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Past and Future Collide

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Summary: Anakin’s future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR131757,84614722,28526 Oct 1020 Jun 13No

Chapter One

Past and Future Collide

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of the connected media, including the books, cartoons and games especially the Knights of the Old Republic series. They belong to George Lucas and whoever owns the rights to the games, cartoons and books.

Pairing: Revan/Bastila, Anakin/Padme

Summary: Anakin's future becomes more and more clouded, as some unexpected allies show up during the Clone Wars.

Notes: This takes place in an alternate universe and will change certain historical events. It will also change others things within the events of the war and may also change certain relationships, but that depends on how this story progresses. So be warned, if you don't like that, don't read and if you do read please do not complain.


Chapter 1

(Outer Rim)

The Ebon Hawk dropped out of hyper space and soon came into orbit of the remains of Malachor V. Revan looked out of the cockpit and stared at the ship wreckages of Republic and Mandalorian alike, as well as the frozen corpses of the men, he condemned to death here. At the time it had seemed like the only way to stop the war, a way that would ensure the Mandalorians would not return for a very long time, a time in which the Republic could recover.

Then he made the mistake of following them into deep space to ensure they left and it had led him, Malak and everyone who followed him into the arms of the Sith Empire and its deadly Emperor. They had tried to fight, but in the end they were corrupted and although he tried to hold onto himself, he tried to limit the damage his invasion of the Republic caused, but he began to loose himself in the darkness. Malak sadly was overtaken completely and he wasted no time in laying waste to Telos, without waiting for his orders. His old friend was not the only one so corrupted. Thousands in his fleet lost themselves in that same darkness as they did.

He was lucky, he supposed, that Malak had turned on him when he did. It helped to grant him the chance at redemption, thanks to Bastila. He could not wait to see his love again. He glanced to his left as the Exile joined him in the cockpit followed by HK-47 and T3, his two droids. He knew the Exile's name better than most others, given that he had served under him, but had been wise enough not to follow him into deep space.

"We're back," the Exile noted with relief, as he had not enjoyed his time in deep space watching the growing Sith Empire.

"Yes, the end of the war was here and our journey to save the Republic and the galaxy at large begins here," Revan responded with a grim smile. "I just hope Bastila and the others are okay. We will need them in what lies ahead," he concluded.

"So you have said General," the Exile replied. "But I am still unsure how we are going to do what it is we must to even survive to the point where your vision happened?" he questioned.

"I've told you before Tarin, do not call me General," Revan growled. "I am no longer that person and I think I know exactly how to ensure that we survive," he told him. "Don't worry so much, set course for the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, I'll be in my quarters," he ordered.

"Statement Master: Will we get to kill anyone on this insane mission?" HK-47 inquired, his yellow eyes looking menacing.

"Of course HK, if my vision was correct, you will have plenty to kill," Revan assured his prized creation before heading out.

T3 beeped a couple of times, which made HK turn and begin arguing with the smaller droid. The Exile, now known to be called Tarin, smiled as he quickly set to work on sending the ship to Coruscant. Revan could argue all he want about been a changed man, but deep inside, the General who had convinced half the Republic army and the Jedi Order to follow him, still lived.

He watched as the ship jumped into hyperspace again, just glad to be away from the graveyard that was Malachor V. A lot of bad memories still remained with him, all centered on what happened on that planet. He set the autopilot and told HK to keep an eye out for any trouble. He then headed for his own quarters. He wondered what kind of Order they would find, it had only been a year since he had left in search of Revan and the Jedi he had left behind to rebuild had been few. He was sure that things would not go as smoothly as Revan seemed to think they would, even Bastila would be so accepting of his return for a while.

Still in the end they had to stop what Revan had seen in his force vision. If they did not, the Sith would rule the galaxy for a long time, resulting in billions of deaths and even after their defeat they would continue to return and wreck destruction. They had to prevent the one event that made that future possible. Still the love between Revan and Bastila would see them through the emotional reunion to come, entering his quarters he suddenly found his mind locked on seeing Visas again.

