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A few kinks to work out

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Summary: In the episode Blood Ties, when Willow and Tara teleported Glorificus away they had no idea where they were sending her, in their desire to protect Dawn they sent Glory very far away indeed.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters (or spacecraft) mentioned in this story and am not making any money off it.

The following story is based on a random thought about what other ways could the Scoobies could have defeated Glorificus.

"So, where did you send her?"

"Not sure, that's one of the kinks."

When Glorificus materialized she found herself on a star lit volcanic plain with a lovely view of a nearby volcano erupting. As the goddess started to walk around she started to think that maybe the witches had found a way to send her home without the use of the key, she tried to yell for her two former co-rulers to come out and face her. Tried, but failed as no sound would come out, looking up in frustration she noticed that she was certainly NOT in her home dimension as there had never been a massive world with banded clouds taking up much of the sky. Around the time she was able to tear her eyes away she also noticed that she had yet to smell the sulfur from all those beautiful volcanoes and that the feeling of warmth behind her was getting stronger. Taking a look she saw an oncoming wall of volcanic debris but wasn't able to get out of the way of the pyroclastic flow before it overtook her. As she felt the molten debris burn away her clothes and then pour down into her mouth she felt one last thing, in horror she realized the transformation into Ben was beginning.

Ben was ash before he even had a chance to feel warm.

TV announcer: and in other news, NASA has reported that the Galileo probe around Jupiter has discovered a recent increase in volcanic activity on Io and has released these photos of one erupting near the equator...
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking