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A Scooby in Egypt

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Summary: Xander returns to the watchers with more than a tan and a few slayers. He brings both the book of life and the book to death. Thinking of doing a slash pairing, not sure if I can pull it off though

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Bangs head in shame none of the characters are mine. They all belong to someone else.

Xander walks into the Council headquarters having just come off a red eye from Cairo, Egypt, the one-eyed carpenter calls out, “Honey I’m home…” He barely drops his bags before he is buried under the bodies of the young girls that he had rescued from the African wilds. “Xan".. "train with me".. "NO play with me".. "but, I wanted to play with Xan..” The girls many voices cry out into the early morning air as they all try to hug the life out for their white knight and friend.

“Girls give Xander some room I’m sure that he will have some time to train and play with all of you once he has settled in and given a report. Now you all go back up to bed for an hour or so and then you can come down for breakfast and talk to him. Ok?” Giles retorts shaking his head fondly at the sight of his adopted son and ‘his’ girls identical pouts. “Now ladies or you Will train all day everyday for the next week. Xander if you will follow me.”

“Sure G-man.” Xander says, picking himself up and ruffling the heads of the youngest slayers, Kira and Crystal, who were both six.

“Must you call me that insufferable name.”

“At least once more as always G-man.” Xander replies picking up his bags and following Giles back up the stairs into the main office. Placing them on the table he quickly glances through them to find the one he wants the rest getting re zipped and shoved off the table unceremoniously. “So I was in Cairo and I found these books in a novelty store. Apparently the American couple that owned them just died in a died in the valley of the kings and what remained of their stuff was to be sold to ship their ashes back to their kid. And get this his name is Alexander O’Conner. Man when I first heard that I thought that someone though I was Deadboy's kid. Scary. So back on track I got these two for a steal and a few trinkets for the girls and you. Yes dad I scanned them and no bad magics. Most of these things are harmless. With exception of the books which I will be keeping. Those go to you.” Xander pulls out packages and places them in front of a stunned Giles who is still trying to digest the fact that the ‘book of the dead’ and the ‘book of the living’ are on his table. And when he does he gets hung on the O’Conner's death in a dig.

“Xander, what, how, and MOST importantly what possessed you to buy those books do you have any idea the havoc that they could cause….. What do you know of the O’Conner's’ deaths. Oh yes the girls will be impressed by the gifts I'm sure. I’ll make certain that they will be delivered as they were given. Them not having any magic on them is good as the girls are all in Cleveland preparing for an Apocalypse. Why may I ask are the dangerous ones going to me?” Giles rants removing his glasses and polishing while muttering a few ‘dear lords’ under his breath.

“Nice Willow babble there Giles. Like I said couple of American archaeologists died in a cave-in during a dig as there was no prior arrangements made all personal possessions are sold to returns the body to loved ones. So two magic books on sale and the Xan-man snagged them up. Thought they were better off here then In a madman's hands. Yikes do they need me there? I know you can handle the temptation to use them until we figure out exactly what the do do is…?”Xander glances at his watch “and a new record 10 minutes into the conversation for a dear lord. Pay up.”

Sorry for my many mistakes in this chapter. I Claim cold meds, sleep deprivation, and not enough nicotine in my system. Hope i got all the major ones fixed now, Am now going to try to block out the homecoming parade.

Hugs and best wished Winterhart
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