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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17826 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(Centerpoint Station, Clone Wars, third year of the war)

HK-47 watched as T3 and the other utility droids began the process of waking Revan and the others up from their long sleep. It had been a very long and very boring century to be on their own. No one had come near the station and so he had not killed anyone is a long time much to his frustration, but once the Master was awake and ready, he was sure the violence he had been promised would soon follow.

He listened as T3 reported the entire group had come through the long sleep in good shape. The wake up process would take a few hours and even afterwards it would take a day or so for the after effects of such a long carbonated sleep. The Jedi, he suspected, would recover even faster thanks to their force powers. He knew his Master would not want to delay beginning their mission.

T3 continued the process of bringing the group out of their long sleep, as his fellow utility droids began the heating process. He was pleased to see all signs showed green on the scans he was keeping an eye on. He whistled and beeped a few commands to another of his fellow droids, before going back to his work. HK finally turned and left the status room and went to ensure food and drinks were prepared.



Anakin Skywalker stood next to his Padawan Ahsoka Tano and his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Clone Trooper commander Rex, as well as Obi-Wan's Commander Cody. They went over their plans for the coming battle. They were fighting Separatist forces again, which were led by Asajj Ventress.

"So what is the plan this time, General?" Rex inquired.

"A three pronged attack. We will take the right side and hit them hard and fast," Anakin replied, having already come up with a plan with Obi-Wan on their way here. "Obi-Wan and his forces will come from behind them, once Ventress has committed her forces and pin them in," he continued. "Ahsoka, you will lead a third force to cut off any escape from the left side, but do not make yourself known, until we are sure we are not going to get caught off guard," he warned.

"Understood Master," Ahsoka responded with a smile, as she took the plan on board. "I'll send a few scouts to keep an eye on the surrounding area, just in case," she stated.

"Good idea," Obi-Wan said with an approving smile, pleased to see how far the young Togruta had come since becoming Anakin's Padawan. "That should ensure we do not get caught unprepared by a surprise counter attack," he continued, folding his arms over his chest.

Rex and Cody shared a nod of approval as well, as they had seen the young Padawan in combat before and knew she could handle herself. They also knew she would do all she could to ensure she did not let her Master down in such a crucial battle.

"One thing Anakin, if Ventress shows up, do not go after her on your own," Obi-Wan spoke up and stared at his friend. "Wait for me, maybe this time we can actually capture her," he stressed, even if he thought the possibility of that was slim.

"Of course Master," Anakin replied with a smile, thinking that if he did see the dark acolyte who served Dooku he would do all he could to end the threat she represented.

Obi-Wan stared at him for a few moments before shaking his head and releasing a sigh. Then he gave the go ahead for them all to get into position.


Across the battlefield Asajj Ventress looked out over the large droid army she commanded. She was confident that this time she had enough numbers to finally crush Skywalker and Kenobi. She smiled grimly as she gave the order for the B1 and B2 battledroids to advance. She would hold the few Droideka she had in reserve, just in case she needed to make a quick retreat.


As all of them prepared for the battle ahead they paused as they each felt a slight pulse in the force that they had never felt before.

On Corusant both the Jedi Council and Darth Sidious, also known as Palpatine, felt the same pulse and frowned in confusion, wondering what it was. Count Dooku also felt the pulse and simply raised an eyebrow in surprise. He would have to discuss this with his Master.

Anakin shook his head and once again focused on the battle ahead. He watched as the droid army marched forward, just as he had expected them to do. As usual Ventress was over confident of her chances of victory no matter how many times they had defeated her. He glanced back at Rex and gave the signal to attack. At once the heavy cannons opened up and fired three salvos that landed dead centre before going silent. Anakin smiled as he saw the chaos and damage done to the centre of the droid force. He activated his lightsaber and then nodded at Rex before charging out of his cover. Rex quickly led their clone force straight after them with their blaster rifles firing into the mass of droids left.

Ventress watched from the hill as her force was stopped mid march by Skywalker. Her first instinct was to attack, but then she noted Kenobi had not revealed himself yet and so she held back. She did however order the Droideka into the fight. They should help cut the clone numbers down quickly.


(Centerpoint Station)

Revan rubbed his eyes and groaned. He was still trying to shake off the lingering remains of their long sleep. He was just pleased that his plan had worked so far and they were where they needed to be.

He looked over the others and noted Bastila looked sad and he knew she had to be thinking of Tera, who by now would be long dead. He wondered what kind of life their daughter would have lived, he sighed and went back to eating his meal.

Mission shivered as she tried to shake of the effects of the carbonite sleep, it was a weird feeling and not one she enjoyed.

Zaalbar seemed to be getting over it the quickest, maybe due to his fur or just something in his Wookiee genes. Carth and Canderous were drinking a lot of fluids, as they both felt dry after such a long sleep. Jolee, Tarin and Visas like Revan and Bastila were shaking the effects off fast with a few Jedi tricks they all knew to speed up recovery.

