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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17426 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 12

(Jedi Temple, Council Chamber)

Yoda was the last of the Masters to arrive in the council chamber having been overseeing a class of younglings. He nodded to Mace Windu as he took his seat at the head of the council. He was relieved to see that Obi-Wan Kenobi was present if only by hologram, that boded well for the rescue mission they had sent Revan on.

“Master Yoda I’m pleased to inform you that Praesitlyn is now firmly under our control,” Obi-Wan began with a small relieved smile. “The rescue forces arrived just in the nick of time, however I have grave concerns about the Jedi leading them,” he added.

Mace snorted and the others could tell he held no surprise at Kenobi’s suspicious concerns about Revan, they all knew the senior Jedi remained on guard where Revan and his friends were concerned.

“Oh do tell,” an amused voice said from behind Kenobi and each of the council members knew it was Revan. A second later he appeared behind Obi-Wan not looking concerned in the least with what had just been said about him.

“Do you mind?” Obi-Wan said turning to face Revan with his arms crossed over his chest.

“No I don’t mind, if you were making a report to the council it would have been nice to alert me as I did lead the reinforcements,” Revan countered calmly before turning his eyes onto the council. “I’m pleased to report the mission was a complete success, we suffered minimal losses and only one of my ships was badly damaged and will be needed to be repaired,” he reported. “I managed to drive off the cyborg general just as he was about to kill General Kenobi. I also removed the arm of his wannabe Sith helper,” he added with a grin which set of the council members on edge.

“And the planet itself?” Kit Fitso inquired.

“My men are currently securing it as we speak. I request another Jedi being sent here with a task force to take over so I can return with General Kenobi and the others and bring them up to speed on things,” Revan answered.

“You have not told them the truth about your presence?” Mace inquired with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t dare discuss it in the open as we have no idea what kind of spy network the Sith have access to,” Revan shot back at the veiled accusation. “Hence I will wait until we are back at the temple. The less aware the Sith are of mine and my friends origins the better off we are in the long run,” he pointed out to them. “Now I have passed your test and when I return, I will expect my other friends to be allowed to join me on any further missions you assign us,” he stated before he turned and vanished from the transmission.

“Who is the man?” Obi-Wan asked in a raised voice. He was taken by surprise by the man’s lack of respect to the council, the only other man who showed such a rebellious streak was his former Master Qui-Gon Jinn and even then he showed some respect to the council members.

“Not the time is it for that conversation Master Kenobi,” Yoda stated with a shake of his head. “We will send a small planetary force to replace your combined assault force as quickly as we can. Once they arrive come straight back to the temple,” he added. “In the meantime you and your rescuer will have combined command of your forces,” he told him much to Mace’s surprise.

“Master this Jedi used force lightening against the droids as well as Grievous when he saved me,” Obi-Wan protested unable to keep silent. “How can you put him in charge of our forces?” he asked.

“You will understand when you arrive Obi-Wan,” Shaak-Ti responded with a calming smile even as her own hologram flickered. “There is much you will need to understand, but as he said it is not safe to discuss this outside the temple,” she told him. “Be patient,” she advised.

“But keep a close eye on him and his friends Obi-Wan and do not let your guard down,” Mace could not help to add with a frown. “Take note of any more signs of falling to the dark side he makes, or those of his friends,” he added.

“As you wish Masters,” Obi-Wan agreed somewhat more confused now than he had been before talking to the council. Clearly they were split where this man was concerned.

“May the force be with you,” Yoda stated before they ended the meeting, all the holograms faded leaving only the actual present Masters in the room.

“You only feed Obi-Wan's suspicion of Revan with orders like that,” Saesee Tin stated as he turned to face Mace.

“For now I still would rather air on the side of caution where he and his friends are concerned,” Mace defended himself. “I could sense his pride and if I wasn’t mistaken enjoyment that he had removed the hand of what I would assume was Asajj Ventress, which is not the actions of someone I would trust so easily,” he told them as he stood up. “I remain wary of him,” he stated with a shake of his head before he turned and left.

“Perhaps it is best that there is at least one of us who is more cautious where Revan and his friends are concerned,” Kit Fitso said into the silence that followed Mace Windu’s departure. “As it stands I will relay Revan’s success to his friends and then see who we can send to relieve them on Praesitlyn,” he told them before he left as well.

