Death curse put on him, nothing living could come from him. And Lucius. Male pregnancy was risky and not smart to do after forty. So Xander truly was a miracle. So they wanted to make sure nothing happened to him and over did it. Draco didn't....Or at least not as badly as their father and Harry.

After that, Draco took them to Hogwarts and Xander was able to see the school that could have been his. Where his parents,brother and ancestors all went. It was amazing. Buffy found it simply breath taking. Draco showed them every inch of it, telling them stories of his time there with Harry. Scorpius joined them and found the stories as fascinating as they did. Buffy found it hilarious that Xander had a nephew so close to his own age .Draco even showed Xander the exact spot where Harry and Lucius had seen each other after Harry had entered 'adulthood' and thus Lucius was able to recognize his mate. It was...perfect.

It was ruined by the press catching wind of Xander's presence though and Xander was reminded of why his parents had left the Wizard World behind. They were given no privacy. Well, that and the fact the public harshly frowned upon their relationship. Lucius was a Death Eater and that's all they cared about. Uncaring that the moment Lucius realized Harry was his Mate, he abandoned his "Master' and joined the Order. If not for him, the War might very well have been lost. Xander finds it all disgusting and it
is the reason that he rarely comes to Britain. Xander complains to Draco,who laughs.

"Ah,little brother. You are exactly like Potter...The press, use them, gain from them, do not run from them. You are a Malfoy ..and a Potter. Start acting like it." With that Xander learned how to use the press to his liking and using them to tell the true story of his family and the Hellmouth. It makes one hell of a splash.

Soon after, it was time to return to Sunnydale so they can start school. Buffy finds herself somewhat healed of the pain of Angel's death and Xander is becoming more..Everything.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Godly White Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jan 11.

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