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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,17226 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

(Jedi Temple, Council Chamber)

Mace sat down as the most of the council joined him, again some were only there by holonet, but he noted Obi-Wan was not one of them. Clearly he had been caught up in battle. The same it seemed had happened to Plo Koon, frowning somewhat he decided to press on anyway. Maybe whatever Revan had to say would help them in the end.

"I am sorry for recalling the council so soon, but an event has occurred that I believe needs our immediate attention," he started to explain. "A ship has come into the temple after requesting landing clearance. A file of this ship is in the Jedi records, but is coded to the council only," he reported. "The people on the ship state they have important information for us, but will only tell the council what it is and so they have requested a meeting," he continued. "I have noted a couple of odd things in these newcomers. Their ship and droids are a very old design and five of them appear to be Jedi or so they claim, however I do not recognized them at all," he finished as he leaned back.

Yoda looked up at him and frowned as he reached out with the force and probed the temple and quickly found the five new force presences Mace had spoken of. Each was powerful in their own right, but one of them was even stronger than anyone he had ever felt, just like Anakin Skywalker.

"Puzzling this is," he stated. "I sense great power in them, their leader especially," he added thoughtfully. "Almost like the chosen one he is," he stated.

"How is that possible Master Yoda?" Shaak Ti inquired, her hologram was flickering somewhat.

"Unknown it is, the force surrounds them and gives no answers," Yoda answered with a shake of his head.

"What about the file on the ship? Have we tried to access it?" Kit Fitso inquired, intrigued by the new mystery even in the mist of war.

"Not yet," Mace replied before he stood up and entered his code into a near by computer off to the side and then waited.

Finally the computer responded and a very old file appeared on the screen. He blinked as he read the date again, sure that he had misread it the first time. "The date of the file is from 3,967 BBY and states the ship is called the Ebon Hawk and is the personal ship of," he trailed of as he continued to read.

"What is it Master Windu?" Saesee Tiin asked sensing the disbelief and shock of his friend.

"The ship belonged to Darth Revan and his followers including the Jedi known as the Exile," Mace finally continued as he realised why the name of Revan seemed so familiar to him. "It vanished from known records the same year the entry was made after they recruited the then Grand Master of the order Bastila Shan for some kind of unknown mission," he continued. "The file then splits into two links, both state they tell the history of Revan and his followers as well as the wars he was involved in," he finished turning and looking at the others. "The leader of the group who arrived called himself Revan," he stated.

"Impossible, Revan is long dead," Saesee Tiin responded with a shake of his head. "I have studied the archives for a long time and I have read both histories. They contradict each other completely, but the events in question happened a long time ago and everyone involved is dead," he assured them.

"Sense the force in this I do," Yoda spoke up. "Connected it is to the pulse we felt in the force," he added, as he again reached out with his senses and probed the force. "Grant them their request will we," he finally decided.

"But Master Yoda, if they are in anyway connected to Darth Revan and his followers they could be here to kill us?" Mace argued not liking this at all.

"See will we, what they are here for," Yoda responded before going silent.

The other council members exchanged unsure looks, but knew that nothing would change Yoda's stance now. He had made up his mind. Mace struggled with his own reaction, but finally brought himself under control. He bowed and headed out to collect Revan and his group. He just hoped he was misreading this. He guessed the three years of war and the never ending search for the Sith Master had affected him far more than he had realized. He needed to trust in Yoda and the force.



Ahsoka quickly activated her lightsaber and jumped from her position using all the power she had to land in front of her master and take up position to intercept the Droideka, around her, her men appeared in groups of two.

Spinning her lightsaber she began to reflect the blaster fire back at the approaching droids. Behind her she could just make out her master fighting four assassin droids alone, which made her curse as she could not help him until the Droideka were destroyed.

Ventress growled as Kenobi continued to dodge and jump her attempts to kill him. He was skilled, she would give him that, but in the end she had to win. Dooku was growing tired of her continued failure to dispatch the two Jedi and it was driving her anger in this fight. She lashed out again, but this time Kenobi parried with his own lightsaber and a grim smile, which made her blood boil all the more.

Anakin ducked again, just barely missing having his head taken off by one of the assassin droids vibroswords. This was getting on his nerves. He blocked another strike and then force jumped out of the circle of droids to land behind the first. Barely pausing he threw his lightsaber at the droid catching it as it turned to face him and watched in satisfaction as it carved right through it. He caught the blade as it came back and quickly engaged the three droids left.

Ahsoka pushed herself forward concentrating as hard as she could on reflecting the blaster fire away from herself and her troops as they closed in on the shielded Droideka. Once they were close enough they would have a better chance of penetrating the shields and destroying them.


(Jedi Temple)

Revan smiled as as he waited for the council to make up their minds on whether to meet with them or not. He knew he had left them with little choice in the matter with his well chosen words when they had arrived at the temple.

