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Poker Knight

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Summary: All it took was one bad choice on his friend's part to change everything.

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Ante Up

The Poker Knight

Disclaimer: Buffy characters belong to Joss Whedon and Co; Morrigan Aensland belongs to Capcom; Castlevania to Konami; Disgaea characters belong to Nippon Ichi software; Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.

Author's notes: Another silly little idea.... That seems to keep growing.


“So.” A 14 year old boy with dark hair and dark eyes looked through the dimly lit smog that permeated the room, his lips curled down with a sigh of resignation as he looked, nervously at the occupants of the table. “Which one of you won Jesse's soul from him?”

“Eh? Another kid?” There was an audible blink as the assembled demons shifted slightly eyes of a variety of different hues looking over him. “Look, your friend lost his soul fair and square.”

“I know,” the boy grumbled softly as he hesitantly walked over to the table and took an empty seat. “He's like a brother, but he's none too bright.” The kid shifted slightly, looking around, as he fought down the nervousness bleeding off of his skin.. “So, how's this work, just one hand for a soul, or you guys buy in with chips, to win it piece by piece.”

“You know.” The Vengeance Lord D'Hoffryn noted idly as he shuffled his chips. “Generally, history shows that people trying to win back people's souls is a rather doomed enterprise.”

“Gee, ya think?” The boy responded with a sarcastic snap as for a moment he looked back at the demon lord before his eyes fell again. “But, hey, I figure, what the hell, if he's gonna be Damned, he might as well have some company.”

“My, isn't he just the manly one.” The full crimson lips of Morrigan Aensland parted, her eyes raking over the boy in front of her. “A regular diamond in the rough as it were.” She paused chuckling softly. “You should walk away and leave it be, little man. Your soul's worth far, far more than your friend's.”

“Well, the way I see it,” Xander Harris responded hesitantly as he managed to lock eyes with the woman. “If I walk away and don't do anything, I'm not really worth that much in the end.”

“Ohohoh! You have fire in you, little mortal, I the Dark Adonis-,” a rather feminine looking male demon with an open jacket and a bare chest began before being cut off.

“Shut up, Vyers.” A smirking figure decked out in red chuckled, from behind a pair of gold hued glasses. “Or, perhaps you'd prefer Midboss again?”

“Ohhoho! You wound me, my dear monsieur Alucard!” the slightly feminine demon gasped, as he spread his fingers across his chest. “To lay such a base slander against the Dark Adonis...!”

“Shut up, Midboss,” Morrigan cut him off, before rolling her eyes as she gestured to him. “Sadly enough, he's the one that has your friend's soul.”

“But if you want it, you have to play all of us,” D'Hoffryn pointed out mildly. “Though, I'm sure we'll each be mmm happy to stake something of value equal to your soul.”

“Hmhmhm...” Alucard grinned as he looked over the boy, his crimson eyes gleaming beneath his hat as he considered, before his grin split even wider. “I think... Yes... I'll buy in with my next fledgling.” There was a glint in those eyes, a touch of madness, perhaps, to be seen. “She should be a lovely, proper monster.”

“Well now, that's setting the value of the boy's soul quite high, now isn't it?” Morrigan observed with a slight, feline smirk of amusement. “Yes, quite the diamond in the rough indeed...” She paused, before grinning sweetly over at Alucard. “I suppose, to make things even, I'll buy in with Lilith.”

A muffled squeak of protest could be heard somewhere in Morrigan's general vicinity, while Vyers nodded in acquiescence. “Hmhm, well now, you have both offered up most generous prizes, and I find my own stake in this wager a bit lacking.”

“Hey!” Xander spoke up in protest. “That's Jesse's soul...!”

“And its value holds not a candle to your own, boy,” Alucard spoke up, grinning broadly. “The soul of a boy who ventures into this den of monsters, knowing as you do what the price that you could be forced to pay. Willing to risk it all for your friend... Mmm... There is power in you, boy, even if you don't realize it.”

“Ah Ha!” Vyers suddenly spoke up, looking extremely pleased with himself. “I shall add to my wager... Access to the Dark Assembly!”

“Uh, ok...” Xander responded slowly, eying the odd looking demon as he settled into his seat, while he noticed the sudden gleam that flashed across D'Hoffryn's eyes.

