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Godly White Knight

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Summary: Xander is more than he seems and faces Lucifer and Michael as Armageddon comes to Sunnydale . The likes of which the Scoobies have never before seen

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Threesome & MoresomesXanderLuvsAllFR1333,02402211,11723 Oct 1024 Jan 11No

Dawn of Time

Disclaimer:Don't own BtVS or Spn

In the Dawn of time, the Universe was created in the multi-verses that consisted of the same thing. Earth was the main body of the Universe. There was life on other planets but they were not as important as Earth. Earth was His children, His favorite. None could surpass them in His love which would lead to His servants rebelling. But first before He could create His children,He had to banish the creatures that dwelled on Earth after He had created it. He had been 'distracted' with Eden after the seven days and during his distraction, the creatures had created breaches from their dimensions and crawled into the Earth.

The creatures were True Demons, they'd one day be called Old Ones, and they were powerful beyond comprehension. Able to bend reality to their will, travel the dimensions, stop time, create, destroy on a epic level and basically do anything they wanted. The True Demons were the First's greatest creation. It's most powerful, you could even call them It's children. It had created many beings but the True Demons were It's most successful.

The First was His true counterpart. For there most be a balance. Ying and Yang. Good and Evil. Karma as it were. There couldn't be one without the other. Lucifer would be believed to be His counterpart in the future but he wasn't. How could he be after all when He created him. No. The First, He and Death were all created at the same time. And while He spent many milenia creating the Heavens, angels and archangels. The Fist spent it creating dimensions of unholy beings and places. True Demons of unlimited power, devils ,that were in no was Lucifer, that were even more powerful then the True Demons but could not leave the dimensions
they were created in without a lot of power. And much more. Both He and the First wanted Everything to be under their domain.

So when He created the Universe and more importantly the Earth, the First sought to take it for Itself by unleashing its unending army. To make the Earth ready for His children, He unleashed his servants, the angels, one the True Demons. The battles ravaged the Earth for many Milenia but finally the Angels pushed the demons away but not before the last demon managed to bite Cain. Making him the first vampire. Having been banished from Eden for the murder of his brother.

Once the battle was over with, He allowed His children to go forth and multiple. Which they did. Lucifer watched and grew jealous of them but did nothing. For he knew that his Father loved him as well. The First was unhappy about It's defeat and sought revenge in a very sneaky way. It sought to steal His most glorious Son from him, his Morning Star. It used It's power to influence Lucifer, to turn his jealously into rage until finally he began to rebel. To His eternal shame, He did not notice. For in His
arrogance, He had assumed It was defeated and would not act against Him again. He would regret that till the end of time for it had cost Him His favorite. His most beautiful one.

In a way it would also cost Him, Michael for after he was forced to cast his brother out of Heaven he was never the same again. The Rebellion had gone on for an age before Michael and Lucifer were done fighting and Heaven would never be the same again. So while the First had lost the battle, It had won the war. Once the Rebellion was done and Heaven healed as much as it ever would be without its greatest, He turned his attention back to His children. Only to discover that Cain had caused a multiple line of vampires and while He was busy with the Rebellion, His children had given themselves a Protector. And while He was
unhappy with how they had done it, He had given them free will. So He allowed the Slayer line to continue.

To ensure it would never happen again, He created the Powers That Be. Their job would be to keep the Balance, to ensure that humanity would not fall to the vampires or the new breed of demons Lucifer had created in the Pit. Or the lesser demons that came from the Firsts dimension. No where near powerful like the True Demons but still a threat to His children. Which would not be allowed. Once that was taken care of, He withdrew to mourn for the Fall of His son. And what would come to pass once he got out of his cage. What Michael would be forced to do.

During His withdrawal, He felt another of His favorites leave while faking his own death.Gabriel. He mourned and prepared for His son, Jesus to be born. Time threw by after that, even His son joining Him did not relieve His grief. Many centuries past and He watched His children. They were His and He loved them and wished them to be the best they could be.And as humanity began to change, He made a choice. He would live among them, experience their lives as one of them. Going so far as to strip His memories. Without a word to His servants, He descend to Earth and into the body of a mortal woman. Creating life in her.

Soon the Apocalypse would take place, created by His servants and He wished to change things. Though He could not see what would come to pass.
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