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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17826 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 11


Bastila was starting to struggle with her concentration as she focused her battle meditation on such a large group, the larger the amount of the force she used for it, the harder it was to maintain. And this was the largest group of people she had ever used it on in her life, except during the bitterest days of the Jedi Civil War. The final battle of the Star Forge had been a huge test of her abilities, but during that battle she had the Star Forge itself augmenting her power. This time she had only her internal power, and it was clear to her she wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer.

‘Revan, if you can hear me I can’t keep this up much longer,’ she sent through the force bond she shared with Revan.

‘Then let it go, we have things under control, and join us when you can love,’ Revan responded after a short moment. This relieved her as she had not wanted to let go if he hadn’t responded.

Releasing the focus and the power instantly relieved the pressure she had felt beginning to form in her head, she collapsed backwards feeling tired. Nicks who had been assigned along with the rest of 3rd platoon as her guard quickly moved to help her.

“Are you okay General Shan?” Nicks inquired.

“I will be in a minute or two, using my abilities on such a large group is taxing and it drains me badly,” Bastila assured him. “Had I held on much longer I probably would have collapsed from exhaustion,” she added with a small smile.

“I see,” Nicks mused as he had never really considered the strain their powers could have on their Jedi Generals. “Water,” he called to one of his clone brothers who quickly acted.

Bastila eagerly drunk from the bottle enjoying the cool feel of the water as it went down and she quickly began to feel much better. “Tell the men that we move out in five minutes Nicks, we have a battle to help win,” she finally ordered.

“As you command General,” Nicks responded with a quick nod of his head before he left to prepare the platoon. He was eager to join his clone brothers in the thick of the fighting.

Bastila watched him go and noted the almost eagerness he had to go into battle, an eagerness she sensed in the other clones as well. Clearly it had been written into their genes when they had been created. Perhaps that is what allowed the Sith to use them as the perfect weapon against the Jedi as Revan’s vision of the future had shown.

Back at the Separatist base HK-47 was still engaged in a fight with the last two battle droids, which were advanced models. He had managed to take out the rest even though he had taken some damage to his upper shoulder area. Thankfully it didn’t hinder his movement. He waited as his enemies both poured fire near his hiding place. He reloaded his blaster and quickly shot out of cover when his enemy’s weapons ran dry, his aim was precise and both droids dropped to the ground in a smoking heap. Quickly he destroyed the computers and controls of the base security system; it was at this point the two fleshy beings he had forgotten during the battle tried to flee. Turning quickly he shot both in the head with no little satisfaction, he watched as their bodies collapsed to the floor in a pool of blood. Eager for more death he headed out and began to fire on the other fleshy beings he noted in the camp. The slow acting droids protecting the camp proved no challenge to HK and he destroyed them with ease. Enjoying himself he was somewhat disappointed to find no more targets, so he returned to destroying any signs of the bases defensive abilities.

Back in the battlefield Revan pushed his attack on the female dark Jedi who seemed to think she was a true Sith, the very idea made him smile. Her power was next to nothing compared to a real Sith. Her skill with two lightsabers was impressive, but still lacking in what he would expect from a real Sith. He lunged forwards again and went for the woman’s exposed side after her attempt on his head. She barely managed to avoid the attack. He paused as he felt Bastila contact him through the bond, he didn’t think twice about ordering her to stop using her battle meditation. He knew using it on such a large group put a great strain on his lover, but for this battle he had no other choice but to have her use it to gain them an advantage. If Skywalker and Kenobi died here then everything he and his friends had done to get here would have been for nothing, worse the sacrifice he and Bastila had made of leaving their child in the past would have no meaning.

That very thought sent a surge of anger through him and he snarled as the bald headed woman came at him again, side stepping the attack he lunged forward and hit her with the hilt of his lightsaber knocking her of balance before he twisted and brought his blade down through her left wrist.

Ventress screamed in agony as the blade removed her left hand, although the heat of the lightsaber cauterized it and stopped any blood loss. She only hesitated for a second before she turned and fled, Anakin who had been coming up behind her and Revan moved to follow only for Revan’s blade to halt his advance.

“She’s getting away,” Anakin protested with a glare at their still unknown rescuer.

“Doesn’t matter right now Skywalker,” Revan responded as he regained control of himself with a little help from Bastila through their bond. “We have a battle to win, she can wait till another time, she is injured and of no threat,” he stated turning his mask covered face to Anakin who was still glaring at him. “Our men need our help more,” he finished before turning and leaping back into the fight.

Anakin turned to where Ventress had fled and felt an urge to go after her, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Ahsoka come under heavy attack and quickly changed his mind and jumped to her aid. Their rescuer was correct, there would be another time for Ventress and Grievous who he noted had also fled.

Revan was relieved Skywalker had listened to him as the last thing they needed was him walking into a trap. He sensed Bastila on her way with her platoon to help them finish off the remaining part of the droid army. He decided it was time to call HK-47 back as well. He was certain his droid had caused enough damage and chaos at the enemy base by now.

