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A few kinks to work out

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Summary: In the episode Blood Ties, when Willow and Tara teleported Glorificus away they had no idea where they were sending her, in their desire to protect Dawn they sent Glory very far away indeed.

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Chapter 3: Threshold

Summary: In the episode Blood Ties, when Willow and Tara teleported Glorificus away they had no idea where they were sending her, in their desire to protect Dawn they sent Glory very far away indeed.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, ancient parasitic lifeforms or giant hovering gas mine/research facilities from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Halo 2 that are used in this drabble and I’m not making any money off of it.

So, where did you send her?

Not sure, that’s one of the kinks

Glorificus materialized to the sounds of battle at the bottom of a pit. Looking up she started thinking that the next time she saw the Witches that she would have to give them a stern reminder about making sure they have the correct destination in mind when using teleportation spells.

Not that they’d ever have the chance to actually USE the wisdom she would give them as she intended to drain them the moment she was done.

As she observed the fighting above she noticed there seemed to be three sides in the fight.

One was a group of small flying things that used some sort of magical beam weapon.

The second were among the ugliest things she had ever seen. Their bodies warped into a grotesque form that seemed to prefer using their oversized arm to beat their enemies although a few had some sort of weapon.

The third was a heavily armored lizard-demon of some sort armed with what looked like a magical sword that was destroying the… zombies perhaps? The swordsdemon did bear a resemblance to the deformed creatures.

Glorificus may not have been the brightest tactician, but she wasn’t completely inept either. The demon was obviously a skilled warrior who might make a great minion, once she beat him into submission, and seeing what that glowing blade did to enemies she wanted it.


And apparently it could cut through stone also. Glorificus started to look for a way up to the platform the demon was on.


Glorificus was getting upset, but she thought she had found a place where she could make it to the platform, if the temple, or whatever, didn’t turn sideways any further.


There, she should just be able to reach the platform, even better, she could see that either the demon or one of the zombies had dropped one of the glowing swords.

She jumped…

Fate is a fickle thing. Had she jumped two second earlier, she’d have landed on the platform
If she had waited three seconds she would have also landed on the platform

Instead she jumped at the exact moment that the gas mine entered freefall. Therefore the structure fell out from below her and her screaming form plummeted into the maelstrom below. Just a few hundred yards behind it.

Several hours later, long after entering the eternal darkness of the interior, her clothes long since burned away and enduring pressures strong enough that her voice had long since gone out from constant screaming she felt something that, had she retained enough sanity to think, she would have recognized as the start of the transformation into Ben.

Ben never felt a thing. The pressure and heat required to solidify nitrogen in the core of a gas giant is so great that the body was vaporized before the transformation was even finished.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A few kinks to work out" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 12.

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