“Well Now, THAT is interesting enough for me to buy my way into this game,” D'Hoffryn responded with a slow grin on his lips. “So... I'll buy in with immunity to any wishes granted by my Justice-”

“Vengeance,” Morrigan corrected with an amused smirk on her lips.

“Demons,” the Lord of Vengeance finished, shooting the woman a mild glare as he huffed slightly.

“Well then, now that we've all bought in...” Alucard offered up with a grin, “Shall we play?”


“Dammit,” Morrigan pouted softly as she leaned back in her chair. “I can't believe I'm out already.”

“Ah, but sweet Morrigan,” Vyers smiled back at her, his eyes twinkling eagerly. “Do not worry, I am sure your other half will go to a nice home!”

“Oh, shut up Mid-boss.” The succubus grumbled slightly before leaning back, frowning as he glanced at the growing chip piles between Xander and Vyers. Standing up, she arched slowly, casually before walking around and draping herself against the human boy’s shoulders.

“Um, could you not do that?” Xander asked hopefully, his face flushing slightly he could feel the warm touch of her soft flesh pressing against his own. “I am still playing you know.”

“Yes, but you went and eliminated me.” Morrigan purred back into his ear as she watched the cards being dealt out by a smirking Alucard. “That leaves me rather bored until the next game starts up. So, you get to keep me entertained.”

“Great.” The enthusiasm in his voice was simply dripping with sarcasm as he sighed slightly before leaning back and resting his head against Morrigan’s chest. “Ah well, might as well enjoy it.”

Blinking slightly in surprise for a moment, Morrigan then let out a soft, throaty laugh. “Oh yes, I do like you.”

“Always happy to oblige,” Xander quipped back with a slightly lopsided grin on his lips.


“Noooo! How can I, the Dark Adonis, fall?!” Vyers’ moan rose through the air as he stared at his empty pile of chips, before flopping back in his seat.

“Oh, shut up Mid-boss.” D’Hoffryn snapped, grumbling slightly at his own empty pile. “We both lost, show a little dignity.”

“It looks like it’s just you and me now, boy.” Alucard grinned wickedly at the boy sitting across from him, his fanged teeth almost glinting in the light.

“Uh, yeah,” Xander agreed as he shifted in slight discomfort where he sat, with Morrigan now happily occupying his lap. “I don’t suppose you could convince her to get off?”

“Not a chance, Little Diamond.” The No Life King leered back, as he began to deal.

“What, don’t you love me anymore, Diamond?” Morrigan pouted slightly as she turned wide, almost glistening green eyes onto the boy.

“Gah! But… But… I didn’t love you to begin with!” Xander immediately protested.

“Oh.” Morrgain paused a moment, her eyes immediately becoming half lidded as she leaned in, and casually murmured into his ear. “Don’t worry, you will.”

Xander gulped, audibly as he stared at the succubus a moment, before picking up his cards with trembling hands.


“Well, congratulations, Little Diamond.” Alucard was chuckling as he nodded his head in amusement. “You’ve completed your little quest to save your foolish friend’s soul.”

Xander breathed out a sigh of relief as he slumped back in his chair, while Morrigan cooed lightly into his ear. “Mmm now, as for your reward…”

“Um, seriously, I just want Jesse’s soul.” Xander gulped deeply, before pausing a moment and looking at D’Hoffryn. “And that immunity from Vengeance Demon wishes, that sounds like it’d be handy.”

“Oh, but my dear boy, you won our bets fair and square!” Vyers argued immediately in protest, smiling magnanimously at him. “They are yours!”

“Mhm… Absolutely,” Morrigan agreed as she wiggled just right against Xander’s lap. “We gambled, we lost. You’ve won more than any mortal has in quite a long, long time. You wouldn’t want to be rude and refuse your winnings, now would you?”

“But, I um… erk…” Xander flushed brightly as he couldn’t quite meet Morrigan’s eyes. “How about, you, um… Keep my winnings safe until I need them?”

“I think our Little Diamond is trying to deny what he’s earned.” Alucard spoke up, his eyes dancing with amusement. “More and more your worth grows in our eyes.”

“Bah, speak for yourself.” D’Hoffryn grumbled softly as he glared mildly at the red dressed man. “Some of us think he’s a fool for trying to refuse more power.”