“HK, I want you back here helping me finishing this battle off,” Revan ordered into his comm. “I am sure you’ve had enough fun,” he added as he decapitated another droid.

“Response: Understood Master, I am on my way and yes I’ve had a lot of fun causing havoc,” HK’s voice responded over the comm and Revan could hear an almost satisfied tone in the voice.

Revan sometimes wondered if HK-47 was something a little more than just a droid, he could swear the insane assassin droid showed emotion at times even though that was impossible. He jumped out of the way of a dozen blaster shots from five nearby battle droids just as Canderous and Tarin converged on his position. Canderous took down two of the droids with his heavy blaster canon, while Tarin removed another’s head with his lightsaber. As he landed he rushed forward with a slight push from the force and took the last two down with two quick swipes from his own lightsaber.
“The droids are beginning to lose their formation,” Canderous reported with a smirk on his face as he continued to blast away at more droids as they closed in. “If we push now, we should be able to break them,” he advised.

“I agree General,” Tarin agreed as he deflected bolt after bolt with his lightsaber back into the droids who had fired them, destroying them with precise hits.

Before he could form a response Bastila and her platoon charged into the fight having clearly run as fast as they could to help. HK-47 would soon arrive as well and so he decided it was indeed time to wipe the droids out by making a push against them.

“All units push forwards now while the droid formation is breaking,” he ordered into his comm. “Canderous, Tarin follow me,” he added as he waded back into the fight.

Grievous growled as he slew two more clones before he noted his force had been penned in and was slowly been whittled away. He looked for Ventress, but didn’t see her anywhere. This angered him greatly and he would make sure the bitch paid for deserting him. He suddenly took note of Kenobi and Skywalker bearing down on him from one side, Skywalker’s wretched Padawan from another and finally the Jedi who had used force lightening on him. The searing pain from that attack still lingered, he wondered if this particular Jedi was close to falling to the dark side as Dooku liked to put it. Shaking that thought off he realized this battle was lost. He had to escape now while he still could. Summoning his bodyguard of Magnaguards to engage the oncoming Jedi, he quickly turned and fled cutting down any clones that got in his way.

Anakin jumped right over his enemy and brought his blade down into a cutting arc, but the Magnaguards reaction was faster than any normal droid and blocked the shot with its electrostaff. Alongside him the others all clashed head on with the other Magnaguards Grievous used as bodyguards.

Revan growled under his helmet as he watched the cyborg general escape. Suddenly a dark shadow jumped over his head and sliced his opponent in half, it only took him a moment to realize Bastila had finally arrived and used her doubled bladed lightsaber to good affect whilst the droid was occupied blocking his attack.

Go, we will hold,” Bastila shouted to him while she moved to engage another of the advanced guards whilst her platoon quickly entered the fray close on her heels.

Revan nodded and quickly took off after Grievous, intent on ending him if he could. However he was quickly brought up short by two rolling droids who quickly deployed into heavy attackers with shields. Gritting his teeth he held his ground and deflected their shots as quickly as he could, the delay he knew would be costly and the insane cyborg would manage to escape.


(Venator Class Star Destroyer Black Star)

Captain Hunt watched as the enemy ships began to fall back in disarray, clearly with the destruction of their command ship they were lost. Plus with his own fleet bearing down on them, they didn’t know what to do and decided retreat was the best option.

“Sir enemy fighter spotted boarding one of the far back enemy ships, that ship is now heading for an escape vector for a hyperspace jump,” someone reported.
“Sir that is the same ship that another fighter entered not too long ago,” another voice chimed in.

“Can we target it?” he demanded to know as his brain quickly made the jump as to who might have been in those two fighters,

“Negative sir, it is out of range and we have two other droid ships between us,” the weapons officer answered.

He could order his fighters in to try and disable the cruiser, but that was a long shot and it had the disadvantage of removing their fighter screen. That screen had helped deflect the worst of the enemy fire. ‘No,’ he decided now was not the time to try and be a hero. The lives of everyone on this ship as well as on the other ships in his fleet trusted him not to throw their lives away. There would be another time for finally putting an end to the threat of the enemy’s greatest commanders.

“Then focus all fire on those ships we can hit, let us ensure we take what we can while they pull out,” he finally ordered.

“As you command sir,” the weapons officer responded before he targeted the nearest enemy ship and began to pound it with everything their ship had.

“Get me General Revan on the comm if you can,” he said turning to his communications officer.

“Yes sir,” the man nodded and quickly set to work.


Revan was relieved when Canderous broke through the droid he was fighting and came to his aid. He unleashed a torrent of fire from his blaster cannon which was soon joined by shots from above. A quick glance told him that HK-47 had finally returned to help as ordered. The torrent of fire quickly overpowered the two droids shields allowing him to jump forward and attack. He sliced the first in half before it realized its shields were down, while the second managed to move away from him before it was gutted by the combined fire of HK and Canderous.

“You okay, Revan?” Canderous inquired as he reloaded his cannon.

