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Summary: Sam Hanna is an ex-Navy Seal, current NCIS agent, spy and man of action. He's also a father.

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NCIS > Faith-CenteredShulikFR1324,2480345,80526 Oct 102 Nov 10No

Chapter One

NCIS:LA is property of Shane Brennan and BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I'm just playing in their sandboxes.

Hello, shiny new fandom!

Follows the NCIS:LA episode- Anonymous

Sam Hanna: When my daughter started school, I tailed her bus for a month and a half.

Kensi narrowed her eyes at her partner, trying to figure out her next move. The smug bastard looked even more insufferable than usual, the red eyes notwithstanding. He was probably still riding the high off Hetty’s borrowed tuxedo, she could tell that he was still thinking of himself as a bit of a James Bond.

The office was dying down, agents were slowly leaving for the day and it was only the four of them left- playing poker.

It probably wasn’t the glamorous evening the guys were hoping for but then again, they roped Kensi in for staying and playing with them.

“Come on Blye,” Deeks smirked, leaning forward but not enough for her to see the cards he was holding, “live a little.”

Kensi glared. She shot a look over at G who was being his usual inscrutable self, an eyebrow raised and a tiny smile playing on his lips. Hanna, on the other hand, was totally relaxed- a cup of coffee by his chair, wearing his oldest jeans and a soft t-shirt.

“I’m in,” she slid over three M8M’s, ignoring the crow of delight from Deeks.

“I’m in,” Sam grinned over at her, all warm and relaxed as he too slid some chocolate candies into the general pot.

They looked over at G. He sighed and cracked his neck, “Nah. I’m going to head out,” he folded his hand down, “but you ladies have a great time playing.”

He grinned as Deeks grimaced, mocking his tone “Oh ha ha. That’s real funny. Calling us women.”

For a little while there were only the sounds of the game going on, good natured ribbing from Deeks and Sam and half hearted rebuffs from Kensi, until she heard the sound of footsteps behind the guys’ backs.

She looked up. It was G, followed by a slight blonde woman.

The woman looked to be in her late twenties, with long golden hair that she kept tucking back in nervous agitation. She was wearing one of the more fashionable outfits that Kensi had seen, a beautiful lavender silk top over a pair of black skinny jeans and stilettos. And yet, she moved like an agent, checking out the exits first and keeping her eyes on all the room’s inhabitants. She even glanced up to the second level right away, something that not even the most seasoned agents had done on Kensi’s watch.

“G?” she frowned, forgetting about her cards as she stood up. “What’s going on?”

Sam and Deeks whirled around, stopping themselves in the middle of a particularly nasty bantering session.

Kensi might have heard the words “Yo momma,” dying on Deeks’ lips before she took in Sam’s shocked state.

He leapt over his chair, moving towards the blonde like he was in shock, just seeing her there.

“Buffy?” he swallowed, looking frantically between her and G, “What’s going on?”

“Hiya Sam,” she smiled at him tightly, “how are you?” Her eyes seemed to be continuously roving over the perimeter of headquarters, her shoulders were tight with tension and if Kensi was a betting woman- she’d bet that this Buffy woman was waiting to be attacked.

“What happened?” Sam demanded. “Is it Faith? Are the kids okay?” He paled.

Buffy’s eyes were cold as she turned to him, “Is it secure?”

It was G that answered her though, he nodded fervently, losing his habitual cool demeanor, “Yeah, it’s safe.”

“Alright,” Buffy nodded warily. She took out her cell phone and pressed three. “Vi? It’s safe.”

“Oh my god,” Sam breathed out, “tell me that you didn’t bring them here.” His agitation levels were practically off the charts. G was keeping his hand on Sam’s shoulder, either trying to calm him down or restrain him.

Kensi could see the elevator dinging open behind Buffy. The blonde shrugged, “Alright. I won’t tell you.”

A black woman, muscular and dreadlocked walked out first. More like, stalked out. If Buffy seemed anxious to be in an unfamiliar building, this woman was practically bursting to get out of here.