“To each their own, my dear D’Hoffryn!” Vyers declared happily before shrugging slightly as his eyes twinkled merrily. “It will be yours whenever you want it, young Alexander. When you’re ready, I will show you how to use it.”

“Mmm, such a pity.” Morrigan’s voice was a silken purr in his ear as he could feel her fingers wandering along his body. “Lilith was so looking forward… to getting to know her new ‘Master.’”

Xander gulped audibly before managing to almost squeak out, “Can I get up now?”

“Oh, I was fairly certain you’d been ‘Up’ for quite some time now…” Morrigan purred back to the boy before letting off a throaty chuckle as his face flushed even brighter than it had before. Lightly patting his cheek, she slowly, arched up, and drew herself off his lap before leaning in and whispering against his ear. “Just remember, the offer stands.”

“So, um, my, erm, friend’s soul?” Xander asked, his face still flushed as he looked at Vyers, before pausing and looking at D’Hoffryn. “And that protection?”

“Your friend’s soul has already been restored my dear boy!” Vyer’s chuckled as he would take a sweeping bow. “For the Dark Adonis always follows through with his deals!”

“Ugh, enough with the melodramatics!” D’Hoffryn twitched slightly before nodding at the boy. “It’s already done.”

“Well, it’s been fun and all, but…” Xander nodded nervously to the rest of the players and slipped back out.

“Such a shame.” Morrigan sighed softly, before her lips curled into a wistful smile. “Ah well, wouldn’t my retainers be outraged to learn a part of me is owned by a mortal boy?”

“Indeed.” Alucard chuckled softly before looking back at his fellow players. “But, I have the feeling that we might just see our Little Diamond again someday… Soon enough, he won’t be able to ignore what goes on around him, and when he can’t any longer… he’ll be back.”

-Over a year later-

Xander Harris, a little older and a little taller, stalked silently into the room, his eyes flinty and hard as he slipped into an empty chair and dropped a broken pool cue down onto the table. “What’ll this buy me in for?”

“Well now, welcome back, Little Diamond.” Alucard grinned eagerly as he reached out across the table, picking up the cue in a white gloved hand before examining it slowly. A moment later he let out a slow whistle of appreciation. “Well now, the weapon used to dust the body of the one you cared for enough to wager your own soul to save his. There is power in this, but you knew that, didn’t you, boy?”

Morrigan wordlessly shifted her chair up, next to the boy’s, running her fingers through his hair a moment, before she whispered two words into his ear and moved back. “I’m sorry.”

Xander merely nodded, his hand catching Morrigan’s own for some reason he couldn’t fathom, giving it a light squeeze as he looked back at Alucard. “Yup, but I want nothing to do with it.”

With a nod, Alucard drew out a healthy stack of chips then slide them across the table to Xander. “Then, you’ve bought yourself into the game.”

Turning his head, Xander nodded wordlessly to an oddly subdued Vyers, and a slightly respectful looking D’Hoffryn, before he spoke up, “So, what’re we playing for?”

And with that, the game began.


“Alucard… Might I ask why there’s a broken pool cue hanging on the wall?” a distinguished looking butler asked after entering into the No Life King’s room.

“I bought it of course, Angel of Death.” Alucard’s smile was more wistful, and a touch proud as he looked at the item in question, than his usual maniacal grin.

“Then I am to take there’s something special about it?” A slight grin curled upon the man’s face as he studied the creature before him, amusement and curiosity in his eyes.

“Oh yes.” Alucard agreed, still smiling as he reached out, running a white gloved hand along its length. “There is always power in a weapon wielded by a true knight, a true crusader. Especially when it’s used to dispatch the body of one whom he willing wagered his own soul for.”

“Ah, is this someone Sir Integra would be interested in recruiting?” the butler asked neutrally.

Alucard leaned back and laughed at that, the sound, rippling across the air before he turned and smiled, his familiar smile at the man, “Oh, Walter… Now that would be a meeting I would love to see… But, only if my Master could see Little Diamond as he truly is, instead of the rough he hides in. The rough, she would dismissive out of turn, as nothing worth her time, but…”

Walter arched a brow, questioningly at the creature before him, before offering a slight, dry smile. “Found yourself a diamond in the rough? I never thought you one to be so poetic.”

