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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17826 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 10


(Venator Class Star Destroyer Black Star)

Captain Hunt pushed himself back to his feet and wiped a trail of blood from his forehead. He had taken a bad fall against a nearby console after the bridge had taken a lucky shot. He glanced around and noted many of the bridge crew had come through the attack mostly okay, but a few lay on the desk either dead or badly injured.

“Get some medics up here to see to our wounded,” he ordered before he focused once more on the battle.

The droid fleet was collapsing as it was attacked on all sides, but it was not beaten by any means. He could see that the Revenge had taken a beating, but it was still in the fight. The Sunrider had taken two bad shots that had knocked out some of its turbo lasers, the Glory and the Firehawk had weathered the fight well so far, but that could always change. His ship had lost some of its turbo lasers and their shields had taken a beating, but they were still in a good condition.

“Order all fire on the droid command ship,” he commanded to his fire control officer. “We have to destroy it,” he stated.

“Yes sir,” the fire control officer responded with a quick nod of his head.

Hunt noted that the medics finally arrived and began to check the bodies still lying on his bridge. He wondered how the General and the others were doing.



Revan felt the transport land with a thud and he felt a slight smirk grace his features behind his mask. The door would soon open and once more he would be in the thick of a fight to the death. He looked at the clones that were all ready to explode out of the transport. However he needed his force to be intact before they headed for Skywalker and the others.

“Trax,” he said turning to his captain. “Order all clones to hold outside the transports. We need to be a focused force before we advance to the enemy and we need to allow for Bastila to prepare,” he ordered.

“Yes General,” Trax replied with a quick nod before relaying the command.

The door to the transport opened a few minutes later and he quickly exited. He was looking around as the clones filed out, but as ordered remained near their transports. Tarin, Bastila and Canderous quickly rushed over to him.

“Bastila you will remain here so you can use your battle meditation and allow us to bring this battle under control, once it is you can join us,” Revan told her as he removed his mask so he could look them in the eyes.

“I understand Revan,” Bastila replied although she would rather be by her beloved’s side as they entered the battle.

“Canderous, Tarin you will both lead the flanks of our force while I lead the main force,” Revan continued. “We will march straight into the enemy’s side and catch the enemy off guard. Push them hard as we have to link up with Kenobi and Skywalker’s forces quickly,” he told them. “Trax I want a single platoon to remain to guard General Bastila and our landing site. They will go with Bastila when it is time for her to join the battle,” he said turning to watch the clone.

“Right away General,” Trax didn’t hesitate to give orders for the 3rd platoon to be that guard.

“Form up the army into 3 forces and then move out as fast as you can,” Revan finished to which Canderous and Tarin nodded before moving to comply with his commands. Revan gave Bastila a quick kiss, which in Bastila’s view did not last long enough, before he replaced his mask and moved off with Trax close behind.

Bastila watched them go before she settled into a meditation position, closed her eyes and began to focus her battle meditation, not only on Revan and their army but also on Skywalker and Kenobi’s remaining force.

At the droid base HK-47 slowly advanced towards the command post. Sneaking past the droid guards had been too easy much to his annoyance. These droids were an insult to the name he thought and it would be a pleasure to destroy them. Once he got close to the command post he took a quick look inside and noted several droids inside, as well what must be five advanced droids which actually looked like they might prove a challenge. He also noted that there were two aliens of a type he didn’t recognize. This was going to be fun he thought with what some would call glee.

He picked two of his grenades and then flung them into the command post, a few seconds later they detonated just as one of the droids took note of them. Three of the droids were destroyed before they could react and the five advanced models quickly turned to face the entrance just as HK opened fire with his blaster.


(Jedi Temple)

Jolee, Visas, Carth, Mission, Zaalbar and T3 sat in one of the many rooms within the temple awaiting word of Revan and the others. They all despised the fact they had not been allowed to go with their friends, they understood the council was wary of Revan, but to keep some of them away from the fight was annoying. Carth tried to pass the time playing a game of holo-chess with Jolee who seemed distracted. Mission was reading up on the history files Revan and Bastila had found on their friends and family they had left behind. So far she hadn’t found anything on Griff. Visas kept herself busy by doing some maintenance on T3 who remained silent awaiting the return of his Master.

“This is not fair,” Mission finally snapped.

“I know kid,” Jolee agreed as he moved one of his pieces on the holo-chess board. “But until the Jedi council is satisfied that Revan and Tarin don’t pose a threat to them we can’t do anything,” he told her with a quick glance he threw her way.

“It is not just them, they are worried about Bastila as well,” Carth pointed out.

“True enough,” Jolee responded with a sigh. “Seems things haven’t changed much, the council is still a paranoid bunch of jerks,” he stated grimly.