Across the ship Revan tried to meditate, but his mind was filled with a repeat of the terrible vision he had witnessed a month prior. It had forced him to return to normal space and forget about trying to sabotage the Sith Empire. He just hoped that in the time he had been gone, that the Republic and Jedi had rebuilt fast enough and when the inevitable invasion comes that they would be able to repel it. He prayed to the force that he was not making a mistake, but the vision would not leave him and so he believed the force wanted him to do something about it and with Bastila and his other friends he would do something about it.


(Jedi Temple, Coruscant)

Bastila Shan, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, walked through the corridors of the temple. To her the temple still felt quite empty. Once, before the wars, there had been thousands of Jedi in these hallowed halls, but now only a few remained. They were almost hunted to extinction by the Sith Triumvirate, only to be saved by the actions of the Exile. A Jedi, an outcast of the Order on the decree of the old council, for following Revan to war. He had been the only Jedi to return to face the consequences of his choice.

He had left force-blind and completely cut off from the force, but somehow he had rebuilt his connection. He had used his regained powers to aide in destroying the Triumvirate and to train a few force sensitives to become a new breed of Jedi, who would help rebuild the order. So far there was only fifty Jedi in the entire galaxy, with another twenty being trained at the moment. It would be a long while before they matched their former numbers. The stress of being the new Grand Master was great and each day found her wishing she had gone with Revan, no matter what he said. Another problem she had was raising their daughter.

No one but her, Carth, Mission, Zaalbar and Canderous knew who the father of her daughter Tera was. It was too dangerous for both of them, so it was kept a well guarded secret. She knew others on the new council suspected the truth and were making noise of asking her to step down. These were mostly made up of the old guard, who had survived both wars and purges and only had come out of hiding once the threat was ended.

She suddenly paused as the alarms of the temple started to blare and she rushed to the council chamber, which was filling up with her fellow council members and Jedi.

"What is going on?" she demanded to know.

"We have intruders in the temple Master," Ven, a Corellian Jedi of the old guard, reported. "I do not know how they got through our security, but they are inside," he added with a growl.

"How many?" Bastila asked, as more Jedi arrived, including Visas, Brianna, and Mira.

"We don't know," Alak said. He was one of the last remaining old masters to be still alive. She knew he was only alive because he had hidden on a world full of Sith and Jedi temples, which ensured that he could not be sensed.

"What should we do?" Brianna asked, wondering just who was crazy enough to invade the temple.

Before any of them could reply a shadow dropped down behind Bastila and brought up a purple lightsaber against her throat. Bastila was about to react when she realised she knew the presence and knew it well. He had come back, she felt her breath hitch, as the realization hit her and wanted to turn, but found she could not.

She watched as all the Jedi in the room pulled their own weapons, but before they could do anything else another shadow dropped down next to her and she realised it was the Exile. She saw the shock hit Brianna, Visas and Mira, as they realized who had turned up. She noted a combination of fear, caution and anger on the rest of the assembled Jedi.

"You've done well in my absence," Tarin said as he looked around and countered the number of Jedi. He frowned. ‘Till so few,' he thought.

"Why have you come and why are you attacking us?" Ven demanded, before anyone else could say anything.

"We are not attacking you, just gaging your response," Revan spoke, as he pushed Bastila into the light so his mask could be seen.

"It's Revan," Alak shouted raising his lightsaber again, fear and hatred coming right to the fore.

It did not matter that the only reason the Republic still existed was thanks to Revan. In his mind the whole devastation of the wars, which had almost destroyed the Jedi, was Revan's and his friend Malak's fault and the Exile was no better. He had followed them to war and aided them in destroying not only an entire world, but half their own fleet.

"Stand down," Bastila ordered as she felt Revan release her. "Revan is no threat to us," she assured them.

"I'm not surprise, that you said that Bastila," Tanith, another old guard, spat in distaste. "You were his lover and even had a child with that murderer and just like your lover you fell to the dark side as well," he continued to shout, consumed by his hatred of all three of them.

He was cut off from an invisible force and began to choke. Bastila glanced to Revan and saw the anger in his eyes and knew he was using the force to choke Tanith, but within seconds he seemed to regain control of himself and Tanith dropped to the ground, grasping for breath.

"I would advise you to watch what you say, Jedi," Canderous said, as he stepped into the hall, followed by Mission and Zaalbar. "Revan takes it personal when you spew your tainted version of events," he warned.