“He was born on a mouth of Hell, Angel of Death,” Alucard stated with a grin. “And yet, at just 14 years of age, he knowingly walked into a den of monsters to wager his own soul to win back his friend’s.” He paused a moment, his grin growing even more as he watched the look of comprehension blossoming on Walter’s face. “And what’s more… he understood just what it was he was doing. He KNEW what he was wagering, what he was facing. Yet, there he was.”

“If he was but a boy…” Walter, began, before frowning slightly and sighing as he remembered just what it was he himself was doing at that age. “I suppose I’m hardly one to make comments about what little boys should and shouldn’t be capable of, am I?”

“Most definitely not,” Alucard agreed with a quick nod of his head and a wink. “Still, I’m not sure how my Master would react to knowing that this boy owns a part of the heir of Makai.”

“… Dear lord,” Walter muttered for a moment, before snapping back to his usual calm demeanor. “Might I ask how all this is possible?”

“Yes, well, you see…” Alucard was strangely nervous for a moment as he winced slightly. “There’s a rather regular poker night we hold on that mouth of Hell.”

“I see…” The man arched a brow slightly as comprehension dawned on his features. “What did you lose, Alucard?”

“I may have… misplaced my gun.” The being responded hedgingly, his eyes nervously flickering back to the man.

“Oh, Alucard…” Walter sighed softly and shook his head. “I suppose you want me to replace it and not tell Sir Integra?”

“That, and not tell her that I lost her too,” he admitted, smiling innocently at the butler.

“Ah yes, I can see how that would…” The Englishman blinked a moment, then blinked again as he rewound Alucard’s statement in his head. His voice suddenly steeling, he looked at the creature in red across from him as he ground his continued response. “You bet Sir Integra in a poker game… and LOST?”

“No,” Alucard responded with a devilish grin. “But, I thought I’d give you a good idea about how bad it COULD have been.”

“You, are a scoundrel.” Walter responded with tight lips as he struggled to hide his relief and the small hint of humor that blossomed inside of him.

“Yes, yes… So, my gun?”


“Heya,” Xander greeted Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg with a nod and a slight smile as he slid down into his chair.

“Hey Xander, where were you last night?” Buffy asked up, a playful grin on her lips. “You missed out on a great time at the Bronze.”

“Poker Night,” he responded neutrally as he settled back into his seat and yawned slightly.

“Poker Night?” Willowed frowned as she sent back her question.

“Poker Night,” he affirmed and lightly rubbed his eyes. “Was kinda fun once things got started.”

“Gambling’s illegal Xander!” Willow said with a look of disapproval.

“We don’t play for money.” Xander’s lips quirked slightly as he grinned just a bit. “Though, I might see if I could get Al to part with some next time.”

“You play poker with a guy named Al?” Buffy asked with her brow lifted curiously.

“Yup, Al, Morrigan, Hoff, and Vyers.” He agreed, slurring Morrigan just slightly so it sounded far closer to Morgan than what it truly was.

“I don’t recognize those names.” Willow frowned slightly as she looked at Xander carefully.

“Yeah, they don’t go to school here.” Again, not a lie as he smiled at them, shrugging just a bit. “I met them over a year ago through Jessie.”

“Oh.” At the mention of their friend’s name, Willow immediately sobered up and nodded hesitantly. “Okay.”

Nodding Xander smiled slightly to himself before settling in for another long, and rather boring lecture.


“Stupid giant praying mantis demonesses.” Xander was grumbling softly as he slid into his seat, twitching slightly as he nodded around the table.

“Why, Xander… I could have helped you with that pesky… Virgin problem of yours, and it never would have happened.” Morrigan purred slightly as she winked at him from her seat next to him.

“You know, it’s bad enough that I have Lilith sneaking into my bedroom at night and trying to seduce me.” Xander grumbled slightly as he settled back. “Am I going to go through this every Poker Night?”

“Only until you give in.” Morrigan admitted with a grin on her lips. “After that, it depends on how good you were and how much potential you have.”

“Fine, how much will you give me in exchange for one night, no soul sucking or mind messing involved?” Xander countered in resignation. As he casually watched her, letting a slight smirk grow on his lips.

“You’re learning, Little Diamond.” Alucard said in approval, his eyes gleaming happily as he watched Morrigan give him a healthy stake of chips.