“They might have cause with this war on,” Carth pointed out. “Jedi turning against them like before, then to have an old former Dark Lord and his friends arrive to help them,” he continued. “I can’t blame them for being a little on edge with those of us who have crossed that line,” he stated.

“They should show a little more trust,” Mission spat in response and glared at Carth a little. “They were told by those force ghosts we are on their side and still they want to test us like idiots,” she reminded him.

“Their tests almost cost one of them their lives had Revan not been in total control of himself,” Visas pointed out with a grim smile as her sightless eyes came to rest on Mission. Even though the young Twi’lek couldn’t see them thanks to the robe’s hood that covered Visas’s eyes, she still shivered as the older woman looked right at her.

“True, but I think this will be the last time Revan will allow them to dictate how things will progress,” Jolee responded as he made a move on the holo-chess board.

“I think you’re right there Jolee,” Carth agreed with a nod of his head as he tried to plan his next move. “Once this mission is over, he will not allow us to be separated again,” he stated with confidence.

“I hope you are right Carth,” Mission muttered as Zaalbar let out a roar of agreement.

Carth just gave her a quick look before he made his move only to have his smile wiped from his face, as Jolee quickly made his own move which ended up with him in check mate. Carth gave the older man a mild glare. Jolee just grinned in reply as he leaned back in his seat.



HK-47 fired his blaster on full auto with such accuracy he shredded the first of the advanced droids in seconds. The other four returned fire while the two aliens cowered in fear of to the side. The remaining two normal droids were slower to return fire and their aim was way off HK noted in disgust. He backed off and took cover as he replaced his spent power pack with a new one. Spinning back into place he blew the two normal droids apart with only a few shots each. His eye lenses seemed to glow red as he twisted to fire on the advanced droids. His personal shield deflected the shots the advanced droids managed to land on him and within a space of five seconds he had reduced another two to scrap.

He quickly chucked in another grenade and was pleased to see it scarp two more of the droids he was facing. One was a normal droid and the other an advance model. He quickly retreated into cover as he once again replaced his power pack for his blaster. This battle was more fun than he had anticipated or more likely it was just the first time in a long while he had been able to cut loose. He quickly jumped back into the fray.


Obi-Wan jumped away just in time as Grievous suddenly jumped at him with four lightsabers aimed at where he had been. He somersaulted over the attack and leveled his lightsaber at the droid commander.

“So good to see you again Kenobi,” Grievous spat as he turned to face one of the two most constant annoyances he knew in this war.

“The pleasure as always is mine General,” Obi-Wan replied smoothly as he prepared to fight the most dangerous droid he had ever known.

“This time I assure you will be the last,” Grievous snarled before breaking into a coughing fit and a second later he launched his attack.

Obi-Wan side stepped the attack and quickly countered, only for his lightsaber to clash against two of Grievous’. He strained against the increased strength of the cyborg general before leaping backwards as Grievous slashed out with his other two lightsabers. He had been expecting Grievous to use his extra arms at the first opportunity. It wouldn’t be the first time as they had clashed quite a few times in this war. He quickly attacked once more but kept himself alert for Grievous’ trickery. He pushed the cyborg general back step by step, but his advantage didn’t last as Grievous quickly went on the offensive. The four blades he now faced twirled in a circle before lashing out at him. He was forced to jump away again before he launched his own attack.

Of to the side Anakin fought back to back with Ahsoka against multiple battle droids, neither flinched as their lightsabers came so very close to the other as they were well used to each other’s moves by now and knew when to move or duck. Close by Rex and Cody stood with a small platoon of clones and did their best to keep the droids of their leaders, but for each droid they felled two clones seemed to fall in turn. The majority of their remaining force had been broken up and cut off. Both knew it was only a matter of time before they all fell.

“We can’t hold out much longer,” Cody finally snapped as he reloaded.

“We will hold as long as we have too Commander,” Rex shot back as he blasted two more droids down with his blaster pistols just as another of their squad was cut down by multiple shots from three battle droids.

Obi-Wan blocked the wild swings from Grievous as best he could. He was looking for a route of attack, but so far he could find none. A sudden push forward by the cyborg general forced him backwards again, however he found the ground uneven and he lost his footing, fell to the ground and lost his grip on his lightsaber. He coughed a little surprised by his sudden fall and a sharp pain shot up his chest as Grievous forced his foot down on it.

“Ah at last I will have the pleasure of killing you,” Grievous taunted him as he raised all four blades for the strike.

Obi-wan looked around and noted there was no way out. Anakin and the others were cut off by mass ranks of droids. He looked around for his lightsaber but couldn’t see it. He turned back just as Grievous brought his blades down.
“Goodbye General Kenobi,” Grievous spat.

