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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17226 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

(Ebon Hawk)

Revan stood in the cockpit as Carth and Canderous brought the ship out of hyperspace and once again they could gaze out of the view port onto the planet Coruscant. Revan could tell the planet had been through a lot of changes over the long years they had been asleep.

He felt Bastila come up beside him and gaze out as well. He could feel her continued sadness at the loss of their daughter. He reached out and grasped one of her hands in his and gave it a comforting squeeze. He too felt the loss, but he was doing his best to ignore it and concentrate on the reason they were here.

"Man I've never seen anything more beautiful in years," Carth said, as some of the others joined them. "It is hard to think we've been asleep for so long and missed so much," he mused.

"I know how you feel Carth," Jolee responded with a smile. "The planet looks even bigger than I remember, as if there were hundreds of more buildings now standing," he said thoughtfully.

"Just remember that somewhere down there is the Sith Lord I saw in my vision," Revan reminded them. "We don't know what he looks like just that he is an important member of the Republic," he continued.

"Then how will we find him?" Mission inquired, wanting to get this mission over and done with. She had seen far too much death since meeting Revan.

Granted she knew he was not responsible for it all, but he seemed to have become a catalyst for such bad events and she had agreed to come on this mission. Seeing another war tear up the galaxy thanks to the Sith, was not something she wanted to endure and so she hoped once they had tracked him down and dealt with him, that then it would finally end and they could all settle down.

"We will find him Mission," Revan replied tightly. "It may not be easy, but we will succeed in our mission," he added.

Tarin knew that finding the Dark Lord would not be easy. Where the Sith were concerned nothing was ever easy. He glanced at Visas who was stood silently beside him. They were about to step into a dangerous situation and he just hoped that they would all come out of it ok.

"Entering the atmosphere," Carth reported. "I cannot wait to see the place again," he said, while glancing back and smiling.

"Head straight for the Jedi Temple and once we are near it let me know and I will send a signal to request landing permission," Revan ordered. "Everyone get ready, full amour and weapons and be prepared for anything," he added, as he turned to leave.

"They will not let us into the Temple armed, Revan," Bastila pointed out. "Especially not in war time," she added.

"I know, but we need to set an example and make them understand we are not people they can ignore," Revan responded with a smile, before he vanished from the cockpit.

"He has a plan," Visas said in the intervening silence.

"Of course, he always does," Tarin said. "That is what makes him such a good General," he explained. "Trust him, he knows what he is doing and he clearly wants to make an impression with the council," he continued, his own smile turning slightly wicked.

He had no problem with playing hard ball with he council, not after what the council of their own time had put him through. He had no respect for them anymore. He just hoped this era's council was more level headed, more open to be given advice.

"I will always trust Revan," Bastila said, giving him a hard stare before she too departed.

The others all exchanged surprised looks before they were surprised by Jolee laughing and shaking his head, before he turned and left as well.

In the end Tarin shrugged and left as well, followed by Visas and the others.

Carth frowned wondering at Bastila's tone when she had responded to Tarin, maybe she felt like Tarin had slighted her. Shaking his head he turned back and watched as the breath taking scenery of Coruscant came into view. He smiled as he Canderous plotted the course for the Jedi Temple before leaving as well.

He leaned back in his chair and continued to look out of the view port, in a sense he was home. He had always lived and believed in the Republic and this planet was the centre of that. He wondered if Dustil had ever come here before he shook his head and set the auto pilot and headed for his quarters.


(Jedi Temple)

Mace Windu walked through the corridors of the temple thinking hard on the latest reports from the front. To him this war had been going on far too long. He and Yoda had discussed it many times and had agreed that it seemed like someone was controlling how the war went, neither side seemed to be able to gain the upper hand.

He was sure the Sith Lord was behind this, but if that was true then it suggested their greatest fear was true, that the Sith Lord was somewhere high up in the senate. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, wondering what the end goal of this Sith Lord truly was. Their attempts to pierce the darkside and see into the future always failed and so they were blind to the truth. He came to a halt near the hangar bay and entered looking around at the fighters stored there, another indication of the changes the Order was going through, thanks to the war. Anakin Skywalker and Kit Fitso, as well as others, had lobbied for the inclusion of the fighters. He was dismayed to see so many Jedi become more and more used to being soldiers instead of peace keepers. He paused as Sian Jeisel approached him looking surprised, he wondered what was wrong.

"Master Windu, we just received a request for landing from a ship that does not appear in the records," Sian reported. "It is stationed just above the temple and they say they have important information for us and request an audience with the council," she added. "I checked the ships serial number and a file did come up, however it is coded and it can only be unlocked by a council member," she stated.

Mace frowned as he took all of this on board and was surprised to say the least, not many ships came near the temple, especially now and they especially did not ask to land in the hangar. The fact that there was a file in the Jedi records but was coded spoke of a mystery.

"Grant them permission to land, but have ten Jedi ready to meet them. Let us see who these people are," he finally ordered, deciding to be on guard as this could easily be a Separatist trap.

"Yes Master," Sian responded and quickly ran over to the comm system and summoned help.

Mace watched and waited. Finally the ship came into view as it came into land, the first thing that sprang to mind was the ship looked very old and seemed to have been through some battles. He could see a few scorch marks and what looked like blaster hits. Had they been attacked on their way here, with this supposed important information?

As the ship completed its landing he wondered who was on board. Some Jedi who had lost their own ships or maybe some clones caught behind enemy lines? He watched as the Jedi led by Sian surrounded the ship and readied themselves for any threat. He walked over and waited for the ramp to open.