Yoda remained where he was as the rest of the other council members left and closed his eyes in meditation. He was concerned about the future even more now. Revan’s arrival heralded great changes for Jedi Order, change that could not be stopped. And the most prominent question in his mind was ‘Would the Order survive those changes intact’

(Droid battle cruiser)

Asajj Ventress growled in pain as the medical droid continued to cauterize the stump of her now useless left hand. Once it was finished with that the droid would attach a prosthetic hand. The fact she wouldn’t be whole anymore angered her greatly and her hatred, she had always projected on Skywalker before, had a new focus now and that was on whoever had cut her hand off in the first place. Whoever the damn Jedi had been, she had to admit he was powerful as he could control force lightening. Even the Jedi who had come over to their side could barely control such powers, but this one had full control and could cast it over a wide area. If he wasn’t close to falling to the dark side then he would be a great threat. She needed to learn who he was and then kill him before he could do anymore damage.

Behind her Grievous lay on an operating table as more medical droids ran scans over his few remaining organs, the pain from the force lightening attack still lingered with him. He hated Jedi with a passion for the existence they had condemned him to when they blew up his personal shuttle and now he had further reason to hate them. And the need to eliminate every last Jedi no matter what age they were grew, he would have his revenge.

The medical droids injected his organs with small quantities of Kolto which slowly began to dim the pain. When he killed this particular Jedi he wouldn’t just take his lightsaber, but his damn head as well. He would mount it on a pike outside his personal command bunker. Once the droids were finished he left the med bay with only a brief glare at Ventress who ignored him. He headed straight to the bridge. He needed to report to Count Dooku.


(Dooku’s Castle)

Count Dooku was kneeling in meditation when his com terminal activated. He opened his eyes to see the hologram of General Grievous standing before him. Noting the rather angered look on his face he guessed the General didn’t bring good news, letting out a sigh he decided just to be over with this.

“General has the battle been won?” he inquired.

“I’m sorry to say Count, but no, the battle wasn’t won,” Grievous responded in a tightly controlled voice. “Jedi reinforcements arrived before we could finish Kenobi and his troops,” he stated, his tone turning cold. “They were led by a Jedi who used powers I have only ever seen you use before,” he added.

“Oh, what powers in particular?” Dooku asked with some interest, wondering if maybe there was another Jedi who was close to give in to the call of the dark side.

“Force lightening,” Grievous answered. “He also cut off one of Ventress’s hands,” he added.

“Interesting,” Dooku responded as he stood up and began to pace a little. “Do we know this particular Jedi?” he asked, wanting more information.

“No, we do not,” Grievous shot back. “But I intend to find him and kill him most painfully,” he added before he cut the transmission.

“Most interesting indeed,” Dooku mused aloud to himself as he rubbed his beard thoughtfully. He would have to do some digging himself to locate the identity of this potential recruit it seems. And he would have to do so before Grievous found and killed him. He doubted Ventress would take the loss of her hand very well either, so both of his senior commanders would be after this Jedi. Perhaps this Jedi might prove to be more than a simple recruit. All of his fallen Jedi were too weak to become true Sith. The closest to that status was Ventress herself, but even she wasn’t strong enough to truly embrace the full power of the dark side. And he needed a real apprentice if he was ever to overthrow his Master and become the Dark Lord of the Sith. Maybe this Jedi had the potential to be his apprentice.



Revan sat next to Bastila with an amused look on his face as Kenobi exited the communications bunker. Clearly he and his fellow Jedi were not going to get along too well at the beginning. Well he could deal with that. Hell if he was honest he had expected it. Bastila felt Revan’s amusement over their bond and wondered about the source. When Kenobi stopped in front of them with a frown on his face it instantly clicked as to the source of her lover’s amusement.

“Can I help you General Kenobi?” Revan inquired.

“The council is sending a relief force as fast as they can to relieve us. Once they have arrived we are to head straight back to the temple for that long overdue discussion you say we need to have,” Obi-Wan told him, with an annoyed frown on his face as he stared down at Revan. “They also told me we are to share joint command of our forces here until we leave,” he informed him.

“Thank you for passing that information along,” Revan responded with a nod thanks. “I have ordered the burial of our dead troops as well as a ceremony for the remaining troops to say their goodbyes,” he added.

“I’ll be there,” Obi-Wan shot back before he turned and headed out to check up on the fortifications that were being put up. He really didn’t know what to make of this man. He could vaguely recall the female Jedi calling him Revan. The name seemed familiar, but right then and there he could not recall where he had heard it before. Shrugging his shoulders he decided to put it aside for now and do as Master Windu had ordered and keep a close eye on this ‘Revan’ and his friends.