Just inches from cutting Obi-wan in half a blast of force lightening sent the cyborg general flying backwards. Obi-wan turned in shock and saw a man who had to be a Jedi standing in front of a whole column of clones. ‘But then if he was a Jedi then why was he using the dark side of the force?’ Obi-wan thought. He remained where he was as the unknown Jedi leapt into combat with Grievous who quickly got back to his feet. The clones quickly rushed into the thick of the fighting to relieve their weakened comrades. As Obi-wan pushed himself back to his feet he noted two more formations of clones rush into the battle. He noted another unknown Jedi leading one of the groups, while the other seemed to be led by what could only be a full-blooded Mandalorian in full armor.

“How in the force?” he asked himself before he was forced to refocus as a droid came rushing at him.

He jumped backwards and in a desperate move reached out with the force for his weapon, thankfully it seemed that his weapon was close by hidden by some rocks, which is why he hadn’t seen it before. He activated it as soon as it was in his grip and cut the attacking droid in half. He turned back to see the unknown Jedi who had saved him in full flow against Grievous.

“Who the hell is he and his friends?” Anakin’s voice almost made Obi-Wan jump and he turned to find his former apprentice standing beside him watching the same fight.

“I do not know Anakin,” Obi-Wan responded with a shake of his head. “I don’t recognize any of them and the fact he used force lightening is even more confusing,” he pointed out. “But he is leading our own forces so he must be on our side,” he added.

“Whatever,” Anakin shot back before he jumped back into the fight just in time to save his Padawan from being shot in the back by an unseen assassin droid. “Watch it Snips,” he warned her before he attacked another bunch of droids.

“Thank you Master, but I saw him,” Ahsoka shot back as she followed him. “I was just about to take him out,” she added as they smashed into the group of droids.

“If you say so Snips,” Anakin teased back as he slashed one droid right down the middle before switching direction and cutting another’s head off. “But I think you were slacking off,” he added with a short grin.

“That is so not true Master,” Ahsoka countered with a growl of irritation. She cut through two more droids as she did so, before somersaulting over another droid as it fired.

Turning back to face the droid with a grin on her face she brought her lightsaber up and cut it in half. She turned to see a horde of reinforcements charge into the army of droids which had almost wiped out their entire force. Canderous led his men into the thick of the fighting and his huge blaster cannon unleashed blast after blast into any droid he could target. A wide smirk graced his features to once again be in battle, for a chance to prove his worth once more.

Tarin was a bit more cautious as he waded into the battle with his own forces. His lightsaber took down droid after droid as his clones blasted even more.

Revan snarled as he dodged another of the cyborg’s attacks. The fact this creature could use four lightsabers was annoying. It gave his enemy an advantage and kept him on the defensive for the most part, deciding to change the rules he unleashed another barrage of force lightning striking the cyborg general right in the center of his chest, making him cry out. He kept the attack going before he jumped out of the way. A slight warning in the force had warned him of an incoming attack. Looking up he found a bald headed woman holding two blood red lightsabers standing where he had been only moments ago. The dark side twirled around her, but she bore no markings of Sith origin. At a guess he believed she was a Dark Jedi at best, swinging his blade around he prepared to attack.

“So finally I find a Jedi who is willing to bend his beloved rules,” Ventress sneered at him. “So you wish to sample the dark side?” she inquired.

Revan couldn’t help but chuckle at her failure to understand the truth. “I’m no simple Jedi. I have been both, champion of light and dark sides,” he told her as he prepared to leap. “I know both sides of the force intimately, you only know one side,” he pointed out making her growl in anger as he basically dismissed her as a threat. “I suggest you run,” he taunted her.


(Venator Class Star Destroyer Black Star)

Captain Hunt almost smiled in relief as he watched the command ship finally explode in a ball of flame. His bridge crew let out a small cheer before they refocused on continuing the battle.

“Turn all weapons on the nearest ship and fire,” Hunt ordered.

“Yes sir,” his weapons officer responded with a nod of his head.

“Captain, the Sunrider has to withdraw as she cannot take much more,” his communications officer reported. “The weapons are offline and their shields are almost depleted,” he added.

“Understood, have the Revenge cover her as best as they can as she withdraws,” Hunt ordered, cursing the loss of the ship but at least they had not been blown up. ‘They had already taken far too many losses in ships and men as it was in this war,’ he thought.

“Sir their line is cracking,” his first officer pointed out. “Should we try and push through?” he inquired.

Hunt thought about it for a few seconds before deciding the risk was worth it. The quicker they ended this fight the better off they would all be. “Order the other ships, bar the Sunrider, to close in on the enemy and breakthrough what is left of their line,” he ordered as confidently as he could.

“Yes sir,” the communications officer nodded in understanding before he relayed the orders.
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