(Ebon Hawk)

Bastila and the others all met up in the large hold and waited for Revan to show up, when he did Bastila wanted to laugh as he walked into bay in his Dark Lord Robe and mask. For an instant she flashed back to when she had first met him during the Jedi's plan to capture him, with his lightsaber drawn he had appeared every bit a dangerous Sith. Shaking her head she gave him a glare, as he removed the mask and grinned at her, oh he was making a statement alright.

She glanced at the others and noted Jolee and Tarin were laughing, Carth looked uneasy whilst Canderous had a look of respect on his face. No surprise she thought as this was the image that came to mind of the man who had defeated his people. Mission was grinning whilst Zaalbar shook his head. Visas gave no response, but if she did not know better she could have sworn the woman respected Revan's choice, the droids just waited for orders.

"You do realize what you look like, right kid?" Jolee finally inquired.

"Of course, as I said we need to make an impression," Revan responded as he hooked the mask onto his belt and then moved towards the ramp which extended downwards, as he used the force to activate it.



Obi-Wan easily deflected the blaster fire from the droids, as he led his troops into the fight. He could just make out Anakin's form at the front, dodging and jumping into the fray. He shook his head at his old padawn's eagerness for adventure and action, before concentrating back on the matter at hand, dodging another droid he brought his lightsaber down onto its head and cut it apart right down the middle.

He was just about to wade into another group of droids when his force sense just picked up an incoming attack from above. He dove out of the way of Ventress, as she came down where he had been standing with her lightsabers aimed at his head. Smiling grimly at the woman who had continued to be an annoying menace to him and Anakin he quickly engaged her in a fierce duel, he pushed her back as hard as he could.

Anakin easily waded through the droids barely keeping an eye out for any surprise attacks. Frowning he quickly sensed that Ventress was here and he pushed onwards towards his former Master. If she had not attacked him then she would have attacked him, Rex and his men continued to watch his back and continued to push forwards, ignoring as best they could the loses they were sustaining.

On the ridge above Ahsoka kept a close eye on the battle for any incoming reinforcements for the droids, until they showed she could not get involved in the battle. She glanced at Vance, the corporal assigned to her for this mission, but he shook his head in answer of her silent question, so far he had seen no movement from enemy reinforcements.


(Jedi Temple)

Mace watched as the ramp extended downwards and he placed his hand near his lightsaber just in case this was some sort of Separatist surprise attack. A few moments later an imposing figure walked down the ramp and for a few seconds Mace thought the Sith Lord had come before them. When he noted Sian and the other Jedi had activated their own lightsabers he realised he was not the only one to think such a thing. The smile on the man's face showed he found their actions amusing, as others stepped off the ship.

First came a woman and an older man, then two more men both armed heavily followed by a Wookie and Twi'lek, both of whom looked young to him. The last four to come down were another man and woman and then two droids, the droids looked old, very old infact now that he thought about it.

"Stay where you are and disarm," Sian ordered and it was only then that Mace noted five of the group were armed with lightsabers on their belts.

"Who are you?" he demanded to know, stepping forward. "And where did you get those lightsabers?" he added.

"We are Jedi," Revan responded coolly. "The lightsabers are our own," he explained.

"I do not know any of you, nor do I recognize you from any of the Jedi currently in service," Mace pointed out as he gave the signal to Sian and the others to deactivate their weapons.

"Never the less we are Jedi," Revan responded, as he removed the hood of his cloak and showed his features for the first time. "My name is Revan and I have come a long way to meet with the council, we all have," he informed what he suspected was a Master, maybe even a council member considering the authority he seemed to have.

"Why have you come to see us?" Mace inquired, trying to feel these new arrivals through the force.

Most of them seemed like everyday people just as he had expected, but the five carrying lightsabers were awash with the force. Their leader especially seemed to be surrounded by the force in a way he had never seen before. No that wasn't exactly true he thought, it reminded him of Anakin Skywalker and the way he felt in the force.

"That is information only for the council," Revan answered. "It is vital they hear what we have to say, the very future of the Jedi Order now rests in what you do next," he stated.

Mace frowned, not liking the way this sounded one bit, however he could detect no falsehood in the man as he spoke. He glanced at Sian who looked very unsure. The other Jedi with her were exchanging either unsure looks or suspicious ones, Mace stared at the strangers before deciding to bring this matter before the council.

"I will inform the council of your request. I ask that you disarm, so we know you mean us no harm," he finally told them. "You will be shown to some quarters, whilst I discuss this with the council," he added.

Revan looked at his companions and nodded in agreement much to the annoyance of Canderous and HK. One by one they removed their weapons and placed them on the floor. Sian and the others quickly grabbed the weapons and took them away; Sian and two other Jedi remained and indicated the newcomers to follow her.

Mace watched them go and wondered just what this information was Revan and his friends had, another thing that was annoying him was the name Revan. He was certain he had heard it somewhere in the Jedi Archives. Something about it plagued him, but he could not think of what it was at all. Shaking his head he shook those thoughts off and went to find Yoda before he saw the rest of the council. Maybe Yoda might know something about these newcomers.



Anakin jumped over the battle droid and took its head off as he came back down, hearing a familiar sound he noted the approach of a load of droideka heading right for them. It would catch most of their forces off guard, as they were busy fighting the rest of the droid army. Obi-Wan was too busy fighting Ventress and he had not sensed the approach of the new threat. He cursed as tried to head them off, but was quickly intercepted by four assassin droids. They quickly forced him on the defensive.
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