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This story is No. 2 in the series "Convergence". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Things Eliot Hates." Angel's shown up, but what does he want? Eliot's pretty sure nothing good can come of this. He never wanted his team exposed to the more demonic part of society.

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What do we do now?

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel or Leverage. They belong to Joss Whedon and Dean Devlin.


Chapter 10: What do we do now?

Eliot watched as Angel cut the demon into smaller parts so that they could fit it more easily in a box in order to ship it over the headquarters. He would help, but his side honestly felt like it was on fire, so it was all he could do to stand there pretending he was perfectly fine. Him and Angel then left the apartment with the box, leaving strict instructions not to touch the goop on the floor and that they'd be back soon to handle it. Eliot was pretty sure it wouldn't hurt them, he'd just prefer that Angel dispose of it than his team (and he was pretty sure that they would too).

Once done with shipping the box of demon parts, Angel and Eliot headed back to Nate's. Eliot was stopped right outside the door to the apartment by Angel's hand on his arm. "You don't look so good."

Eliot grimaced, "I'll be fine, I think. I forgot how long this stuff can take to heal. And how painful it was."

"You could always—"

"No magic, Angel. It's a crutch and I don't need it. Hell, I've been through worse than this with less pleasant conditions, so I'll be fine."

"Right…" Angel replied skeptically.

"I really will be fine. Once we're done with all this I'll re-disinfect, redress, and be good to go."

Angel shook his head, "You have limits Lindsey, and—"

"And this isn't one of them," Eliot replied adamantly.

"Fine," Angel sighed, "Just don't overexert yourself."

"I won't."

"Stubborn asshole."

"I say the same thing about you," Eliot replied, opening the door. His team was sitting in the living room discussing which job they should take next, so Eliot left them to it and went with Angel to the goop on the floor. "Is it…crystallizing?"

"Yeah. Some demon blood does that."

"Huh. Let's just get it off the floor."


After the demon goop was taken care of Eliot managed to convince Angel that he would be perfectly fine if Angel left and that he could now do so. The conversation was more of a hushed argument held while Eliot was redressing his side about Eliot's ability to operate while he was still healing, but Eliot pointed out that it already looked a little better, so it wouldn't be that much of a problem. "I've fought through more."

They left the kitchen and Angel announced that he was leaving, so the team got up and came over to say goodbye.

Nate shook Angel's hand. "It was nice meeting you."

"Likewise," Angel replied, "Good to see that someone's keeping Lindsey in line."

"It's Eliot."

"Right," Angel replied with a grin, turning to Hardison, "It was nice meeting you too."

Hardison nodded, but stayed back as if he was still unsure as to whether or not Angel was dangerous to him.

Parker suddenly surged forewords from next to Eliot, leaning up into Angel's face. "Will you come back?"

Angel glanced up at Eliot, who glared at him and shook his head. Angel took the hint, looking back at Parker, "Not anytime soon."

"Too bad," Parker sighed, moving back to Eliot's side.

Angel shook his head, shaking Eliot's hand one last time. "You'll call if more complications come up?"


"Good," Angel replied, turning to the door and heading out. Eliot was a bit surprised that this whole week hadn't ended in a giant grudge match with one of them eviscerated, but he was glad it hadn't. He decided not to dwell on his newfound respect for Angel and instead focus on his team.

The next day was the most normal day Eliot had had in a week. Aside from the fact that his side was still infected and highly painful and didn't look to be healing quickly, Eliot felt better than he had in a while. The immediate threat to him and his team was over and Nate had another job lined up. Granted, Eliot wasn't going to be of very much use, but this one shouldn't be very Hitter-heavy, especially since it was a rather small job (although those did tend to go the most wrong).

"Good. You're here," Nate greeted as Eliot came into the apartment, "We're getting started on recon."

Eliot nodded, moving over to the couches where the other three were gathered, "What do you need me to do?"

"Go with Parker to the company. I need you two to track out a day in this guy's life, as well as the patterns of his employees."

"Sounds easy enough. Watch and learn detail."

"Yes, but since this company is smaller than the ones we're used to, be extra careful."

Parker grinned, turning around in her seat to look at Eliot. He ruffled her hair briefly with his hand before going to gather supplies for their day.

"Hardison, I need you to—"

"Monitor their progress. I know Nate."

"Yes. And also keep watch on the news feeds. Anything that mentions anyone in that company in the past few months, we need to know about."

"I can do that."

"Good. Let's get to work," Nate announced, waving Parker and Eliot off to their job.

It went surprisingly well, considering that none of them were completely focused on the job because of recent events. There was a slight slip-up on Eliot and Parker's end with one security guard, but it was taken care of with a quick punch or two and a closet and they were on their way again. All in all, they got everything they needed and Eliot didn't have to do much else physically, which was good as he wasn't sure he could have. He was moving much slower than normal.

The team was sitting around relaxing after a long day of research and recon when they heard someone at the door to Nate's apartment. They all turned as it opened.

"Sophie?" Nate asked in surprise as she came through, "What are you doing here?"

"Hardison called. He said that something was going on and you needed me. I couldn't get here until now."

"We don't ne—" Nate started to say before Parker interrupted.

"Sophie! You'll never guess what's been happening this past week!" she exclaimed excitedly.


Hardison nodded. "Apparently the supernatural is real."

Sophie laughed. "Oh, I already knew that."

A/N: There we go! 10 chapters and around 26,000 words later, it's done! Whew. This brings us to the end of the story. I will continue in the 'verse, but it's over for now. Hope you enjoyed it!

Tell me what you think. ^^

The End

You have reached the end of "Convergence". This story is complete.

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