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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17126 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

(Jedi Temple)

Revan walked the corridors of the temple doing his best to keep himself busy, whilst the others went over what he had told them, as well as his plan to stop it. He could not force them to join him in this and no matter what it had to be their own choice to come.

He knew what he was asking was a lot, especially for Bastila who was bringing up their daughter. He would visit with her when Bastila had made up her mind.

Leaving Tera behind would of course be the greatest sacrifice Bastila and he would make, if they both went. They would leave Tera to be raised by Brianna, Mira and Juhani once she returned from Taris. They were people they knew they could trust to look after and raise Tera right, Juhani especially would protect Tera. As he came out into one of the relaxation gardens he sat at the foot of the statue of Nomi Sunrider and began to meditate. Being near the statue again made him think of Ulic Qel-Droma, another former Dark Lord, who had managed to redeem himself, love had saved them both from the darkside in the end. It made him even surer that the Jedi's fear of emotions was wrong.

Indeed it was due to that fear that the chosen one, he had seen in his vision, had been corrupted. He had hidden his marriage from the council and this served to help divide him from the Order. The Sith Master he had seen in the vision was far stronger that any darksider he had seen before, even Malak and the Sith Emperor of his own time paled in response to that one. Opening his eyes he almost started as he noted Tarin in front of him. He looked his friend over and noted he still seemed troubled by what he had been shown in the vision.

"You have questions, Tarin?" he asked, indicating Tarin should sit as well.

Tarin settled down at the side of his friend and glanced at the statue of Sunrider for a few minutes, as he gathered his thoughts.

"I am troubled by the grip the Sith Master has on the chosen one in your vision," Tarin finally spoke up. "He will not be easy to convince of the truth," he added, running a hand through his hair. "I am also not looking forward to stepping into another war so soon," he admitted.

Revan nodded, as he knew these were all important points, especially the part of not wanting to be in another war so soon. Sadly the life of Jedi, especially those touched by the force for a specific destiny were never meant to be easy, as for breaking through the grip the Sith had on the chosen one, well he hoped the love the chosen one had for his wife would aide in this and he said as much to Tarin.

"In the end we have to trust in the force, Tarin. He will see the truth once we tell them and him of what we saw. It will be hard yes, maybe even difficult, but never impossible," Revan went on. "At the point I hope to arrive we should be able to still reach him, as long as nothing goes wrong and we end up ahead of where we need to be," he added with a frown.

"We will have to set up some droids to monitor our suspended animation sleep, HK-47 and T3 can help and guard us," Tarin suggested. "But where will we go? Where can we go where we will not be discovered?" he questioned.

"I already have an idea on that and as for guards I plan to make some HK models which will obey HK-47 and guard us whilst we sleep," Revan responded. "I take it you are coming with me?" he finally asked.

"Yes General, I will follow you," Tarin replied with a small smile. "As before you lead we follow, only this time we know exactly what we face and the dangers of failing," he continued.

Revan nodded, ignoring being called general again, as he knew Tarin would continue to use that term no matter what. It would seem for now he could not escape being a leader.

Tarin left him and headed back to his temporary quarters. He knew the mission ahead would not be easy, but it was worth doing. Visas had already stated she would follow where ever he or Revan led. So far three of them were committed to the mission along with the two droids. The question was how many of the others would come with them. He hoped all of them, as they would need all the help they could get.

Revan watched him go and nodded. He was pleased Tarin had agreed to come, he would need him. He was a great second even more so than Malak had been. Unlike Malak he knew when to draw the line, when to fall back and when to follow the orders given. Malak had always been to reckless and more prone to do his own thing, even more so once they had gone to war. He rubbed the bridge of his noise and went back to meditating.

(Coruscant, Bar)

Carth drained his second drink and watched as Canderous ordered another round for them both. Both of them were soldiers and so knew that signing up with Revan again was going to be deadly. It would include sacrifice just as before. Only with bigger stakes this time. He would have to leave Dustily here which for some reason he had already been prepared for. It was almost like he knew he would not be coming back from this trip. He glanced at where Jolee, Mission and Zaalbar sat on one table and noted that they were all talking, but they were clearly disturbed by what they now knew. Was it even possible to avert what Revan had seen he wondered to himself?

"Finally a chance for glory has come for us again," Canderous finally spoke, after they got their next round. "I've reunited the clans as Revan ordered and they are ready for whatever challenge comes. I already picked a successor should I not return," he added. "I will join Revan," he finished with a grin, before downing half his drink.

"I wish it was that simple for the rest of us Canderous, but it isn't," Carth sighed. "But still I can't help feel Revan will need all the help he can to pull this off. My duty to the republic whether it is in this time or the future demands I do something," he stated with a shake of his head. "Dustil will survive and he still barely speaks to me after what happened. Maybe leaving him to chart his own path is best thing to do," he mused. "I guess I will go as well," he finally decided, hoping he was not making a huge mistake and also hoping Dustil would understand his choice one day.

Across from them Mission and Zaalbar watched as Jolee continued one of his stories. It finished with a dark ending, but one that had great meaning something they had realized Jolee's stories always had.

"Well what did you kids decide?" the old man asked, leaning back in his seat and watched the byplay on their faces.

He could see the conflict on both of their faces; both Twi'lek and Wookiee were tense and unsure. They wanted to help Revan he was sure, but they were not so sure about leaving their own time behind. They would all be going into a time completely alien to them. Hell that even gave him pauses, but he had nothing tying him to this place, not anymore. One last grand adventure called and he would answer it.

"I'm going, but that does not mean you have to go," he told them with an understanding smile. "You are both young and have much to live for. You can do great things here," he added. "You've done your bit for the Republic so do not think you need to do more," he assured them.

"You and the others are going. I know Canderous will follow Revan and Carth will go because if he does not, the Republic and everything he has fought for will fall and he will not accept that," Mission argued. "The Exile will go out of loyalty to Revan from the war, which is why he went into deep space to find and aide him. That Visas woman will go because the Exile is and Bastila will go out of love," she pressed. "How can we do no less?" she demanded.

"I still owe Revan a life debt and so I will follow," Zaalbar spoke up. "If such bloodshed is to come, then my home word must be protected at all costs and so I will go to help save it," he added.

"Yeah exactly what big Z said, we have our homes to save, as well as the Republic, Jolee," Mission agreed. "We have very little here and so we will go," she decided.

"What will you tell your brother?" Jolee inquired, knowing she should at least think of letting him know.

"I don't even know where Griff is and considering how many times he has left me behind and betrayed my trust, I owe him nothing. I recorded a message to be given to him if he turns up looking for me before we came to the bar," Mission admitted. "I guess deep inside I had already made my choice," she said.

"I contacted my father as well and let him know I will not be returning and that I go to ensure our world's future," Zaalbar stated. "He understands this is necessary," he added.

"Then we should go and let Revan know and prepare for what lies ahead," Jolee said while standing up and putting some credits on the table.

Carth and Canderous joined them and they all headed back to the Jedi Temple, with the choice made they all put their thoughts towards what they would be doing.

(Jedi Temple)

Bastila watched as her daughter played with her toys and wished she could be there for her as she grew up, but it seemed the force had other things in store for her and Revan. She had contacted Juhani and asked her to return and take up guardianship of Tera. Mira and Brianna would help if needed, but no matter how much she wanted to stay with her daughter, she could not as Revan would need her.

Plus there was a chance that Tera would have a role in the future that could not be avoided. If she took Tera with them then there was a chance something horrible could happen because the one person who could have helped avoid it was missing. She reached out with the force and found Revan through the bond they still shared and asked him to come to her quarters.

She would have to choose someone to take over as Grandmaster of the Order, but whom? If she chose one of those who hated or distrusted her, there was always a chance Tera could be hurt or kicked out of the temple. It had to be someone she knew would keep the Order on the path she had put it on.

The door to her quarters opened and Revan stepped inside, pausing only as he laid eyes on their daughter for the first time. She smiled and picked Tera up and handed her to Revan who looked amazed, as he looked at the life they had created together before he had left.

He noted Tera had his eyes and Bastila's facial structure and hair. She would grow up just as beautiful as her mother. Tera was busy looking the new face over and smiled before placing her head down on his shoulder as Revan sat down with her. Bastila smiled as Tera seemed to find Revan someone she could trust.

"I'm sorry I left you both," Revan admitted with a sigh. "But what I remembered had to be slowed down," he told her. "Well we did what we could, now it is up to the Republic and the Order to hold the line," he stated.