“What do these chips represent anyway when we’re not playing for specific things?” Xander asked curiously as he would lightly look around the room.

“Why, mana of course my dear boy!” Vyer’s spoke up happily. “What all creatures accumulate whenever they kill something else!”

“Anything? Including vampires?” There was a speculative look in Xander’s eyes as he looked over the chips.

“Yes, however…” D’Hoffryn spoke up a look of amusement on his twisted face, “The amount of mana represented in your current chips, is worth the destruction of thousands of freshly born vampires. The stronger the creature, the more mana killing them lets you gain…”

“And mana’s what gives you your powers, huh?” Xander finished with a slight look of amusement on his lips.

“More… empowers what we already have, allows us to do certain… other things,” Alucard corrected with a grin. “Things, like the creation of minions to do your bidding and fight by your side.”

“Huh…” Xander shrugged slightly after a moment then nodded. “Cool, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“That’s what I like about you, kid.” D’Hoffryn smirked as he shuffled the cards. “You know when to let go.”

“Well, I did some here to play poker.” He pointed out the obvious to the demon lord with a slight grin. “Anything else, that’s just secondary.”

“Of course, Little Diamond, of course.” Alucard spoke up, grinning wickedly in delight as he waited for D'Hoffryn to deal.


Xander whistled happily as he ambled down the hallways of Sunnydale High, his dark eyes shining with a brimming confidence that seemed to scream out every pore. Eyes twinkling slightly, he would even dare to bring his eyes to those of Cordelia Chase, his smile slipping into a bemused little smirk. When she caught his glance, she immediately scowled back at him.

“What do you think you're looking at, dweeb?” The envenomed words spat past her lips as she glared angrily back at him.

“Sure you want me to answer that question, Cordy?” He almost lazily drawled out his response, a brow quirking slightly as he threw in the little overly familiar nickname. “You probably wouldn't like the answer.”

“What, suddenly grew a spine and decided to act like you have a pair, Harris?” Cordelia snorted softly as she lifted her chin, looking so dismissively across his form. “You can't even dress yourself, and you suddenly think you're up to handling me?”

Her eyes began to burn when his first response was a deep laugh of amusement before he spoke. “Handle you? Cordy, sweetheart, I know you think you're some kind of shark in the grand ocean that's Sunnydale High.” He rolled his eyes at that, the sarcasm rolling in thick waves past his lips. “But, seriously? You're just a fish in a pond. Not even a lake, a little, small, probably stagnant, pond.”

He shook his head, chuckling still as he watched her flush and growl, her eyes starting to burn directly into him as he brushed it off as if it were nothing. “It's funny really, I used to think you were this beautiful, desirable girl... an absolute bitch who dresses like she wants to be a high priced hooker, but still, a beautiful one. Kinda a queen of the prostitutes I suppose.” Lightly tapping his lower lip, he considered her for a moment, watching as her face seemed to turn one shade then the next. “But then, seriously? I woke up. I realized that the world you live in? It's pathetic.”

Turning, he looked around, gesturing casually to the suddenly staring crowds of students all around them. “The only power you have? It's what they give you. What you trick out of them, bully out of them, tease out of them. It's not your power, it's theirs, given, rather foolishly I'd say, to you.” Turning, he casually started to whistle again as he once more strode through the hall, before he cast a look back over his shoulder. “Me? I've seen real power, and I can tell you Cordy, you don't have it.”

With that, he simply left a steaming, gaping Cordelia Chase struggling to regain her composure as the boy made it to the end of the hall before calling back. “Oh, you can go ahead and say something now, I'm sure your 'devoted' subjects are eager to hear what you might have to say.”

As he listened to her wordless shriek escalating through the air behind him, Xander again let off a slow, happy whistle as he made his way to class.


“G-man!” A happy grin on his face, Xander almost burst into the library as he slide across the floor, coming to a stop a few feet past the entrance.

“Xander!” The British man sighed in frustration as he glared back at the boy. “Must you...”

“I must!” The teen agreed with a broad, carefree smile. “It is utterly essential that I do!”

“And why, exactly, is it essential?” Giles pulled his glasses from his face as he carefully pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Because it keeps me amused!” Xander grinned back at the man. “And tell me, oh wearer of tweed, do you REALLY want to see me bored?”