"Question, how do you feel Master?" HK inquired, as he walked into the dinner hall with T3 following close behind.

"Still a little cold and weak, but it is quickly disappearing," Revan responded. "Did anything happen whilst we were asleep, HK?" he inquired.

"Response, negative Master," HK responded. "No one has come near the station since you went to sleep. I have been bored out of my servos," the violent droid continued.

Revan chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. "I bet. Well don't worry once we are all fully recovered from the long sleep we will move out and start our mission," he assured the droid, glancing at the others as he did so.

"Statement: That is good to hear Master," HK replied. "I really need to kill something," he added before he turned and left again.

T3 beeped a report on their final bio checks before he left as well. Revan watched the small droid leave before turning to the others.

"According to T3, we are all 100% ok," Revan told them with a smile. "So the after effects should fade quickly," he added.

"That's good to hear," Carth responded. "When I woke up I thought that I have never been so cold and weak before," he went on with a shiver. "Not something I would want to do again anytime soon," he finished.

"Yeah me neither," Mission agreed. "So how many years have passed?" she inquired.

"According to T3, a long time," Revan answered. "Everyone we knew is gone and the galaxy will be a completely different place than the one we left behind to come here," he went on, pouring himself a hot drink.

The others all looked away and tried to bring that on board, to them only a few seconds had passed since they had gotten into the sleep pods. Now they were alone from a time mostly forgotten in this new age, everything would be different. They knew a war would be raging across the known worlds, but they had no idea what else was going on.

Bastila especially was having a hard time thinking of anything else, but Tera and what kind of life her and Revan's daughter had lived.

"What is our first move going to be, kid?" Jolee asked as he finished his own hot brew.

"We have two options. We first head to Coruscant and meet with the Jedi council and attempt to convince them of the truth of my vision," Revan responded with a sigh.

"Somehow I doubt the Jedi will be willing to listen," Visas argued. "They do not know us, they may even mistake us as Sith," she added.

"Visas is right about that, Revan. A few of us have the trace of the dark side in us and you especially," Tarin spoke up with a pointed look to which Revan nodded.

"And the other option, Kid?" Jolee pressed.

"We track down the chosen one and confront him directly," Revan answered. "But that is tricky in and of itself as we have no idea where he is right now. We do not know his force signature and with so many Jedi out fighting this war we'd most likely waste out time trying to track him," he stressed this point.

"So the best option is confronting the council," Bastila finally spoke up, shaking the thoughts of Tera off and concentrating on the here and now.

"Well this should be fun," Canderous chuckled, imagining them walking into the council chamber and all but telling the stuck up Jedi their doom was fast approaching.

Revan at least saw the humor and smiled, but Bastila, Jolee and Tarin did not share it. They were more worried how the council would react to them and in Bastila's mind she was even more worried how history had perceived them all in the annals of the Order. That question continued to sound in her mind, who had written the history of Revan, the Jedi Civil War and their parts in it all? Revan noted her distraction and moved closer to her. He placed his hand at the small of her back and drew her attention.

"Be calm and ignore your worry Bastila. They will not harm us," he assured her.

"That depends on how history recalls us Revan," she argued, not willing to drop her worry just yet. "If Alak, Ven or Tanith wrote the history the Order has on us, they will not trust us and may attack us," she pointed out.

Revan took in what Bastila was saying with a thoughtful nod, as he recalled the hate he had felt from the three Jedi she had mentioned. However he was sure Ana Sunrider would have kept them in line and ensured they could not write lies into the Jedi archives. Still he had to admit Bastila had a point and one that could affect their goal. He sighed and remembered why he had gone to war without Council sanction during the Mandalorian wars. The Jedi argued and had an annoying habit that their way was the only way. They could be as arrogant as anyone else could.

"Ok, we will be careful, but I will not bow to any insane tests they might wish to set for us," he finally responded.

Bastila let a small grin form on her face and leaned a little closer. "But of course. Heaven forbid you do as the council wishes Revan," she replied and trailed a finger down his face. "I wonder if you would have obeyed me had you stayed and rejoined the Order?" she wondered.

"You yes, the council itself no," Revan stated, leaned forward and kissed her before he got up and headed towards the exit, leaving Bastila to shake her head, part in amusement and part in expiration.

"Carth, you and T3 get the Ebon Hawk powered up and ready to go. Canderous, you are with me to get the weapons and ammo stored," Revan continued as Carth finished his drink and nodded. "Mission, you and Zaalbar check the other supplies we brought. Jolee, Tarin check if the Hawk's shields and weapons are ready, remember we are flying into a combat zone," he added, reminding them of the danger. "Visas, you, HK, and Bastila see if there is anything still on this station we can use, if not just head for the Hawk and prepare to leave in an hour," he finished and then vanished.

"Well I guess our recuperation is over," Carth mused with a smile, feeling much better now. "Time to get to work," he added.

"Good, I have little patience for waiting around," Canderous shot back, as he headed for the door intending to follow Revan.