Bastila was wondering what the hell Canderous was doing on Coruscant, last she had heard he was still rebuilding the Mandalorian clans, as asked by Revan. Mission and Zaalbar she knew lived close to the temple, thanks to some help from her in finding an apartment.

"Yeah the kid gets mighty cranky when you insult his girl," Jolee Bindo said with a chuckle, as he also joined them. "Kinda makes me wonder what Bastila has been training them in," he joked.

"Tell me about it old man," Carth put in, rubbing his jaw at remembering when Revan had hit him in response to something he had said during Bastila's fall to the darkside.

Okay now Bastila was very confused, as to how all of her old friends and comrades seemed to be in on this. Was it possible they had all been on Coruscant just as Revan and the Exile returned? Strange though it sounded may be the force had ensured that they would all be together, all except it seemed Juhani. She knew the Cathar had returned to Taris to help the people rebuild. Clearly something must be happening for them all to be together again.

"Surrender yourself Revan. You are guilty of assaulting a member of the council," Alak demanded, as Tanith was helped back to his feet.

Revan laughed loud and folded his arms across his chest and Bastila could tell he was glaring at Alak and almost dared him to attack. She got in front of them both.

"Enough, Tanith overstepped his bounds and paid the price," she told the assembled crowd. "I would think one who survived the wars would have more caution than to show such disrespect in his presence, by verbally attacking a known friend of his," she admonished him. "Now I want everyone to return to what you were doing, I will call a council once I know why Revan and the Exile are here," she ordered.

The assembled Jedi slowly left the council hall and she did not miss the anger on most of their faces, especially Tanith and Alak and even Ven.This would add fule to the fire and give them more reasons to try and force her to stand down. Visas hesitated at the door and she watched the Exile quickly tell her to join them.

Bastila then turned to Revan, once it was just their small group of friends and raising her hand she slapped him right round the face, much to the amusement of most of the group. Revan rubbed his jaw, but was actually smiling.

"It is good to see you again Bastila," Revan said. "And I am pleased to see that your fighting spirit has not been put out in the time I have been gone," he added.

"You have a lot of explaining to do Revan," Bastila growled, before she grabbed him and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss, which he eagerly returned.

"He should have seen that coming," Misson said with a smile to which Zaalbar growled in agreement.

"He did see it coming," Tarin responded from next to Visas. "He just knew better than to try and dodge it," he added with a smile. "Five years is a long time to be separated, but for the moment none of that matters to them," he stated.

"Yeah I'll say," Carth said with a shake of his head. "Still I got the impression Revan would not be back from where it was you two went," he recalled.

They all noted the dark frown this caused to appear on the Exile's face and suddenly they all began to fear there was something big and dangerous on the horizon. Canderous, Jolee and Carth began to suspect that maybe this was why they had felt compelled to come to Coruscant. Revan and Bastila finally broke apart and they all took a seat. Revan sighed, as he removed his mask and then ran a hand through his hair.

"I was not going to come back, at least not for a long time, but I had a powerful force vision, one that to be honest haunts me," Revan began. "Even with all the death we have seen in the wars, this was just more bloody and on a scale I have never seen before, except for Malachor V," he informed them.
Carth and everyone else shivered as he said this, whilst not all of them had been there during the battle of Malachor, they had all seen the results and knew what had happened there.

"Is that even possible?" Visas inquired, trying not to imagine her own barren world.

"What did you see Revan?" Bastila asked, concerned about how bad this sounded.

"I will show you," Revan responded.

Before any of them could say or do anything they were all overcome with the same vision that had been haunting Revan. Using the force he sent the vision into each of their minds and allowed them to experience it the same way he had. He could see Bastila and Visas, as well as Tarin, were truly affected by what they were seeing, but he knew they had to witness this, if he was to have any hope of getting them to join in his mission to prevent the future.
When it was over he looked over the white faces of most of the people in front of him. Mission especially looked ill at what she had seen. Even Canderous looked sick, most likely due to the lack of honor shown by the Empire.

"What is it you want of us, Revan?" Carth asked, angered to see his beloved Republic fall due to corruption and treachery. "How can we even attempt to stop that?" he added.

Revan looked them each in the eye before he returned his gaze to Bastila. After his gaze locked for quite a while with her, he finally responded.
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