Giles opened his mouth to respond, before he studied the broadly grinning teen in front of him and his shoulders slumped in defeat. “No, I honestly don't believe I do.”

“See? That high brow British education is good for something after all!” Chuckling casually, Xander jumped up and plopped himself down on the edge of a table. “So, what's the situation at Hellmouth High central?”
“It's rather quiet at the moment, thankfully.” Giles responded as he looked the boy over. “Isn't there somewhere you should be?”

“What can I say?” Xander shrugged slightly and grinned at the man. “I'm in an extraordinary mood today.”

“Yes, well, considering how your evening went...” Giles spoke up, a slightly bemused look on his face.

“Eh? Oh, you mean the bug lady?” Xander waved it off with a grin and a smile. “Nah, I got out of there in time for poker night.”

“Oh?” Giles arched a brow slightly as he studied the teen in front of him. “Good night?”

“I cleaned up.” Xander grinned back at him. “Probably the last time I will with them, all things considered, but still... Best of all, I don't have to worry about virgin hunting demons anymore!”

The librarian merely stared back at the teen for a long moment, before pinching the bridge of his nose once more and polishing his glasses. “Xander...”

“What?” The boy responded, an innocent smile on his lips. “Tell me, Mr. Watcherly-type-person, when was the last time you got laid?”

“Giles, do NOT answer that question!” Buffy's voice rang out as she entered the library just in time to catch Xander's question. “And I do NOT want to know how that even came up as a question you'd ask, Xander!”

“But, it's so much fun to tell!” Xander countered back, his face plastered with what Giles would describe best, as a cheeky grin.

“Cheeky bugger,” the Brit muttered softly with a slight glare at the boy.

“Limey ponce,” Xander shot back without missing a beat, almost laughing out loud as Giles' eyes almost bugged out of his face. “A couple of my poker buddies have spent a good bit of time in England, G-man. They've clued me in on a good bit of lingo, among other things.”

“So... I'm guessing the rumors about your little confrontation with Cordelia weren't that exaggerated?” Buffy spoke up, eying Xander warily. “You do realize, most of the school can't decide if they want to hug you or hurt you, right?”

“Eh, they're sheep for the most part.” Xander simply shrugged nonchalantly as he looked back at Buffy. “If they wanna be pissed I pointed out the truth to them, that's their fault.”

Buffy stared at the boy for a long, long moment, before suddenly turning her attention to her Watcher. “Ok, Giles? Can we do a spell to see if something Hellmouthy is wrong with Xander?”

“I, ah, erm...” Giles twitched slightly as he would fluster in attempt to respond to Buffy's question.

“What our esteemed Watchery man is trying to say, is that he has a good idea why I'm acting like I am.” Xander smirked slightly before shrugging and leaning back. “I am no longer on the evil, virgin seeking demon menu.”

“Wha… huh?” Buffy scrunched up her nose in confusion as she looked at Xander. “How?”

“…” Xander stared at Buffy for a long moment, his face blank before he twitched slightly and spoke. “Well Buff, it involves a guy and a woman, with a distinct lack of clothing, lots of sweating moaning and if it’s good enough, a lot of prayer and obscenities.”

“Oh… OH!” Buffy blushed brightly for a moment refusing to look at her friend before she fidgeted lightly. “How… where… when? But, last night when I left you were…!”

“My night improved dramatically after we parted ways.” He smiled at her in a half masked grin while carefully examining his nails.

“Oh, I, uh… guess that’s good…” Buffy admitted as she looked over the boy lounging back in front of her, uncertain if the sudden surge of emotion swelling in her chest was worry or jealousy, she paused a moment before looking at Giles. “That’s good, isn’t it?”

“Well, unless we were planning on using him as a virgin hunting demon detector, yes, that’s good.” Giles responded with a wry grin. “Though, we can no longer use him for certain rituals that require virgin sacrifices.”

“Darn.” Xander snapped his fingers as he gave a wistful sigh. “I was so looking forward to seeing Buffy in some nice tight black leather.”

“Xander!” The Slayer in question gasped in a slight bit of outrage as she blushed brightly, and eyed him carefully. “You were huh?”

“Well, that or latex,” he admitted, grinning back at the girl. “I could never decide which, as long as it was black, tight, and shiny… well…”

Buffy blushed even brighter as she stared at her friend. “XANDER!”