The newcomer waited for Buffy’s nod of affirmation before stepping aside and letting two kids run at Sam. A girl that looked to be about twelve and a younger boy launched themselves at Sam’s frame, shouting “Hi Daddy!”

“Hi guys,” Sam practically melted under the kids’ assault. His grin was so wide, it was blinding. “Oh I’ve missed you,” he squeezed them closer, peppering their cheeks with kissed and laughs.

“We’ve missed you too daddy,” the boy declared and promptly peeled a cheek back and grinned, “I’ve lost a tooth!”

“Is that right Max?” Sam smiled and smacked another kiss on his son’s cheek, picking him up. “You’re getting pretty big.”

The kids were beautiful, caramel skinned with flashing brown eyes and curly hair streaked with auburn.

Sam’s daughter looked troubled as he bent down to face her, keeping Max cradled on his hip “I’ve missed you sweetie. Can you give your old man a hug?”

She bit her lip but huddled into Sam’s body. “I was so scared daddy,” she murmured, clutching at her father.

It was strange, seeing Sam the father at work.

Kensi was so used to seeing Sam the agent, she had never really thought about her colleague and friend as somebody that had a personal life. Sure, he joked around with the other guys but she had never really seen him be serious about a woman. Seeing him with his kids, Kensi felt a pang for the life that Sam must have led and lost .

“Buffy?” Sam turned to the blonde, eyeing her coldly, “why are my children here?”

The look on Buffy’s face was just as unwelcome, just as frosty and Kensi and Deeks exchanged a glance at the very clear fact that there was no love lost between these two people.

“Faith got attacked,” Buffy crossed her arms, “she’s in intensive care. But since we already started Angie’s protection rites, she needs to be with a blood relative for the next week or otherwise the ritual won’t take and we’ll have to wait for the next opportunity.”

“Uh-“ Kensi raised her hand, feeling like a horrible intruder but wanting to make the situation easier for everyone involved. She guessed that Faith was probably Sam’s ex, the kids’ mom, they didn’t need to hear the details about her attack.

“Do you want me to show the kids around?” Kensi paused, taking in the stony faced women standing behind Buffy, “I can show your friends around too.” These women weren’t friends. They were bodyguards.

Buffy’s glance at her was quick and dismissive, like Kensi didn’t really rate high enough on her radar to matter. “We don’t keep things like that from Council kids, it’d be much worse if they were ever surprise ambushed, this way- they’re prepared.”

She turned back to Sam, wrapping her arms around her body in what Kensi recognized as an innate gesture of self-comfort. “Faith’s hurt real bad,” her jaw clenched as she stared at him, “you know that I would never have brought them to LA otherwise.”

“Don’t worry auntie B,” Angie moved back to Buffy’s side, wrapping her arms around the older woman’s torso, “mom’s tough. She’ll pull through with flying colors. She’s Council and she’s a Scooby, she’ll be fine.”

The warmth and affection were evident when Buffy hugged the young girl closer. “I know,” she sighed, “but it’s Faith.”

The sting from her earlier words lessened at that. Kensi guessed that Sam’s ex must have been pretty important to Buffy and she was just worried about her, that was why she was lashing out.

“Can they stay with you, Sam?” Buffy turned to Sam, still hugging Angie to her despite the fact that the two of them were almost the same height. There was still no love lost in her gaze towards the ex-Navy Seal but she seemed tired all of a sudden, almost exhausted.

“Of course they can,” Sam frowned at her, “they’re my children. What about Faith, though? Is she in LA? Will I be able to see her? How bad are her injuries?” He looked pretty worried about his ex, biting his lip as he examined Buffy’s stony exterior.

Kensi chanced a look at G, knowing that the two partners knew each other best and if anyone knew what was going on- it was probably G Callen. He looked grim as he gazed back at Sam and his family, silent.

Maybe she didn’t know the whole story behind the situation, but from what she could see- Sam’s ex wasn’t that firmly in the ex category. From the tense grip that Sam had on his son and his worried face, his angry set jaw- Sam Hanna still had feelings for the mother of his children.

“Yeah,” Buffy finally nodded, letting a smile slip through the cracks, instantly transforming her face, “we can definitely do that.”

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