"I understand why you left us Revan, but it still hurt and it has been hell since you left," Bastila responded. "Most of the rebuilt Order either dislikes or distrust me due to our bond, as you saw earlier," she admitted with a sigh. "I need to find someone to take over as Grandmaster, one who will not try and evict Tera from her home out of some misplaced fear," she told him.

"Juhani, Mira, Brianna and Ana Sunrider are your only choices Bastila," Revan told her. "From what I sensed in the hall they are the only ones who bear you no grudge. Ana would be the most acceptable choice, considering her family's past," he advised.

Bastila nodded in agreement with that and she had to admit Ana was shaping up much like her mother Vima and grandmother Nomi, both in spirit and mind. She would be most likely the only one who the council and the rest would accept as the new grandmaster, as Ana had no ties to Revan or the Exile.

"Then it is decided, Ana will take my place," Bastila said, relieved the biggest problem had been taken care off. "I will call a council and make my choice known and I have asked Juhani to come back to take up guardianship of Tera," she told him. "I just hope our daughter will understand why we left her," she said, admitting her deepest fear.

"I started a Holocron for her," Revan told her, reaching into his pocket and pulling the cube out and using the force he sent it to her. "I left advice, guidance and a message explaining my choice. Do the same, whilst you can" he told her.

Bastila nodded and wandered into her bedroom to do just that, doing her best to keep her emotions under control. Revan sighed and leaned his head back, as he considered just how painful this must be for Bastila, as she had been with Tera since she was born and he had not. He glanced down and noted Tera had fallen asleep on him. He smiled and wished things could be different for them all.


Three hours later across the temple Tarin walked the corridors ignoring the looks he received from the Jedi he passed. He was finally at peace with his past and he did not need to defend himself against them. He was heading to the council chambers, everyone had made their choice and now it was time to let the Jedi know they were leaving. He was sure this would be hardest on Bastila, but she had made her choice and he agreed that maybe Tera would be important in the future.

He entered the chamber and noted it was nearly full, Revan stood with his friends as well as Brianna and Mira. Bastila sat at the head of the council and raised her hand for silence.

"A great darkness sits on the edge of our galaxy, a threat for which we need to be watchful for, as it will come for us," Bastila began, only to be cut off by Alak.

"Of what threat do you speak, Bastila?" Alak inquired.

"The remains of the Sith Empire, the ancient Sith. Revan and Malak found them and tried to fight them when they headed after the Mandalorians, instead they were corrupted and sent back to weaken the Republic, but their plan failed and we survived," Bastila answered. "Revan and the Exile headed back into deep space to slow down the rebuilding of this empire, but now a new terror has shown itself to Revan and he came back to gain aide. The threat of the Sith Empire will be your challenge and you must prepare for it as quickly as possible," she informed them.

"You are leaving us for him?" Tanith asked in disgust.

"I am needed elsewhere and it is clear to me that my presence here is barely tolerated, so I am stepping down as Grandmaster and appointing Ana Sunrider as my replacement," Bastila told them. "She will lead you in the coming war, while I go to face another threat," she stressed this point, before standing up and moving over to Revan.

Ana was shocked that she was been chosen to become the new Grandmaster of the Order, she slowly moved forward and sat down. She looked around and noted nearly every Jedi seemed pleased with the choice, so she relaxed a little. She hoped that this threat Bastila seemed certain was out there, gave them time to prepare.

"I wish you well Bastila," Ana finally spoke. "If there is another threat out there and you can either defeat it or slow it down, whilst we deal with the Sith we will be grateful," she added, ignoring the annoyed looks this caused from Alak and Tanith. "What about Tera?" she inquired.

Bastila hesitated, but when Revan placed a comforting hand on her shoulder she pressed on. "I ask that she be allowed to stay in the temple, which is her home, under the guardianship of Juhani, who is on her way back," she stated.

"Of course, I already know that Tera is force sensitive and so she will be trained," Ana agreed, again ignoring the grumbling this caused.

She did not care for the mistrust and hatred Bastila, Revan, the Exile and their friends were held in by some, because she knew redemption was always possible. Her grandmother had proved that with Ulic, she would not give into any attempts to force Bastila and Revan's daughter out and she was sure Revan was the father.

"Thank you Ana. May the force be with you all in what lies ahead," Bastila stated, before turning around and leaving the hall, followed by the rest of the group.

Ana watched them go and was wondering what great threat was out there, other than the Sith, thinking that maybe it was another Sith sect, which was always possible.