“Buffy!” He countered in a milder tone.

“Xaaaaaaander!” She whined slightly, lightly slamming her foot on the library floor.

“Buffy, Buffy, Buffy…” Xander shook his head, meeting her eyes with a playful look of disapproval.


“That’s blood enough!” Giles cut them off, glaring at both of the teens. “If you’re going to argue with one another, at least have the courtesy to use a language I can follow, like Sumerian!” He paused, before smirking slightly. “And wait for me to get the popcorn.”

“Giles!” Buffy gasped in indignation as she glared at her Watcher.

“Buf-feh!” Xander intoned lecherously, his eyes twinkling as he gave her a wink.

“Gah, pervert!” the blonde shrieked slightly before suddenly blushing brightly and glaring at him.

“Ha! I win!” The crowing words left his lips even as he grinned triumphantly at the angry pout that blossomed on Buffy’s lips.

“No fair, you cheated!”

“Hmph! I never cheat!” Angry indignation flashed in his eyes as he stood up, looming over the petite slayer. “Take that back!”

“Or else what?” Buffy challenged, her eyes defiant as she glared up at him, arms crossed about her chest.

“You sure you want to know?” Xander asked carefully, eyes dancing.


“Absolutely, positively?”

“I do believe that’s what YES means.”

“You’re quite certain about this?”

“I already said yes, Xander!”

Xander turned to Giles and shrugged apologetically. “Well, she asked for it.” And with that, he suddenly whirled around, and swept the startled Slayer off her feet and kissed her hard for a long, drawn out moment.

“Ahem!” Giles coughed loudly, before repeating himself three more times before finally Xander pulled the Slayer up, her eyes glazed with a silly little smile on her lips.

“Mmm.. Strawberries.” Xander licked his lips slightly before winking again at Giles. “Sorry, got caught up in the moment… Now… Toodles!” And with that, Xander turned and practically vanished out the library.

“Well, that was unexpected.” Giles noted casually as he watched his still catatonic Slayer. “Bloody amusing though.”


“Lilith,” Xander called out quietly as he lay back on his bed, his eyes open and staring up at the ceiling. “Could you please ask Morrigan if she’d come here for a bit? I need to ask her something.”

“Mmm… Why Xander,” the petite little succubus purred into the boy’s ear, her crimson eyes glittering playfully as she lay next to him. “If you wanted to have some fun, I’d be more than happy to… indulge you. No need to go drag Morrigan all that way.”

He rolled his eyes slightly as his arm snaked down, and gave a playful smack to the Darkstalker’s ass, eliciting a started eep of surprise from her as she looked at him with bright, eager eyes. “No, Lils. I need to actually TALK to her. I have no intention of doing anything else.”

“Mmm, fine, but you owe me.” She slowly arched back, stretching in a sensual arching of her back.

“No, technically I own you.” Xander corrected with a slight little smile on his lips.

“Oh, finally figuring that out hm?” The lithe little creature grinned slightly and nodded before she suddenly vanished in a flash of bright, yellow light.

“What I’m wondering about.” He sighed softly as he lightly closed his eyes, resting there on his best and waiting.

Sometime later, he wasn’t sure when exactly, a familiar scent reached his nose, one that he could only truly describe as Desire, Battle, and Freedom. With a slightly amused smile curling on his lips, he spoke softly into the air without opening his eyes, “Hello Morrigan.”

“You know, you really shouldn’t just assume it’s me.” Her voice came back playfully as he could feel a weight settling atop him. “Not very safe.”

“I didn’t.” He reached up, eyes still closed as she could feel his fingers tracing slowly along her back, caressing up, until he cupped against her cheek, softly stroking his thumb gently upon her face. “I knew it was you.”

“Oh?” She let his touch wander, with a familiarity that would have meant the death of most, against her cheek, nuzzling into his palm as she kissed it softly. “And how, hmm?”

“No one else, smells like you.” He responded a slight smile on his lips for a moment, before it faded slightly. “What did you do to me, Morrigan?”

She tensed slightly at his question, but didn’t draw away from his hand, as it kept stroking against her cheek. For a moment, she said nothing, her own eyes closing before with a sigh she slid down and rested her head against his chest as she spoke. “Something very selfish.”