He knew the archives would probably have their histories in it, one way or another and that might make the council wary of them, but in his view they had to hear what they had to say.

"What do you think they will do?" Carth broke the silence that had descended since they had been brought into the room.

"Discuss our request and depending on what kind of history is in the archives, they may listen and then again they may not," Bastila responded with a frown.

"They will listen to us Bastila," Revan spoke up, brought out of his thoughts by the conversation. "Even if we have to force them to listen, we do not have a lot of time to put plans into motion," he continued. "Every minute we waste, gives the Sith time to counter us once he becomes aware someone is trying to stop his plans," he stated darkly.

"What makes you think he is not aware of us already?" Mission asked one of the questions that had been on her mind since she had awoken.

"It is possible he is aware that something new has appeared, but I do not think he knows what it is," Revan answered thoughtfully. "Something tells me the force would not allow him to see us straight away," he assured them.

"Which means he might become aware of us at a later date," Tarin concluded with a shake of his head.

"And what do we do, if he does find out about us Revan?" Bastila inquired. "Your vision did not allow you to see who the Sith Lord actually is," she pointed out.

"We will deal with that event if it happens, but until it does, I suggest we concentrate on convincing the council of the truth of my vision and then put our plans into motion to convince the chosen one of it as well," Revan shot back, slightly annoyed as Bastila was correct. His vision had not shown just who the Sith Lord was.

"Question Master: What if the Jedi refuse to believe you?" HK-47 asked.

Revan did not answer straight away as he had no real answer to that. He hoped the council would not prove to be as stupid as the council of their own time had been. Time was against them, he reached out with the force and tried to find some clue as to the answer, but found none.

"They maybe reluctant to believe us at first, but I think in the end they will listen and take action," Jolee spoke up in the silence that followed. "They can't afford not to. Right kid?" he asked.

"Correct Jolee," Revan responded. "If they fail to act, we will have to take action on our own," he stated.

"Sounds more fun that way," Canderous murmured, feeling bored and hating to be in effect locked up, whilst the council talked.

"Patience Canderous, if things go as I believe they will, we will have plenty to do," Revan responded, as he turned to face the Mandalorian.

Before any of them could say anything else the door to their room opened and Mace Windu walked in. They could all see the distrust and slight anger in the man's expression as he looked at them. This seemed to confirm Bastila's belief that their history had been written by one of their enemies. Revan frowned annoyed by this.

"The council has granted your request, you are to follow me," he told them, before he turned and left the room again.

The group exchanged looks before following one by one, each noting they were been followed by three armed Jedi as they went. Clearly they were not trusted.


(Senate Building)

Darth Sidious gazed out of the window as he contemplated his next few moves in his grand plan. Something however kept bothering him as he used his powers to look into the future. It still showed things going according to his plan, but now he kept seeing a blank spot, something he could not see and it enraged him to no end. Something was happening and he did not know what it was. Maybe it was connected to whatever it was he and Dooku had sensed.

Frowning he pushed as hard as he could, but the blank spot remained. He wanted to lash out in anger, but knew he could not. He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. He doubted it could be any real threat to his goal after everything else had gone to plan. Still he would be on guard and keep an eye open, he would also keep a closer eye on Dooku, just in case he was the cause. He well knew the Sith practice of the apprentice killing the Master, maybe Dooku had put something into motion to try and take his place as Dark Lord.


(Dooku's castle)

Count Dooku sat at the head of the table and listened as the droid who acted as his aide continued to read out the reports from the many fronts of the war, but he was distracted by the pulse in the force he had felt earlier and the fact his master did not know what it was. This was one of the few things that had seemed beyond his master's force vision. The question then became what had it been and why could his master not see it?

Standing up he paced a little as he tried to think of anything that might have caused such a pulse. It was unlike anything he had felt before, either as a Sith or when he had been a Jedi.

It was a mystery and he enjoyed mysteries and always had done, but he had no time for them since he had accepted Sidious's offer. He noted then that the aide had stopped talking and he glanced up to see that the droid was awaiting his response or any new orders he might have. He frowned having nothing really to say right now.

"Keep gathering data from the front and notify me if we push through anywhere," he ordered finally. "I also want to know if we are beaten in any of our current battles," he added before he dismissed the droid.

So many battles were raging at the moment that it was hard to keep track of them all. Placing his hands behind his back he began to walk to his quarters feeling tired. Perhaps once he had a good night's sleep he would feel up to making new plans to destroy his enemies, something told him a great change was coming.


(Jedi Temple, Council chamber)

Revan entered the council chamber and was surprised by the new layout of the temple. It was quite clear that a lot of work had been done on the temple since they had gone to sleep. He glanced at each of the Master's present including a few who were only there in hologram form, most likely leading one of the many battles going on he guessed.

