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Uncle by blood. Family by choice.

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Summary: Xander is hurt and a gift from the past is just the thing to help him on a new path with a family that actually cares for him.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyJaylynnFR1844,065411829,33024 Oct 1030 Dec 11No

Chapter 4

Title:Uncle by blood, family by choice.
Author:Jaylynn (Aim: Jaylynwolf)
Pairing: None currently but will probably change in the future since my muse keeps flipfloping between two.
Disclaimer: Buffy stuff belongs to Joss, Harry Potter stuff belongs to J.K. Rowling.
A.N. This chapter is for Genuka, who's in need of a pick me up. I'm just glad I could get it out for you before the new year since Severus based chapters seem to freeze up my muse something fierce.
A.N. 2 Happy New Year everyone one and I just want to thank everyone who reviewed. They really do help me to continue writing since then make me realize people are waiting for updates. Also a little warning, I don't have a beta to go over my work so there will probably be mistakes. I try to catch as many errors as I can but I'm not that good at finding them, so I'm sorry in advance.

Chapter 4

Severus let a disgusted sneer settle on his face as he took in the picturesque setting Sunnydale provided. If you didn't know any better all you would see was a happy little town that had the comforts of a big city but with a small town feel and very reasonable prices for houses and new business. That saying about things being too good to be true flashed across Severus mind causing him to snort. Of course there was a reason for such low prices, the current owners kept getting killed or turned up missing. How else would you get people to turn a blind eye to the high death toll or the number of missing people. People could be blind to things they should worry about if they could focused on the amazing deal they got instead, and if once they got there and things weren't what they appeared to be? Oh well, they either learned to be a little eccentric and not go out at night or soon some other lucky customer got a new great deal. It's not like the realtors had to disclose what happened to the previous owners and no one in Sunnydale was going to say anything.

As the scenery flew passed the taxi window, that he was forced to use, Severus wished it was safe for him to use other more magical means to travel but the damn portal, that warped everything around it, made that unwise. Only in a true emergency would he even attempt it and even then never with a portkey he made himself. Only two, maybe three if he was being generous, had the power to make a portkey that could power through the hellmouth's influence safely. Severus gave an undignified snort, completely ignoring the look the taxi driver gave him. Potter certainly had more power than he knew what to do with but he lacked the brain power or ambition to put it to use. The Potion Master put most of the credit for the boys survival of the last few years on the shoulder's of the Granger chit and on pure dumb luck.

Thinking of portkeys brought his mind back to his nephew. He was never so thankful to Albus as he was right now. When he had asked for an emergency portkey for his nephew all those years back he had never thought it would be used, but it had and he now owed Albus for the life of the only family he had left. Well, the only family he actually counted anyway. He still loved his sister but over the years, he gave up hope that they would ever be a true family again.

At last they arrived at his destination, and after paying the driver he stepped out of taxi. Not surprisingly it sped away like the hounds of hell were chasing him and in this town that might not have been too far from the truth. Walking up the path to the front door, Severus found the door slightly open. Pulling out his wand, he pushed the door open carefully, ready incase something was on the other side just waiting to attack. It swung open easily, showing only an empty house but Severus wasn't taking any chances and entered slowly taking in his surroundings ready for any sort of attack.

The living room was clear, but as soon as he hit the entry for the kitchen the coppery scent of blood hit him. Prepared for an attack, Severus made his way inside. It was empty or so he thought. Walking further in, he stepped passed the kitchen table and there slumped against the wall was a body. Before making sure he wouldn't be attacked once he let down his defenses, Severus knelt down next to the broken body of his sister. He was sure she was gone to the world and broken as she looked but when he checked for a heartbeat he found one. It was so faint it was almost nonexistent but it was there and that was all a potion master needed especially as good of one as he was. Now in a hurry, Severus pulled bottle after bottle from a pocket of his robe, finding the ones he had that would be safe to a muggle. Gently prying Jessica's mouth open he began force feeding her the potions. It wouldn't heal her instantly like some of the potions he had for wizards or witches but if he wasn't too late it just might be enough to keep his sister in the land of the living until he could get her to a hospital.

Finally satisfied that he gave her everything that would help and not hurt her, Severus scooped her up being as careful as he could and headed out of the house. There wasn't any point trying to call for an ambulance since it was unlikely to show up until morning, same with the local aurors or whatever the muggle equivalent was called. He knew they didn't live that far from the hospital anyway and after risking a quick point me spell, they were on their way. Even with the strong scent of blood, Severus luckily did not run into any of Sunnydale's usual trouble makers. Of course that was probably due more to the aura he gave off than luck. It was dark, powerful and angry and any minion worth his dust was going to go for easier prey and not tangle with something like that and in this town easy prey isn't hard to find.

Once he reached the hospital, he was able to drop off his sister with surprisingly few questions being asked once he had explained that he had found her like this after getting a warning from his nephew. After all, Xander showing up unconscious was a warning, just not the verbal one he was making it out to sound like. The nurses had exchanged a few looks and took things from there. He was almost rushed out the door but Severus was fine with that, more than fine actually. He had things to do and people to find. It may not have been his deadbeat brother in law that had been to blame for the condition of his nephew and sister but his instincts were pointing in that direction and over the years he had learned to trust them. If it turned out it wasn’t him, well, at least he got to take out some of his aggression before he went in search for the actual person responsible, but either way Severus was going to get a little revenge before the night was through.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Uncle by blood. Family by choice." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 11.

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