Revan watched the elder Jedi walk away before releasing a small chuckle which made Bastila smile. It was rare that Revan let his defenses drop, especially during their missions.

“Are you having fun winding the Jedi Master up?” Bastila inquired with a smirk.

“Would I ever stop to such a thing, Bastila?” Revan responded in mock outrage. “I have the up most respect for our fellow Jedi,” he stated before losing his composure and bursting into a full laugh.

Bastila just shook her head in amusement and leaned against Revan, she glanced around their surrounding and noted HK-47 standing almost in guard position close by.

“Why is HK keeping an eye on us?” Bastila asked as Revan got himself back under control.

“That is one of his primary functions when he is not on a mission,” Revan answered before he chuckled again when he remembered what HK had called Bastila before the battle. “It seems he now sees you as his Mistress just as much as I’m his Master,” he added.

“What? Don’t be ridiculous,” Bastila protested, thinking Revan was having her on.

“I’m serious Bastila,” Revan assured her with another smile. “I ordered him to protect your transport on its way down to the planet. HK’s response was that ‘I will ensure none of those rust buckets that laughably call themselves droids get near the Mistress's transport’,” he told her as his smirk widened as her face dissolved into shock.

Bastila was shocked because her relationship with the blood thirsty assassin droid had never been great, clearly either Revan had done some reprogramming which was unlikely or HK had come to accept her relationship with Revan. Still having the thing calling her Mistress had her a little off balance, she respected the droid’s capabilities and the fact that Revan had built the droid with his own hands. But its constant desire to kill had always been a little off putting, even with her brief fall to the dark side and her abandonment of the Jedi code didn’t dispel that feeling where HK was concerned.

“Does that mean HK will obey me now?” Bastila suddenly inquired with new interest.

“You could always try and order him to do something,” Revan suggested as Commander Trax arrived snapping to attention.

“Sir, one of our patrols has found some left over pockets of droids still on the planet,” Trax reported.

“Size?” Revan demanded to know as he snapped back into combat mode.

“At best count sir they number at least two hundred droids,” Trax answered.

“Ok Bastila you take charge here with Kenobi, while I take Skywalker and some men and deal with our left over enemy,” Revan said as Bastila stood up as well. “No arguing, you need the rest after straining yourself with using your battle meditation on such a large group,” he added, already sensing her protest. “Commander relay your report to General Skywalker and then have him report to me and once you do that gather together two platoons of seventy men each,” he ordered.

“Right away General,” Trax replied snapping off a salute before he went to find General Skywalker.

“HK, we have some more droids to destroy so prep yourself for battle,” Revan ordered.

“Pleased response: Excellent news Master, I was already getting bored,” HK-47 responded before he turned to get his weapons ready.

“Why are you taking Skywalker and not Canderous or Tarin?” Bastila inquired having decided Revan was correct and she did need to rest as she still felt the strain of pushing herself almost beyond her limits.

“I want to see what Skywalker can do up close with my own eyes Bastila,” Revan confided in her. “I also want to see just how close to the edge he is,” he admitted.

“Do you think he can be saved?” Bastila asked quietly as she could see Skywalker on his way over with his Padawan.

“I believe we have got here in time to change his path,” Revan assured her. “It is just getting him to listen to us that will be hard,” he admitted before Skywalker finally reached them.

“Commander Trax said you wished to see me?” Anakin inquired as he glanced between the two Jedi and instantly could see there was something between them.

This was a surprise because he knew it was against the Jedi Code to fall in love, which is why he had to marry Padme in secret and keep it quiet even from his closest friends. He wondered again who these particular Jedi were. He didn’t recognize any of them, but they clearly had support from the council which made the fact they seemed to be together all the stranger.

“Our scouts have found a large pocket of droids still active and we are going to go and wipe them out,” Revan told him. “Bastila and the others can finish up securing this base,” he added. “Trax is already putting two platoons together,” he added.

“Sounds good,” Anakin responded with a nod of understanding. “I’d like to bring Captain Rex and Ahsoka along,” he stated.

“Done, we’ll meet at the base perimeter in ten minutes,” Revan told him. “Be ready by then,” he added before he moved off to talk to Canderous and Tarin.

“Ahsoka find Rex and give him the order, I’ll see you at the perimeter in ten,” Anakin said turning to Ahsoka.

“No problem Skyguy,” Ahsoka responded before taking off.

Bastila watched as Skywalker walked away to obviously discuss things with Kenobi, she hoped Revan was correct about them being able to save Skywalker. The future rested on them being successful in their mission; letting out a sigh she headed for her tent to have a proper rest.
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