"Welcome you are," Yoda said, as Mace took his seat. "Many questions have we," he added, before he introduced each council member bar the ones who were missing.

"I am sure you do know about us," Revan responded with a smile. "I am sure there was information in the archives about us," he continued, as he folded his arms across his chest.

"So you do claim to be Darth Revan and his followers?" Mace demanded to know his frown increasing.

"Former Dark Lord of the Sith actually. I was redeemed from the dark path many years ago," Revan shot back. "As for those who are with me, they are not my followers, but my friends and allies," he added.

"Once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny," Yoda quoted with a firm gaze.

"That is not true Master Yoda," Bastila spoke up with a glare. "Many have returned from the dark path. It is not an easy road, but it has happened," she stated.

"I was not the first to come back," Revan picked up the argument. "The first was another Sith Lord I am sure you are familiar with, by the name of Ulic-Qel-Droma. He to fell to the dark side but was brought back," he told them.

"Yes I remember reading about this from the great Holocron. It was recorded by Vima Sunrider," Saesee Tiin stated. "However there are those who dispute her tale. Some say she was under his influence when she made the recording," he informed them, as he recalled what he had read in the archives as well.

"That was most likely lies made by Jedi who feared him still or were left bitter and angry by his actions in the great Sith war," Revan responded calmly. "Vima Sunrider was one of the greatest Jedi Knights to ever live, just like her mother Nomi. So what if she was trained by Ulic after his fall?" he continued. "What she learned from him is something Jedi cannot learn," he pressed.

"And what was that?" Kit Fitso asked.

"A greater understanding of the risks of being a Jedi and the danger of the darkside," Revan replied. "It gave her a unique perspective on what to keep an eye out for in her time as a Jedi. A perspective I doubt any of you have at all," he stated.

"As interesting as all this is, can we get back to the fact you claim to be Revan," Agen Kolar interrupted wanting to get back to what he believed was a more important fact. "The same Revan who became a Dark Lord and lived during the time of the Mandalorian and Jedi civil wars," he pressed. "Tell us, how is this even possible," he demanded to know.

"We arrived here by way of a dangerous extended period of carbonite sleep," Tarin was the one who answered the question, not likening the tone of the Jedi Master.

"Wonder I do, why you do this?" Yoda inquired.

"That is a long story," Revan replied. "And one you may find hard to believe, but I tell you it was important enough that I asked my friends to risk their lives to come here and stop a great threat," he stated, as he looked from Yoda to Mace and finally to Fitso.

"What threat do you speak of?" Mace inquired putting aside his doubt and anger at this.

Revan took a deep breath before he began the tale of what had brought them all here. It was now he had to make the greatest impact on the council or their missions would become an even greater challenge.



Anakin smirked as he cut down another of the damn assassin droids. His men pressed forward making more and more headway against the droids. He managed to glance to his left and noticed Ahsoka and her team fighting off the Droideka keeping his flank safe. He was pleased that she was able to hold her own without him, turning back to his fight he rolled out of another shot aimed at his head and brought his lightsaber up in a cutting arc just managing to bring the droid down in return. He decapitated it to ensure it was destroyed, before he engaged the last one. He pressed the attack and forced the droid back.

Obi-Wan cursed as he almost lost his arm from one of Ventress's wide swings, jumping clear just in time he landed and quickly blocked her next two attacks. She was getting angrier, as she often did when they fought, but instead of making her slip up, it was just making her fight all the harder. As he launched his own attack, he noticed Anakin finally dispatched the last assassin droid out of the corner of his eye and rushed to help him. Smiling grimly he pressed his attack.

Ahsoka almost jumped as her master somersaulted over her and imbedded his lightsaber into one of the remaining Droideka's heads, destroying it instantly. He grinned at her and the rushed off to help Master Kenobi, causing her to shake her head before attacking another of the Droideka still attacking them. Ventress snarled as Skywalker finally joined the fight against her, having clearly destroyed her assassin droids. Lashing out with her lightsabers she managed to knock Kenobi off his feet and quickly turned and fled just as Skywalker reached them.

Anakin growled as Ventress escaped. His first instinct was to run after her, but the warning from Obi-Wan kept him where he was. He turned back to him and quickly helped his friend up.

"Nice timing," Obi-Wan said with a smile, as he winced slightly, having twisted one of his muscles in his fall.

"Ventress escaped again Master," Anakin stated with a dark frown.

"No matter, we will get her in the end Anakin," Obi-Wan responded. "Now how about we help end this battle instead of letting your Padawan and our troops get all the fun," he commented with a smile.

Glancing to where he could now see Ahsoka next to Rex and most of his troops pulverizing the reduced number of droids, he nodded his head and quickly headed right back into the fight followed by Obi-Wan.
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