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Past Love

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Summary: An ancient evil rises again in search of his soulmates, Dawn and Xander must stop him. Only to discover that one of them is his soulmate as well. Riley joins in as well as does Ian

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLuvAllFandomsFR1521,894041,74327 Oct 1030 Oct 10No

More Memories

[This means Arabic]

Unable to believe what was going on, Riley and Ian ran from Imhotep and Hamuntra as fast as they possibly could. Not stopping until they were once again safely, relatively, in Alexandria. Riley was beyond freaked at what had happened and at the memories now in his head. Which he was pushing away from him as hard as he could. Making them fuzzy and dream like so it didn't have to face the reality of them. Which meant he was completely unprepared to deal with the reality of Imhotep and was thus going into denial. Retreating into the safely of what was fact, which was science and logic. Not sorcery, not magic or undead mummies. No sirree. Not mummies.

Ian on the other hand was facing reality and knew what he had seen, he just didn't know what the hell it meant or what to do. All he knew was that no one, not even the dead mummy thing was taking Riley from him or hurting him. Not while he was living. He wasn't even allowing Ben,who he loved as well, to hurt Riley. So no way was this...Thing going to. Ian went to Riley's side and took him into his arms. Hoping to comfort him in any way he possibly could. All Riley did though was say,"Its just not
possible. He's not real.This isn't happening." With a sigh, Ian let him go. He had arrangements to make.

They had to leave immediately, before the..mummy found them and tried to do...something to Riley again. Many phone calls later and Ian was leading Riley to the airport. They were out of there. As they were about to board the plane, Riley suddenly stiffened and turned. Ian turned to, worried that the mummy had found them. Only to see a man wearing an eye patch and a beautiful woman. The man was staring at Riley with an intensity that disturbed Ian and made him move in front of Riley, having enough with weird things going after his lover.

While Ian was getting ready to act, Riley was staring at the other man from his dreams. Despite having strong barriers in his mind around all of his 'memories', this man was making those barriers come down just by being. Not to mention the man in front of him was fading and become ...different. Becoming an Arab with long black hair, facial tattoos and piercing brown, almost black eyes. Eyes that always made him feel like he was staring into his very soul. Ardeth. Medja. Leader. Lover. Soul-mate. Protector. So many words flashed into Riley's mind to describe him, the most important being:MINE. Riley moved toward him.

Ian finally had enough and pulled his gun and pointed it at the man,about to kill him. Whatever the man was, he wasn't human. He was just like the creature, had to be to make Riley act the same. The woman was about to push the man away when Riley turned. Or rather, Jonathan turned and hit Ian, hard. Causing the gun to go flying and Ian to fall to the floor in surprise. Riley rushed toward the man without looking at Ian and the man wrapped his arms around him and held on with all of his might. Not about to let ago even if a herd of demons came into the room. All about to mate with him. They kissed.

The world exploded as the last part of Riley was returned to him and he was now completely whole. It wasn't until they were about to pass out that they pulled away. They had held on for as long as possible, unwilling to be parted even for air. Their survival no longer mattered, air didn't matter or blood. All that mattered was each other, of being together. They looked into each others eyes and just were. Minutes past without a word spoken when the man cupped Riley-Jonathan's face.

[Oh,my fearless one, I have missed you more than there is sand in Egypt. Being apart from you was worse than dying, less never part again.] Riley-Jonathan smiled at that and kissed him again, he was reunited with his love and nothing would be allowed to part them again. Until a groan was heard and he turned only to see Ian on the floor and he became simply Riley again as he pulled away from the man and rushed to Ian. Falling to his knees he carefully touched where he...Jonathan had hit him. Riley whimpered, unable to believe he had struck his lover. He was not a violent type, not even during the multiple times he had been kidnapped.

To have hit someone he loved made it even worse on so many levels. Ian looked at Riley and saw the look of shame, worry and sadness and just couldn't let him feel any of that. Not even for him. "Its okay, Riley. I know you didn't mean to. I don't blame you and I'm not angry so stop worrying." Turning to look at the man who had caused all of this." Who the hell are you? What is going on? Are you in league with the mummy?"

Having seen his love go to the arms of another man caused him to snap out of it. The pain of that witness was unspeakable and unconquerable. Still he managed to answer the...taker ."You babble more than Wills. .....I'm not in League with anyone. I...I ..I'm Xander Harris....Though I also seem to be Ardeth Bay...The man you are touching[foreigner scum] is Jonathan and he is my soul-mate. So release him at once or"[ I shall cut you open and use your organs as toys to entertaining lions with while they are still in you.] Xander's eyes glowed green.

Dawn could only stare at the scene in front of her while thinking,'Oh, boy. We are in so much trouble.'

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Past Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Oct 10.

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