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This story is No. 2 in the series "Convergence". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Things Eliot Hates." Angel's shown up, but what does he want? Eliot's pretty sure nothing good can come of this. He never wanted his team exposed to the more demonic part of society.

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Television > LeveragetxfantasystarFR131024,34002410,17324 Oct 1013 Feb 11Yes

Who is this guy?

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel or Leverage. Joss Whedon and Dean Devlin do.

A/N: This takes place at the end of Season 2 of Leverage after "The Future Job" and AU after Season 7 of Buffy and Season 5 of Angel.

I decided to continue this because I felt like it had potential, but I feel that "Things Eliot Hates" was a complete story and had the perfect ending, so I'm posting this as a new story. Also, this is in a slightly different writing style, so there's a slight disconnect between the two stories since "Things Eliot Hates" was not really written to be continued.


Chapter 1: Who is this guy?

Nate's about to speak when the man turns around suddenly and levels his gaze towards Eliot.

"Hello, Lindsey," he says and Nate swears that Eliot stops breathing.

Eliot snaps out of his daze around the time the man takes a step closer. As soon as his foot moves, Eliot snaps to attention, stepping in front of everyone protectively and leveling his own glare in the man's direction.

"How'd you get in here?" he demands, moving Parker back behind him when she tries to inch foreword.

The man shrugs, glancing towards Parker in some strange silent communication and Nate wonders just how well Eliot knows this man if they can communicate silently. Eliot turns to glare at Parker and shushes her when her mouth opens to say something, pushing her further behind him. The man starts to move again and Eliot glares, causing him to stop and pull his hands up slightly as if in surrender before sticking them in the pockets of his coat. They hold a brief staring contest before the man breaks the silence.


"Why are you here?" Eliot demands again, cutting the man off.

The man rolls his eyes and sighs. "I need your help."

Eliot snorts. "Yeah, not likely. Get out."

"Just listen. I-"




"Look, I'm just here to ask for your help with a project-" the man protested.

"Which you in no way deserve to get."

The man sighed, messing with the lapels on his jacket. "Look-"

"No. Get out."

They sank back into their staring contest, the rest of the team watching silently. It was strange to watch Eliot interact with this man. They obviously knew each other very well, if Nate was reading them right, although it was hard to tell what kind of relationship they had actually had. They certainly weren't friends. More like enemies. But there was a certain amount of something almost like trust flowing between them, almost like they knew each other so well that they trusted they could predict each other's next move, even if they hated each other. Nate was pretty sure there had been fear in Eliot's eyes earlier, and he was certain that something that scared Eliot would spell nothing but trouble for the rest of them.

"I mean it, Angel. Get. Out. Now." Eliot growled, moving the group away from the door quietly and pointing to it, all without ever taking his eyes from Angel's. Nate guessed that Angel was the man's name, but couldn't tell if it was the first or last.


"I don't want to hear any more," Eliot snarled, stepping closer to Angel threateningly, "I want you to get out of here and stop bothering me before I decide to kill you where you stand."

Angel growled back, stepping into Eliot's face, "You think you can take me down?"

"I know I can."

"You never have before," Angel replied, pressing his height advantage down on Eliot.

"Do you want to take that chance?" Eliot replied, almost whispering at this point, "Because I'm perfectly willing to see how that goes."

Angel narrowed his eyes down at Eliot and glanced back up at the rest of the team. Eliot growled a warning at him and Angel glared back down before storming out of the loft, slamming the door behind him.

Eliot sagged down as soon as the door closed, letting out a shaky breath as the anger subsided leaving only the same fear Nate had seen earlier. Eliot looked at Nate briefly before clearing his throat and putting his guards back up, collapsing onto the couch. Parker sat next to him silently, curing up into a ball. The rest of the team took seats as well, waiting for Eliot to say something, all uneasy over Eliot's obvious uneasiness. If this Angel could make Eliot show even this brief emotional weakness, they were sure that they should be wary as well.

For a long time Eliot stayed silent and no one on the team pushed him to speak. Finally he turned his head to look at Parker, who blinked up at him, eyes flickering towards the door.

She took a breath. "Yesterday. He was here yesterday while everyone was out. I was bored and then he knocked on the door. He said he needed help, and that's what we do now, so I let him in. I left him alone, for like, two seconds, and when I came back he was gone...I'm sorry..." she said, eyes tearing up as Eliot dropped his head into his hands. When she started sniffling Eliot looked over at her and smiled.

"It's okay, darlin', you didn't know," he said, resting a hand softly on her shoulder, leaving Nate to wonder what exactly it was that they 'didn't know'. She smiled at him briefly and wiped at her eyes as Eliot's gaze returned to the others.

The silence returned until Hardison broke it. "Who was that, man? 'Cause that was a seriously weird experience..."

Eliot sighed and leaned back on the couch. "Just...someone..." he replied vaguely, staring up at the ceiling.

"Eliot. Tell us what's going on. I think we need to know." Nate suggested carefully. He had had enough of not knowing.

Eliot looked over at him. "It's better if you don't know all of it," he replied, "but I can tell you that he's...he's someone from my old life. Before all of this. Before becoming a Retrieval Specialist."

"So you had another life before your life of crime?" Parker asked, uncurling and looking over at Eliot attentively.

Eliot rolled his eyes. In all honesty he was still a criminal back then, although not in the same way. "Yes. His name's Angel. He and I...we didn't get along. Tried to kill each other too many times to count."

"The guy's name is Angel? Seriously?" Hardison asked with a grin.

"Yes," Eliot glared, "and he's incredibly dangerous and hates me, so try to avoid him if you ever see him again."

Hardison stared, mouth hanging open at Eliot's statement.

Eliot sighed. "Look, I don't want you messing with this guy. If you see him again, tell me and I'll take care of it."

"How?" Tara piped up suddenly. Just when she thought she was used to the team's dynamic, something always happened to throw them off. First Sterling, now this Angel fellow.

Eliot looked at her sadly. "However I have to."

Nate cleared his throat. Hardison coughed. "" he questioned, forcing back a grin.

Eliot glared. "Hardison, I swear to God if you look into my past I will know and hunt you down. It was my name. It's not anymore. Leave it alone and don't investigate," he threatened, continuing to glare until Hardison swallowed and nodded his compliance.

Nate stood up. "Do you think he'll come back, this Angel character?"

Eliot nodded. "He'll hang around. Just ignore him. Now why don't y'all go down to the bar while I make a few calls," he ordered. Nate took one look at Eliot's face and nodded, ushering the team downstairs. If Eliot wanted to be alone to pull himself together, Nate was going to give him space.

As soon as the door closed behind them Eliot went to the bookcase and pulled out the books until he uncovered his emergency compartment. He pulled out the things he needed and quickly performed the uninviting spell on the apartment. It wouldn't do for Angel to be able to get in without him knowing about it. He carefully put everything back and pulled out his cell phone, dialing a number he knew by heart. It went straight to voicemail.

"Hey. It's me. Angel just came by my team's place in Boston. I don't know what he's doing here, but I don't like it. He said he needed my help, so it must be something big for him to suck up that big ego of his, but I don't trust him. Call me when you get this."

He hung up slowly, letting out a big sigh before following his team down into the bar. He hoped this didn't end with him having to explain the existence of the supernatural.

A/N: I had to repost this because something went screwy with it. Sorry ^^
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