“Annoyed, but okay,” Revan responded curtly, still angered by the escape of the enemy commander. “Now let us finish this,” he growled as he raised his hand and unleashed a barrage of force lightening into a tight pack of droids frying their circuits in seconds and watched in satisfaction as they dropped to the ground inactive.

Canderous just grinned and opened fire once more as HK moved to join them from his heightened position, firing as he went, behind them Tarin finally managed to behead the Magnaguard he had been fighting. This allowed him to turn and do the same to the one that was trying to overpower Ahsoka. Anakin was now back to back with Obi-Wan, when both suddenly ducked at the same time causing the Magnaguards to hit the other with their electrostaffs shocking them both. This slight mistake allowed them both to behead the Magnaguards just as Bastila used a force push to knock her droid to the ground and slice it in half before removing the head when it tried to crawl towards her.

“Well that was bracing,” Obi-Wan mused before frowning as he watched the still as yet unknown Jedi unleash another wave of force lightening into the depleted droid army.
He watched as droids dropped to the ground, inactive as their circuits were blown out from the power of the attack. The power was clearly effective against the droids as it had been against Grievous when he had saved his life, but using that power was wrong. Obi-Wan moved to confront the unknown Jedi when the female Jedi moved to block him with her double bladed lightsaber. He came to a halt as she frowned at him.

“Stay away from him until he has finished winning this battle,” Bastila snapped, already detecting the elder Jedi’s dislike for how Revan was fighting this battle, or more to the point that he was using what the Jedi believed to be a dark side power to win. “He is no threat to you,” she added.

“He is using powers long linked to the dark side of the force and thus I question where his allegiance stands,” Obi-Wan shot back a little taken aback at been snapped at by a fellow Jedi, especially as he was on the council.

Bastila snorted at the signs of the ever present limited vision of the Jedi in that response, when she had become grand master of the reformed order she had tried to introduce a more opened minded view on what was light and what was dark. Her adventures with Revan and their friends, even falling in love with Revan had taught her there was far more to the force that the straight lined view the Jedi liked to teach. Clearly when Alak had ousted Ana Sunrider’s leadership he had reinstated that one sided view of the force. She felt her anger and hatred for the old man increase, but she quickly repressed it. Now was not the time to concentrate on the past and the actions of the man, who had exiled her daughter.

“Believe what you want. However if Revan would be a dark Jedi or a Sith then you’d already be dead,” Bastila told him with a slight glare. “Plus he would not be leading clone troopers into battle,” she pointed out.

“She kind of has a point there Obi-Wan,” Anakin couldn’t help but point out even though he kept his lightsaber in hand just in case this unknown female Jedi turned out to be a threat after all.

Tarin turned away and prepared to leap back into the fray when he realized the battle was almost over. The droids had been decimated due to the fleeing of their commanders as well as been caught in a pincer movement. The entire droid army had been almost wiped out, igniting his lightsaber again he rejoined the fray knowing Bastila could handle the outraged Jedi and keep him out of Revan’s way while he finished this battle.

Revan continued to launch barrage after barrage of force lightening into the slowly receding lines of droids, finally though he had to stop as his energy reserves started to feel taxed. By this point the battle was all but won. The remaining droids were cut down by the clones in droves led by Tarin who was in the thick of the fight with the last large group of droids. Nodding his head in satisfaction he finally heard the call from his comm.

“This is General Revan here, go ahead I hear you,” he spoke into it.

“General, this is Captain Hunt,” was the response. “I’m pleased to inform you that the battle is won, the enemy is retreating. Should we pursue?” he inquired.

“Negative Captain, hold your forces and take up a protective stance over the planet,” Revan ordered firmly. “Have a fighter screen maintained at all times, rotate the pilots every hour,” he continued. “Please send down immediate medevac for our wounded,” he went on.

“At once General,” Captain Hunt responded.
“And Captain please give all the crews of the ships and fighters my appreciation for a job well done,” Revan added before he signed off.

Revan turned and left Canderous and HK to help finish the battle. He had felt Bastila’s annoyance through their bond and knew it was best he see what was causing it.

“May I inquire as to what you are arguing about?” he inquired as he removed his helmet and stared at Obi-Wan.

“Oh this Jedi seems to think you might be evil due to you using force lightening,” Bastila explained still glaring at Obi-Wan.

“Ah another one like Master Windu,” Revan shot back with a smirk. “Well nothing I will say here will change your mind and until we get back to the temple you are not going to know who we are and what we are doing here,” he stated.

“Why not?” Anakin inquired as he put his own weapon away as did Ahsoka as the battle was finally finished.

“Our mission is vital to the future of the Republic and the Jedi Order and we dare not tip our hand to the Sith,” Revan answered as Bastila finally shut down her lightsaber. “They more than likely have spies everywhere,” he pointed out. “Now if you will excuse me I have wounded men to see too as well a planet to fortify in case the enemy returns,” he stated before walking off with Bastila close behind him.

“Who in the hell is he Master?” Ahsoka inquired with a very confused look on her face.

“I don’t know snips, but I intend to find out because I like his style,” Anakin responded with a grin which widened as Obi-Wan gave him a mild glare for his comment.
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