"Don't we know it," Jolee muttered, causing Mission to giggle as she overheard him.

Canderous ignored them and continued onwards.

The rest soon broke up and went about their assigned tasks. Within the hour the Ebon Hawk was prepared for it first flight in a very long time. Carth powered up the engines and smiled, pleased to be back behind the controls of a fast ship. Beside him Revan thought over the coming meeting and hoped that the current Jedi Council was more agreeable than the one he had known. He relaxed in his seat and watched as the ship jumped into hyperspace.



Palpatine looked on the visage of his apprentice as he told him of sensing the same pulse in the force he himself had felt. It added to the mystery of what had caused it. He wondered if the Jedi had also sensed it, sadly he had no real way of finding out. Asking, even as the supreme chancellor would raise too many questions and he did not dare give them anymore reason to distrust him just yet.

His plans were coming so very close now to succeeding, he only needed to gather a bit more power from the senate and then he could act. At that time he would be ready to hopefully turn Anakin into his new apprentice, as Dooku had long served his purpose and was of no more use. He needed a young and powerful servant for the final stage of his grand plan. He quickly told Dooku to be mindful and keep a close eye for anything before he signed off. Soon the Jedi would be no more and he and he alone would rule the galaxy. He let out a chuckle, as he imagined the future.

Across the planet in the great Jedi temple, the Jedi Council met either in person or by holonet, as they led multiple campaigns against the Separatist's. Mace Windu and Grand Master Yoda led the meeting as usual to discuss current events, like the war and the strange pulse they had all detected a short while ago.

"The war goes badly for us in the outer rim. Our forces are been stretched to the limit, as more and more attacks are launched across the entire rim," Kit Fitso began. "Our Clone troops are taking heavy casualties. We know reinforcements are out of the question right now and no new Clones will be ready for months," he continued. "We need to plan a counter attack somewhere and push the Separatist's back and hope they take the pressure off the other areas," he stated. "That way we can maybe reorganize our forces and be better able to meet them later on," he finished.

"The Rim sieges are beginning to tax our forces to the limit," Shaak Ti agreed, her hologram bringing over her worried demeanor into the chambers, even though she was not present in body. "The Kamino's are doing all they can to ready the next batch of Clones, but they will not be ready for half a year at best guess. We need to divert the Separatist's away from the rim as best we can," she suggested.

"I could split my forces and send them into a faint to try and draw some of the droids away from the Rim," Plo Koon put forward, his own hologram flickering somewhat as his position took fire. "Whilst we are under heavy fire here, we have routed the droids main force," he explained.

"Come back they might, the danger is in greater numbers that could overwhelm you," Yoda argued with a shake of his head. "No, other options there are," he added.

"I agree. It is to risky to split up any of our current forces on the more explosive fronts," Mace agreed. "We will find some units not in combat and put them together to form a relief force as fast as we can. I am sure things are not as bad as they seem if we take the right actions," he stated.

"We have joined battle against droids again led by Ventress," Obi-Wan reported as they shifted to other topics. "We already have a battle plan in place and if it goes the way we see it doing, we could move on and force the right flank backwards and relieve some of the pressure on our forces there," he informed them.

"Good news that is Master Kenobi," Yoda responded. "Your victory or defeat on Praesitlyn could decide the fate of the Rim worlds," he continued.

"I understand Master. We will do all we can to ensure we win," Obi-Wan assured them with a confident smile.
"I am sure you will," Mace responded, knowing Kenobi and Skywalker had the best success record of the war so far.
"There was one thing I wished to mention, Anakin, Ahsoka and myself felt a strange pulse in the force, unlike anything we have ever felt before," Obi-Wan reported.

"We all felt it," Kit Fitso informed him. "I think it is safe to say anyone who can feel and use the force could sense it," he added thoughtfully.

"Agree I do," Yoda nodded. "Unsure however am I on what caused it," he added, running a hand over his head. "Be patient we must be, reveal the source will in time," he stated.

Mace and a number of the others nodded in agreement, but Obi-Wan, Kit Fitso and Plo Koon did not share that faith. Each worried it was a new and maybe even greater threat.

Yoda broke the meeting up and went to meditate on the matters discussed. Mace walked over to the window and looked out over the city, wondering if the Sith had anything to do with the pulse.


Obi-Wan sighed as the transmission ended and he turned away from the communications station. He hoped Master Yoda was right, because at the moment they could ill afford another threat on top of the one they already faced from the Sith and the Separatists. Rubbing his beard as he considered things for a few minutes, he was broken from them by his wrist communicator going off.

"Yes Anakin?" he asked as he accepted the message.

"Master, the droids have begun their advance," Anakin's voice came through loud and clear. "I am in position with my force and Ahsoka is also ready," he reported.

"Good Anakin, be ready to move once they reach our forward line," Obi-Wan ordered. "I'll quickly link up with Cody and my own force and hit them from behind, just as we planned," he added. "Good luck and may the force be with you," he finished as he headed out.
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