(Coruscant, two days later)

Juhani watched as Bastila tearfully said farewell to her daughter. She was still stunned by everything she had been told. She wished she could go with her, but she was needed to take care of Tera. This was the greatest honor that could be bestowed on her by Revan and Bastila and she would not fail them. Revan stepped up and handed her the Holocron that was to be given to Tera when she was sixteen, before he also handed her two lightsabers as well.

"Take care of yourself Juhani, you've been a great friend," Revan said, before also going to say his goodbye to Tera, who seemed to sense that something was wrong and was crying.

Juhani watched as they boarded the Ebon Hawk once Tera had been handed to her. Mira and Brianna stood behind her and they all watched as the ship lifted off and headed to where ever it was they intended to go.

"I wish them luck," Mira said, feeling slightly annoyed that she was been left behind, but she knew she was being trusted to help keep the Republic safe from all threats.

"Yes I sense they are going into great danger, which is why they did not take Tera with them," Ana said as she joined them. "Come, we have much to do," she finally said after a short silence.

Juhani stared sadly at the sky one last time, before following them back to the temple. She could feel Tera's distress and hoped that when the time came to give her the Holocron Tera would understand her parents' choice.

(Centerpoint Station, a day and a half later)

Revan continued to work on the last three HK droids that would defend this station whilst they slept. Jolee, Mission and Bastila were
working on the Carbonite sleep capsules. They would suspend them in perfect condition and ensure they would reach the right time. T3 would monitor them and ensure that nothing went wrong. For them no time would pass, but for the droids. They would have to face the trip to the future one day at a time, but they would all be busy.

Centerpoint Station was an abandoned station created by a lost Civilization. It was hidden and forgotten in a large thick gas cloud deep in the Correlian System. So the chance of them been discovered was slim to none. It was the perfect place for them to sleep away the ages. The new HK droids were all keyed to obey HK-47 and T3. They were less independent so they would do only the job they had been assigned, which was to guard them as they slept and to ensure no one disturbed them. A few droids like T3 had also been bought onto the station, so they could help T3 monitor and maintain the station as well as the capsules.

"How long before we are ready, Revan?" Tarin asked from behind him.

"Another hour maybe two," Revan responded. "Everything is in place and once these last droids are operational we can enter the capsules, if they have been fully cleared," he added.

"They have been. Jolee just got back to me and said they are all in perfect condition," Tarin told him. "Do you really think this is going to work?" he couldn't help but ask.

"It will work Tarin, have faith," Revan shot back "This is what the force wants us to do," he stated, as he finished the droids and switched them on.

Stepping back he watched as they picked up the nearby blasters and went on their patrol route. Bastila passed them as she entered the room.

"The Ebon Hawk has been powered and locked down inside the stations back landing bay," she informed them. "Only one of our keycodes will release the lockdown," she added.

"Then we best finish moving the supplies we brought and then we can get into the capsules and get our long journey underway," Revan responded, before he led them away.

An hour later found them all in the capsules. As T3 began the sequence to lock them in and activate them he beeped a few goodbyes.
"Remember HK, you and T3 are in charge until we wake up. Protect and maintain this station no matter what," Revan ordered, before he was locked in.

"Statement: Of course Master, your orders will be carried out," HK-47 replied, watching as the last of them was put into sleep.
He walked away knowing that for the next thousand years or so he was his own master. A strange concept, but one he could enjoy.
T3 remained behind and began to ensure that all the capsules were working properly.


As time passed many ships passed the gas cloud, but none bothered to enter it. Three hundred years later the Sith Empire returned to wage war on the Republic, just as Revan had warned them they would. The war would continue for years, but in the end the Sith were defeated in time and pushed back, they vanished in time. The Republic rebuilt and grew stronger, but also stagnating and corruption began to spread and the Sith returned, now under a new rule.

The Rule of Two, with only one master and one apprentice. They concealed themselves in the Republic and as many years passed the Sith Master, Revan had seen, gained complete power as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and set events into motion that would begin the Clone wars.

The wars began quickly and soon took on a life of their own, but everyone involved was unaware that they are been manipulated on a grand scale. Three years into this war the time arrived for Revan and his team to wake up and to try and stop the fall of the chosen one.

Anakin Skywalker, at this point in time, was leading his clone troopers, alongside his old Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Ahsoka, on the outer rim planet of Praesitlyn, unaware of the great changes to come.
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