“Well, you are a demoness.” His voice was softly neutral, but still he didn't open his eyes, waiting for her to continue as he somehow knew she would.

“I suppose I am,” she admitted softly, before grinning slightly. “I wanted what I wanted. So, I went and did something selfish, and probably very, very foolish.”

“That being?” Slowly he cracked open his eyes, and eyed her, a brow lightly arching on his features as he would reach down and slowly ran his fingers through her emerald hair.

“Oh, I bonded myself to you.” Her response was so nonchalant that he almost missed how important that could be.

“Wait, bonded?” Those eyes widened slightly as he would give her a look, a light growl burning in the back of his throat. “What does that mean, Morrigan?”

Surprisingly enough, the succubus flinched back slightly as a wince rippled across her almost haughty features. “It means... well...” She paused a moment, struggling slightly as she hung her head, not quite looking at his eyes. “I'm hoping it's enough to keep them from ever trying to force me to take the throne.”

“That answers a whole lot of nothing.” Fingers slipped up, and he grabbed hold of her hair as he forced her eyes to his. “What does a succubus being bonded to a mortal MEAN, Morrigan?”

“It means, the person that isn't on the Dominant end of the link, is the pet of the one who is.” She said it softly, quietly as she let him dig his fingers into her hair, and met his eyes with a slightly unreadable look.

“...You aren't on the Dominant end.” Slow realization hit his eyes as he would study her carefully once more. “Why?”

She shrugged slightly, “I saw an out, I took it. I took a chance that you wouldn't take advantage of the situation.”

“How the hell am I supposed to play poker with you now?” He half demanded as he glared at her slightly, before sighing just a bit. “So, that's why I've been acting like I've been acting? Why I kissed Buffy and left her... well...”

“Dazed and in need of a new set of panties?” Morrigan offered helpfully, a smoldering smile laced across her lips. “You might've inherited some of my... lack of inhibitions, and you probably have some subconscious access to certain... skills.”

“What am I in for?” Again his voice was soft, slipping past his lips as he spoke, before looking firmly at the creature curled up on his chest.

“I honestly don’t know,” she admitted ruefully. “No Aensland has EVER put themselves in a submissive bond with a mortal. You should be honored.”

“Joy.” His face twisted slightly as he spat the word sourly before giving her a firm look. “Bad succubus, bad.”

She arched back slowly, gracefully as she placed her hands on his chest and she looked down at him with hooded eyes. “Oh? Going to punish me, hmm?”

“Yeah.” He smiled back slightly. “No sex for a week.”

“Aww, being sent to my room without dinner?” She pouted softly before grinning once more and shrugging. “I suppose we’ll have to find another player for the game.”

“Don’t forget, put up with Al’s amusement.” Xander pointed out before lightly brushing his fingers against her thigh. “So, how is this going to work?”

“Ugh, he’s going to be impossible isn’t he?” she sighed as she responded, before lightly flopping down onto his narrow bed next to him as her clothes morphed into a simple pair of rather sedate pajamas. “We need to get you a better place to live.” She paused a moment before shifting slightly in the small space his bed allowed. “And a bigger bed.”

“Why?” His brow arched slightly as he would look at her, his eyes glinting warily as leaned back against him.

“Forgotten that Al’s next Draculina is yours hmm?” She smirked slightly as she looked back at him. “And she won’t be able to slip back to Makai with a thought like Lilith can.” She leaned in then, grinning wickedly as she lightly suckled at his ear. “Plus, I do have SOME standards. Are you really content to stay so weak, in everything except your soul and your heart?”

“Yes, because I so want my friends, including the Slayer and her Watcher, to know that I regularly play poker with a Demon Lord, a No Life King, Succubus Royalty, and whatever the hell Vyers is?”

“I’m honestly not sure.” Morrigan admitted as she leaned a bit closer against him. “He’s a demon of SOME kind, but, we aren’t sure what. He just showed up one day and bought in the game. Alucard seems to know something about him, but… You know him and secrets.”

“He gets off on knowing things the rest of us don’t.” Xander nodded back before yawning a bit once more. “We’ll talk more later, and figure out what to do, for now… I’m gonna get some sleep.”

“All right, good night.” She smiled sweetly at him, waiting until she was certain he was asleep before whispering against his ear. “Master.”

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